The BBC has been to fore in attacking the “evils” of bonus culture in the Private sector. Even this morning the topic loomed large on the Today programme. However there seems to be some double-speak in play..

At the beginning of 2009, Mark Thompson, director-general of the BBC, announced an end to bonuses and a pay freeze for senior employees. After years of executives living high on the hog, it looked as though he had finally got the message. Last May, the incoming chairman of the BBC Trust, Lord Patten, said he would ensure that senior managers did not receive bonuses or perks. He had rightly described management pay at the Corporation as a ‘toxic issue’. How, then, can we make sense of the revelation that last year the BBC paid bonuses amounting to £275,000 to four senior managers? One of them — Chris Kane, head of corporate real estate at the BBC — received a top-up of £155,000 in addition to his salary of £206,000.  

Perhaps the BBC should deal with the problem inside itself? Do as I say rather as I do….
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9 Responses to BONUS CULTURE

  1. Martin says:

    Oh dear Radio 5 is a hoot, the champagne socialist Vicki Pollard is flaying three bankers live.

    Funny that she doesn’t mention Gordon Brown’s part in the downfall of the banking system


    • DJ says:

      Hmmmm….. anyone know any bankers who commute to work by jet?


    • Umbongo says:


      I didn’t hear this programme (if fact I think I’ve never knowingly heard it) but even Vicki can’t stop the bankers mentioning – and keep mentioning – Brown’s part in the whole farrago if they wanted to.  It’s the same with the CINOs interviewed on Today:  they just sit there and take all the crapola from the BBC interviewer.  FFS why go on a programme if you’re not going to defend yourself or, better, attack some of the culprits the BBC refuses to mention?


  2. deegee says:

    One was Chris Kane, head of corporate real estate at the BBC. Does anyone know what he does? Does anyone know if the BBC has been making huge purchases/sales in the last year? In private industry that is what the head of RE would get a bonus for.


    • LJ says:

      That is a lot of money – for a janitor!!

      No-one in government should earn more than 80% of the PM’s salary.
      No-one in local government should earn more than 50% of an MP’s salary.
      Including quangos, NHS Trusts and all the rest.


  3. cjhartnett says:

    Not a peep about this running story on any of the BBCs outlets is there?
    Don`t even see Sky mentioning it -down to the dear old Daily Mail as usual.
    We need an effective opposition to the BBC and Sky are not providing it.
    Got to be a market for Beck, Coulter here surely!


  4. Martin says:

    The problem is when anyone brings up Gordon Brown or Ed Balls part in the banking collapse, the BBC cut across them and don’t allow any discussion of their part or they will say something like “yes they’re not here to defend themselves” or “look they’re not in power”, the BBC have a list of excuses for Nu Liebore but seem to continually blame the Tory Government of Mrs T even though neither she nor anyone else is around to defend it.

    I agree that the Tories should just tell beeboids to shut the f**k up (and I would use that language on air) and say what they want.

    The BBC never explain that Northern Rock failed BEFORE Lehman Brothers did and that the Bradford and Bingley failed because of irresponsible lending. That had nothing to do with “it all happened in America” that the BBC believe as fact.


    • cjhartnett says:

      Apparently Sir Fred Goodwin got his knighthood for services to banking in 2004.
      I could not possibly speculate about which set of political tools were responsible…that was then and this is now.
      Of course the BBC have mentioned this a few times today-but how he got it-and who gave it to him-seems always not to make the cut!


  5. Mailman says:

    The people who work in these strataspheric positions in business (both private and public) really do live in a world seperate from reality. Simply put, if it was up to me, there would be absolutely NO bonuses for the public sector irrespective of role and there certainly would be no bonuses for any business that has had to take in billions of pounds of tax payer money to prop them up!

    Further more, if it was up to me, Id make it regulation that no public servant could earn more than the PM. If these clowns think they are worth three or four hundred thousand pounds a year (plus perks) then let them try and earn that in the private sector.

    The reality is that the Government could fix this over night if it had the will to do so. Sadly, because so many MP’s have their own snouts in the trough AND, probably more worryingly, passing legislation has been outsourced to brussels…so even if they wanted to they probably couldnt (might even infringe someones human rights!).