I did a recorded interview on BBC5 live last night concerning the issue of Conservative plans to potentially imprison bankers who take what is deemed “excessive risk”. I was more than happy to debate the Conservative MP Matthew Hancock but what irritated me was Stephen Nolan’s dismissal of my suggestion that politicians who create “systemic damage” to our economy be subject to criminal prosecution. That was deemed “unserious”yet creating legislation that criminalises risk-taking in part of the Financial sector is considered serious? That said, I got my say so am not complaining, just pointing out that the Presenter was taking an editorial line that seems in line with the “hang the bankers” meme.

Then, this morning, I had been invited onto Nolan’s BBC NI programme to cover same topic. The item was bumped so I didn’t make it on but I wanted to explain WHY the item was bumped. Last night, Nolan did an interview with a lady suffering from Tourettes. This was in the context of David Cameron’s remark about Ed Balls. Naturally, the Tourettes lady attacked Cameron and it was a nice little character assassination job BUT I cannot find evidence of the BBC affording Abbott’s “divide and rule” tweet the same detailed analysed. This item was then run AGAIN on BBC NI and lots of people phoned in to say how awful Cameron was. I have no time for David Cameron but I though that this was little more than Nolan whipping up mob frenzy against Cameron, and all under the pretext of “caring” about Tourettes.

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  1. voiceforchildren says:

    An example of the BBC’s (non) reporting


    • Louis Robinson says:

      voiceforchildren: thank you. This is an important post. It was with a growing sense of dismay I watched the interview with Stuart Syvert. I also followed up with a number of news reports and the full interview on YOUTUBE. So far the Jeresy child abuse story has been about corruption on a sleepy Island off the coast of France/England. But the rumours about Jimmy Saville have brought this into sharp relief. Saville has a link with a children’s home in Jerrey. Syvert is making BBC Jersey’s involvement on the “cover-up” part of the story. We should not let it drop off the radar.


  2. Jeremy Clarke says:

    Had Cameron complained about Balls suffering from verbal diarrhoea, the British Diarrhoea Sufferers’ Association would undoubtedly be up in arms.

    Such is the nature of politicial discourse in the UK.


    • David Vance says:

      EXACTLY. This is neo Marxism suppression of free speech but all done under the contrived appearance of “caring”  >:o


    • Demon1001 says:

      They would have created a real stink about it.


      • Jeremy Clarke says:

        And the story would run and run.


      • hippiepooter says:


        “They would have created a real stink about it”

        Jeremy Clarke:

        “And the story would run and run”.

        Had the Prime Minister accused Balls of suffering from verbal diarrhea and the ‘Diarrhea Sufferers Association’ made a fuss, surely all this and much more would have happened. 🙂


  3. Demon1001 says:

    It’s strange that the BBC played down an attack on Downs Syndrome babies, and parents of people with Downs Syndrome, that was encouraged and laughed at by Dick Bacon.  They were so shame-faced about Bacon’s behaviour that he got a promotion to chair the children’s Question Time programme at the time the incident was still very fresh.  Double standards?  Yup!


  4. As I See It says:

    As others have noted on nearby posts:

    On BBC 5 Live – that awkward mix of sport with a dash of left-wing slant on the news – this morning saw the return of….

    Monarch of the Glen, Arch-duke of feminism and all things PC, Baroness Nicky Campbell. (Sorry did I miss-read – I mean Ms-read – the New Year Honours list? Did Dame Nicky not get the hoped for upgrade for services to female BBC sports personalities?)

    Anyway, he is so right on and ooo-er he made the girls in the office laugh this morning, he says that Paolo di Canio is a right fascist!

    But let us not forget, this is BBC Radio Greivance (Salford branch office) so Nicky asks…

    ‘Do you have Torrettes? Have David Cameron’s remarks offended you? Get in touch.’

    Good luck with that BBC….

    ‘Hello effin BBC? Well I effin swear all the effin time now – since that effin Ed Balls and his effin mate effin Gordon Brown went and run the effin economy into the effin buffers! And that’s the effin most important effin issue you at the effin BBC want us all to effin forget about!’


  5. Millie Tant says:

    Well, they need a new frenzy every day. It’s because Beeboids are addicted to sensation. They need that fix.

    DV is much in demand by the Beeboid Corporation. I suspect a Beeboid plot to get him on side. Maybe this blog is getting to them.


