You have to admire Trevor Kavanagh, associate editor of The Sun, for really putting it to the BBC. Listen to this – it’s not so much about bias in the item itself but rather about how the BBC itself has lied and misled and Kavanagh makes some excellent points about the dagers of media regulation. Anne Diamond has a less than polished outing (She misunderstands the Thomas Jefferson quote that starts the item) and Humphyrs listens in studied silence as Kavanagh spells out some of the things we also expose on this site.

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35 Responses to PUTTING IT TO THEM!

  1. Geyza says:

    The BBC has a lawful obligation to up hold its charter, but it is still grotesquely biased.  It is not balanced in any meaningful or rational way.  It reports any liberal-left wing opinion as rational, sane and correct and balances that by reporting any right wing opinion as being cruel, strange or loopy.

    The reportage of the Leveson Inquiry has been entirely one sided, as has the reportage of the whole phone hacking scandal.

    Whatever comes out from the Leveson Inquiry, I feel that the BBC should be within its sights too!


  2. Bupendra Bhakta says:

    Poor Annie – like the rest of the slebs, happy to email the tabloids her publicity shots, and have them run stories of her buying a new pair of shoes or dining at The Ivy.

    Bit less happy, though, when they pap her on holiday coming out of the swimming pool, weighing twenty stone and with an arse the size of a setee.


  3. john in cheshire says:

    Ms Diamond’s microphone sound level seems to be set higher than Mr Kavanagh’s, which is why she was so successful in continuously speaking over him. She actually comes across as a strident harridan.


    • tincity says:

      Wow! Kavanagh was exellent. Must agree that Diamond’s mic was booming. I’m forever adjusting the volume of Today as I drive to work- usually in a very irratable state….might need to look after my blood pressure….


    • DP111 says:

      Its not the micrphone level but she gets hysterical as Kavanagh pull he argumenrs her apart.


  4. My Site (click to edit) says:

    Interesting juxtaposition.

    Scummy tabloid guy trying make a point about confirming evidence-based news, being shouted down by noble broadcast journalistic emminence gris desperate only for examples of unsubstantiated gossip to fling about.

    The entire media is, as far as I am concerned, in the sewer.

    That Mr. Humphrys feels corporations sitting in self-assessment is awful is novel, given the performance of the BBC complaints system and BBC Trust in overseeing… the BBC. 

    What they don’t whitewash they conceal. Maybe a story on that Radio 4?

    The BBC is spotlighted mainly by the sun glinting off the turd it is, and uses £4Bpa of propaganda to try and gild it with claims of getting uit about right.

    No, Jon, you don’t.


  5. My Site (click to edit) says:

    The BBC’s two-faced approach summarised here:



  6. George R says:

    Is this a BBC-NUJ misprint, or is BBC-NUJ finally admitting to media reality, on hacking?:

    “Phone hacking ‘bog-standard tool’ says former Mirror journalist”



    “Rolling coverage of the Leveson Inquiry into media ethics and phone hacking as James Hipwell, a journalist jailed for his part in an insider trading scam at the Daily Mirror, gives evidence. ”



  7. Cassandra King says:

    Just loved the references to the BBCs print arm the guardian, the BBC didnt like that one little bit did they? The BBC has never reported on the many instances of guardian behaviour, prefering instead to actively hide any and all references to their print arm in the hacking scandal and their love of printing unfounded and false news items, pretty much like the BBC does on a daily basis eh?

    Reference to BBC behaviour which drew a very hasty add on by beeboid/sleb that at least the BBC deals almost instantly to any complaint..ha ha as if, perhaps that hit a little too close to home.

    All in all a sterling performance by Mr Kavanagh, he did what most guests are too frightened to do, he took the game to the BBC and they didnt like it, truth hurts I guess. The BBC didnt see it coming, and why would they? Almost all guests are sh*t scared of the BBC for some reason and almost none dare to raise the obvious bias and grubby behaviour we highlight on here almost every day.

    How dya like them apples you beeboid scum?


  8. Millie Tant says:

    The behaviour of the press /media towards Ann Diamond and family, besieging her home after the sudden death of an infant is not a trivial matter and not something I’d want to defend – or blame or sneer at her for either. 


    • Cassandra King says:

      You sup with the devil you expect to end up being srewed by him, I have exactly no sympathy for slebs who use the MSM as if it were their personal face book site and a way to keep their faces in view, when it suits them. If they want so desperately to be slebs then what do they expect will happen when the MSM hyenas come a calling? Most slebs have the hyena pack on speed dial and when they want some face time in the trashy glossies. They suit each other perfectly and I hope they both end up eating each other.


      • Millie Tant says:

        Isn’t that a strawman, though?  Ann Diamond was a journalist and broadcaster in the public eye and in the full glare of the media by virtue of her job. And frankly even a Beeboid is entitled to some decorum and decency from the press or anyone else when a tragedy such as a death in the family befalls them. And even Trevor Kavanagh (ex-Sun man) is not going to defend the worst antics of the hyenas.

