It’s becoming an almost daily feature on the BBC. I refer to the “left-leaning” IPPR getting high profile for one of their “reports.” This morning it was all about voters living in England placing more emphasis on their English rather than British identity. Whilst one absolutely welcomes the wishes of English people being giving attention (at last) one also must be careful about where this leads. The EU, for example, would love to see the UK break apart into a mass of small controllable regions, and the encouragement of this via an IPPR study is surely a watch out. The other point is that this study claims most English people would like to see “Devo Max” for Scotland but this is surely a misrepresentation by the IPPR and BBC as to what exactly “Devo Max” actually constitutes? As I understand it, Devo Max will ensure that the taxes from England will still continue to flow north of the border but in addition Scotland can then vary taxes even further.

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  1. Bupendra Bhakta says:

    Scotland aka West Albania aka an African feeding station waiting for the steam chicken to arrive has had tax and spend governments for the past 60 years.  In so far as, they get the ‘spend’ whereas someone else ie  ‘we’ get the tax.

    Devo max adds the words ‘and borrow’ to ‘tax and spend’.

    What could possibly go wrong.

    Logic tells me that throwing even more cash at Reykjavik-on-the-Forth will result in an even larger public sector take, even more unemployed, and ever greater numbers on heroine/ methadone/ temazepam/ buckfast.

    The solution really to a country busted socially and economically  because of government mis-spending is not to give its government even more money, it’s to give it less money.

    Nothing to do with the BBC I know, but it’s always been my maxim that if you can’t Torture A Trot you can always Twat A Gnat.


    • Bupendra Bhakta says:

      PS. My pharmacy chum tells me that they had to stop selling Temazepam in liquid form in Scotland as the heathens would inject it.  It had to be sold in gel form.  The heathens then would heat up the gel till it melted then inject it.  Of course it would then solidify in the veins with predictable effects on the blood circulation.

      I’m afraid as a country, Scotland/ W. Albania is still not allowed out on its own, Mummy, or at least a care worker, has to carry on looking after it.


  2. NotaSheep says:

    Didn’t John ‘G&T’ Prescott try and push regional assemblies through and fail? I suppose like EU referendums they just keep trying to implement the same policies until we agree to them…


  3. Beeboidal says:

    The EU, for example, would love to see the UK break apart into a mass of small controllable regions

    Thanks to George Moonbat, we know that the IPPR copped an  €800,000  grant from the EU. Did Radio 4  really fail to identify IPPR as the left leaning institution which has supplied a few Labour ministers in it time. Are you watching, Jane Bradley?


    • My Site (click to edit) says:

      Did Radio 4  really fail to identify IPPR as the left leaning institution which has supplied a few Labour ministers in it time.’

      I’ll have to check before iPlayer is whisked away for the re-edit for the inquiry, but David Grossman’s ‘report’ for Nerwsnight featured two ‘spokesentities’, one being the IPPR and the other the Resolution Foundation.

      I suppose the genetic ‘balance’ being the relative Blairite vs. Brownite compostion of these two ‘independent’ organisations?


  4. cjhartnett says:

    Shouldn`t there be a register of the BBCs “Ports of Call” for their Brazilian strip width of sanctioned , approrved and licenced range of opinions that they require to be expressed?
    Without these traffic light warnings…Red, Pink, Lime Green and Saudi Green…how are we to know whether all the talking heads started at the Guardian/New Statesman/Birkbeck…or are in transit  back towards them via the BBC and assorted liliypad quango berths.
    Doesn`t a dog return to its vomit?…I believe AC Graylings Bible might rephrase it as…“the lilylivered left never leave the Green Room”.
    IPPR/Cof E/Oxfam and all the rest of `em…all shades of red, green and brown considered!


  5. Craig says:

    That was quite a run on yesterday’s ‘Today’. 

    First, a report from the IPPR, then a report from the Centre for Cities – an offshoot of the IPPR. Chuck in B-BBC‘s old friend Enver Solomon of the Children’s Society and that was three in a row.