    • cjhartnett says:

      Good analogy!
      Lazy cruiser throwing offal and tripe over the sides and watching the piranhas get all frenzied.
      The shortage of curry chefs(as if those Chinese wouldn`t be able to do them…racist eh?) was a truffle last dug up in January 2008 by Jeremy Vine.
      Guess it was beginning to smell, so let Humphrys get a lick and tell us the same damn stupid story again.
      At least we know what the BBCs lead story will be on Jan 9th 2016…oh, they`ll be gone by then ,PG!


      • ian says:

        On the subject on rotting food it isn’t difficult to guess where Morcambe Bay curry houses dig up their meat from….signed J Clarkson.


  6. cjhartnett says:

    In regard of “advancing the narrative”…
    Anyone able to tell me why the likes of Salmond and Sturgeon tell us that it is only the business of the Scottish people when it comes to the timing of the referendum…but that some MPs telling us south of the border that we are not  to drink for two days a week is a good thing, because that is the health advice given out in Sauchiehall St.
    We are to follow the Scots when it is mithering and whining on about our hralth…but we are not to get involved with the SNPs right to rig a referendum so that they win it.
    The BBC basically follow the SNP as ever…oh, so Braveheart!


  7. David Preiser (USA) says:

    DV, was there any discussion about enforcing laws already on the books? Or was this about imagining new laws with which to punish people for making mistakes?

    It’s one thing to scream about evil bankers getting away with it, but there are laws regarding fraud and theft, etc. Anyone breaking those laws should be punished. Is this a complaint about lawbreakers being let off, or about a desire to punish people out of a desire for revenge, regardless of the legality of their actions?

    Which then begs the question about ex post facto punishment.


    • David Vance says:

      Current legislation was glided over although I pointed out that there are already checks and balances. It’s clear to me that there is a real anti-free market game in play and – distressingly – the Conservatives have chosen to go with the flow. Hence the desire to demonie evil banker..repeat ad nauseum


      • hippiepooter says:

        Cameron is getting on the cheap populism bandwagon.  He should try doing what Maggie Thatcher did: speak the truth to the British people, which is we need to address the failings in society as a whole and not use the bankers to deflect attention from them.  Britain’s moral collapse permeates the whole country – not least the BBC’s standards of impartiality.  Should we send John Humphrys and James Naughtie to jail too?  A good case could be made for their treasonous coverage of the Iraq war.


  8. hippiepooter says:

    Not quite the coverage they gave to Labour MPs mocking a Conservative MP Paul Maynard for the symptoms of his cerebral palsy or when Labour whip Lyn Brown MP launched into a tirade of abuse against a blind journalist with a guide dog for not getting out of her way.  On the Paul Maynard issue the BBC studiously tried to give the impression it was MPs from all sides of the House that mocked Paul Maynard, and over the Lyn Brown scandal, not a dicky bird as far as I’m aware.

    Cameron didn’t insult anyone for having tourettes, he used a common piece of repartee to point out what poor control of his behaviour Ed Balls has.  Debateable whether it is parliamentary for a Prime Minister to use such a reference, but BBC exploitation of it on behalf of Labour is as hypocritical as it is sickening.


  9. My Site (click to edit) says:

    On narratives, I have just read that Newsnight tonight will be reporting on what the government will do on stitching up the Scots.

    Now, given they by definition haven’t done it yet, and I doubt HMG have tipped the BBC’s ‘reporter’ the wink, I’m guessing the BBC will be actually indulging in no more than the usual death by a thousand sources and allusions that passes for BBC ‘reporting’ these days, possibly with some expert guest ‘yes, you could say that’ one degree of separation putting the boot even more in for good measure.

    Newsnight has lost it, if it indeed ever had it.

    I think Ms. Boaden should just rename it ‘We think we have got it about right’, run it from 6pm to midnight, and simply feature the likes of Messrs Black and Bowen giving us their ‘analysis’ in their respective areas of ‘expertise’ (not speaking any relevant language or knowing anything about the subject) whilst their new political moppet serves us the latest Ed-lines constantly as gospel.

    I might even watch that, if for laughs. And if it was free.


  10. Martin says:

    Stephen Nolan= large lardy fat turd, can’t take him and his left wing bollocks seriously.


  11. Mark Riley says:

    biscuit, ha,ha,ha – probably not right to, biscuit, laugh, keys, but hard not to. Don’t get me wrong not great to ape Clarkson but most of the best jokes about MS I have heard come from a long time victim of it!  biscuit