         I have said before that on balance, I favour the freedom of the press more than I do the privacy of individuals who have a public role and a capacity to benefit from that or abuse their position and the public trust: if sleazy MPs or footballers and actors with hero status and a public image of propriety are caught misbehaving, taking drugs, being unfaithful to their wives and betraying their children etc, they can’t complain if they are caught by the press. Well they can, in their view anyway and I am listening and reading about the evidence to the Inquiry and beginning to question how far the media should be entitled to go. Even those who court the media or who behave heinously are also entitled to some privacy and regard in certain situations. There must be limits. What would be worse than The Sun and their like being hyenas, would be for them to succeed in turning the general public into packs of hyenas with no limits either. 


  9. John Anderson says:

    The irony was Anne Diamond demanding a statutory system for the press – or OfCom – to take over from the Press Complaints Council which she evidently sees as judge and jury in its own case.  But isn’t that what the BBC complaints procedures amount to  – judge and jury in its own case ?


  10. cjhartnett says:

    I recall Craigs interruption quotient of old, and Diamond was both louder and allowed to speak over Kavanagh at will.
    She came across as badly as Harriet Harman.
    Kavanagh has set a pretty low bar in terms of taking the BBC on in their own lair…but at least, he`s begun “the journey”.
    That the BBC will always invite victims rather than policy experts is a new and depressing development in all that they do these days.
    Diamond had every right to be outraged at what was done to her way back…but her personal anger is not what I want the BBC to broadcast, when there are big issues to tease out.
    Hence the rush to Al Jazeera, Sky and R.T…the Beeb are a lost cause!


    • andrew slack says:

      Sorry, don’t have much time for Anne Diamond’s complaints. She’s never missed an opportunity to put her bereavement in print – or put another way – she’s made money from articles she’s written about the death of her child. Also she’s never slow at coming forward with articles of the “I Feel Your Pain” type whenever another celeb has miscarried or lost a child.

      Bit hypocrtical of her to complain about press intrusion when her latter career has been writing about child bereavement.


      • Millie Tant says:

        Articles like this one http://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-206481/The-cot-death-scandal.html, which is primarily about sudden infant death syndrome, campaigning for more awareness among parents and the public and raising money for research into the causes?

        That’s a valuable endeavour, I would have thought. I expect the money for the article would go into the fund she set up in memory of her son for research.


      • tincity says:

        I remember her plugging a bizzare contraption to ensure your baby slept on it’s side……total bollocks of course. Might as well have blamed in on 10th hand smoking. Don’t forget she had a secret op to fit a gastrict band before going on a ‘reality’ wieght-loss TV prog….. obtaining money by deception…????  moral compas of Gordon Brown….


    • DJ says:

      Yep, that’s it. A textbook case of the BBC setting the terms of the debate to favour one side: in the red corner, a bereaved mum, in the blue, an industry insider.

      Hmmmm…. anyone wondering who we’re supposed to cheer for?

      It was never going to be between a pro-gagging MP and a jounralist who spent years investigating fraud in the City.


  11. Nick Chambers says:

    Is Diamond flogging a new diet dvd? Dacre as PM?! She’s had too much brandy butter, already.


  12. Louis Robinson says:

    While I deplore the actions of the tabloids (and broadsheets) in their quest for a “story” and deplore their tasteless behavior towards Ms Diamond at her baby’s funeral, she must know her countless acts of unkindness toward her fellow workers remain unreported. This is because of the position of power she once held briefly within the BBC. Perhaps her true character came over in the interview.

    Celebrities get away with more than the public knows, using their fame (and a good spin doctor or two) to suppress bad publicity. But it’s all a question of balance. Intrusion is a problem. Be watchful.  


  13. LJ says:

    Diamond and Humphries both agree that when the BBC does something wrong they investigate fast, and apologise quickly. So that’s that then.

    On a totally unrelated note, what are the odds on Piers getting fired for lying to the Levinson Inquiry, and it coudn’t happen to a nicer bloke!!


  14. David Preiser (USA) says:

    Seeing as how Jefferson used newspapers to mount a smear campaign against his political rival, John Adams (par for the course in those days, plus ça change, etc), I’m not sure he’d be too upset about this stuff.

    He wanted an informed public as a bulwark against a tyrannical government. Too bad the BBC tries to act as a bulwark only against Tories and not tyranny.

    PS: Humphrys was so eager to attack Kavanaugh’s claim that papers have cleaned up their act somewhat that he didn’t even think to wait to see if Anne Diamond would. 2 against 1, with Humphrys not being an honest broker of dialogue.


  15. David Preiser (USA) says:

    British libel laws are a laugh, but not in the way Diamond thinks. What a joke she is here.


  16. Deborah says:

    How many celebs get free cars to drive because it is good publicity -free meals in restaurants because it is good advertising.. free clothes to wear… free hotels to stayi in etc etc whilst us mere mortals pay for all these things.  If they accept freebies they should accept they are payment for giving up their privacy..I have no sympathy for them. 


  17. ian says:

    Honest politicians, slebs, hacks and members of the public should have no need for special protective legislation. Slander, libel, criminal libel, harrassment and anti-tapping laws have been in force for donkey’s years and served everyone quite well until sleaze became the norm. 


  18. John Anderson says:

    The sad thing is that Trevor Kavanagh is a seasoned journalist with real depth of political knowledge.  In a balanced BBC,  he would be a frequent guest on the Today programme – quick-witted,  entertaining,  knowledgable.

    But he is too damn fast for the Today presenters !


  19. Pete Hayes says:

    Anne Diamond sounded demented! When the old settee sitting tart descibed herself as a journalist I nearly ran the car off the road laughing!