It all seems so plausible.

Families with children will be hardest hit by tax and benefit changes aimed at cutting the deficit, a charity argues. The Family and Parenting Institute (FPI) says the average income of households with children will drop by 4.2% between 2010-11 and 2015-16, the equivalent of £1,250 a year.

Thank goodness for the FPI, right? I mean it is doing us all a favour in exposing the cruelty of Coalition policy. Making the poor poorer,

Here’s the odd thing. The FPI quango was set up by Labour as its main advisor on the future of the family. So, just to be accurate, the alleged “charity” is a Labour Party front producing a report which – quelle surprise – is critical of the Government. Whatever next? I have no issue with the BBC reporting the faux story – the rest of the UK MSM has followed – but I think it has an obligation to spell out who the Family and Parenting Institute is so that we can then make our minds up on the validity of the report, don’t you?
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  1. Sres says:

    I rolled my eyes when I read this, not surprised to read the BBC spat this out and then the rest churned it…


  2. cjhartnett says:

    Has a charity-any charity(let alone one bequeathed by the last awful Government) EVER said anything other than that we need to stuff them with more money and research beanos-or to staff them with more righteorus and just folks like themselves?
    Has any turkey-let alone a Labour one-ever voted for Festivus…let alone Christmas?
    Maybe a BBC survey will confirm this Labour quangos gut-feeling on this one…and maybe a Labour Party pedalo of convenience will commission a survey to confirm that the BBC are seen as the impartial and objective authoratative source of all goodness.
    Over to you Peter Kellner/IPPR?UEA/Eurostat/CAB….or whoever…


  3. The Cattle Prod of Destiny says:

    Perhaps Biased BBC should instigate an awards scheme for the most obvious use of a labour press release as news? 


  4. nickname says:

    Quangos seem unvulnerable to being wound up/merged/moved back inside government departments, which is arguably where they belong.

    Has anyone yet created a list of quangos in existence?


  5. Martin says:

    Serves the Tories right, are they all still on holiday? Liebore have been over the BBC all over Christmas and New Year as I pointed out in other threads. Not a Tory in sight, if lies get spun and they are too dumb to get their act together more fool them.


  6. Derek Buxton says:

    What is the point of a tory appearing?  They will only tell yet more lies, all three parties are singing from the same marxist song book.  


  7. Span Ows says:

    “… however it seemed nobody bothered to take a moment to think this might not be the most balanced group in the world. The Family and Parenting Institute was set up by the Labour Party, and its current Chief Exec, who had previously been head of that bastion of neutrality the Fawcett Society, was hand-picked by Alistair Campbell’s partner Fiona Miller.”



  8. London Calling says:

    Bonfire of the Quangos hahaha. Proof if ever it were needed the Tories could not run a bath. Sir Humphrey has run rings round them. (“Merge two quangos into one, Minister,  and you can claim you have halved the number of quangos”) Utterly pathetic.
    I said at the time, will they halve the number of staff,? halve the payroll? no, they will piss about with the names over the door and hope nobody asks the right questions. Looks like in many cases the Tories have simply lost the plot. Its easy. All these organisations are given their funding by Government departments. Simply turn off the tap, and they die.


  9. grangebank says:

    Families with children and on benefits are hardest hit by succesive governments tax and spend wasting , said my made up charity the Ignored By BBC  .
    “By taxing heavily and making the working man uncompetitive , jobs are lost to more sensible nations , meaning folk who want to work lose out . Also throwing largesse to our labours competitors means their costs are even lower ” said a spokesMAN despairing of any common sense from the establishment .
    A BBC spokesperson of indeterminate sex said “We`re alright ” .