In the wake of further acts of Jihad by the Boko Haram Islamists in Nigeria, I was somewhat surprised to hear the Bishop of Durham on the BBC this morning pointing out that the “conflict” there is not really about religion but just as much about the lack of job opportunities for the young. Amazing – the BBC must have dhimmified clerics on speed dial!

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  1. john in cheshire says:

    David, I don’t see a time when the bbc shows any support for Christians. I feel they lack the means to empathise with those of us who follow that religion. And judging by statements to me from my friends who are socialist in their thinking, there is something fundamentally defective in their genetic make-up. I don’t think it is possible to argue with socialists/communists/muslims because nothing normal people say to them ever seems to register. So, muslims killing Christians in Nigeria will never be seen that way by socialist/communists. I’m sure muslims see it that way, because that’s what they intend to perpetrate. The bbc, the CofE, and to some extent the RC Church have all been contaminated by anti-Christian ideologies.


    • wild says:

      The Leftist did not care when their fellow Leftists killed over a hundred million people, so they are not going to care about a few million more.


    • ian says:

      john in cheshire wrote

      “The bbc, the CofE, and to some extent the RC Church have all been contaminated by anti-Christian ideologies.”

      To which I can only add “and by EU money”. Join the dots.


  2. John Anderson says:

    The Bishop was appalling.  He tried to ascribe the brutal violence of Islamist Boko Harem to the poor state of the economy – the issue of religfion was just one factor,  in his view.

    But the Christians are living in the same economy,  with the same corruption.  Are they shooting up police stations,  trying to get rid of non-Christians ?

    God help us from stupid blind clerics.

    Justin Webb earlier on was even worse.  When talking about Boko Harem he stupidly asked “What do they want ?”   Surely he knows what they want – they want a Caliphate,  they want enforced Sharia law throughout Nigeria.   And they are brutal – they want Christian blood.

    “It’s not all about religion, then” bleats Webb.

    It is PRECISELY all about religion,  you dhimmi fool !   Just like the Palestinian rabid argument is just about religion.  A sick religion.

    Where are all the moderate leaders of the “Religion of Peace” in Nigeria calling for peace,  for tolerance,  denouncing Boko Harem ?    Where are the mass demonstrations of “peaceful” Muslims marching to protest against the Boko Harem violence ?  As usual – there aren’t any.


  3. Jeremy Clarke says:

    I heard that and, sorry to say, I fell about laughing.  
    That Boko Haram means ‘Western education is a sin’ should offer a clue as to the group’s motivation.  
    Indeed, the ‘official’ name of the group is ‘Brothers Committed to the Propagation of the Prophet’s Teaching and Jihad’, not ‘Brothers Committed to Job Creation and Free iPhones for Young People’.  
    This is all about raw, religious sectarianism and to pretend otherwise is, frankly, absurd.


    • John Anderson says:

      ……and Boko Harem is totally against democracy.   It wants theocracy.

      Why can’t the BBC see this as religious fascism.

      We are truly back to the BBC’s 1930 stance of appeasement.


      By the way – has anyone at the BBC ever seen the possible hint in the name “Muslim Brotherhood” that the sisters may not fare too well ?


  4. George R says:

    For INBBC:

    “Nigeria Struggles to Curb Islamists After Attacks Kill 256”  


  5. Derek Buxton says:

    Oh dear, so we have another “non christian” in the See of Durham.  Where do they find them?  I would not have thought that there could be so many non believers in the Christian Church.


  6. Pete Hayes says:

    Had 10 years in the shite hole that is called Nigeria. It is not a country but simply a collection of 97 odd tribes gathered together under British control. The corruption there is well know from top to bottom and anyone working there knows it as a “Black Hole”. Anything going in never comes out but the UK government still gives this hugely oil rich country aid! Imagine, all that oil and everyone exists simply because they have thier own generator and the dumb fecks have to import refined oil/petrol etc! A Northern Nigerian government minister, a few years back said that the oil in the southern states came from the Muslim North as everyone knows, fluids flow down hill!
    Here comes Biafra again! Do not donate aid!


  7. cjhartnett says:

    Ah bless…it`s the Tory cuts again!
    And there was me thinking that Boko Haram just might be saying something with that name of theirs!
    Still little Justin Welby really hopes that his little lambs will receive “vociferous protection” from the African Taliban…and if we COULD pay for a few apprenticeships, that might cause said Taliban to drop that machete stuff, and do a wood carving for Traidcraft in Durhams cathedral shop.
    Thank you very much David Jenkins!


  8. deegee says:

    I have a contact in the Nigerian Embassy. His (i.e. the official response) is exactly the same. Violence stemming from economics. Religion is coincidental.

    If the Nigerians refuse to acknowledge the Jihad against them how can we blame a (presumably) well-meaning idiot in Durham for acting like an ostrich? 


    • RGH says:

      The temptation to explain away all social conflict as being rooted in economics, corruption, bad governance might be true to a certain degree. Nazism was also a product of economics according to this analysis. The economics view explains everything…and nothing.

      Even if you subscribe to the materialist school, you must still explain why humans behave as they do. Why is this cultural faultline, now evident in Nigeria, but also apparent throughout West Africa, manifested in a religio-tribal terms. Poverty drives wars.

      The Nigerian diplomat is wedded to the unitary state of Nigeria. He dismisses the complexity of the social relations and the power of identity as a member of the bureaucratic elite of his society. He knows that the problem is multi.faxetted but ‘economics’ is the easiest and at the same time most misleading explanation there is.

      Cultures influence economics. Social capital and cultural roles help or hinder the process of the efficient production of the necessities.

      Give the warring parties access to millions…will that solve the problem.

      Only social change…sometimes forged in conflict does that.

      Economics is just too easy.