It seems to me that the BBC cannot get through any current news programme without informing us how evil “big business” really is and how the bankers, in particular, broke Britain. They know that repetition of this meme rams it into the heads of those listening and this is one of the things that is most dangerous about the Corporation. With Comrade Vince Cable doing his best to slay the capitalism “red in tooth and claw”, the BBC brought on Nicola Horlick who agreed that “something” must be done about “excessive pay” for “executives. I suspect that the BBC probably support the ravings of George Monbiot over at The Guardian and his demand for a “maximum wage” as well as a “minimum wage”. At no point is anyone allowed to turn around and say that it is NO BUSINESS of Government to tell private businesshow much it should pay those who work for it. And if Nicola Horlick thinks that excess pay is such an issue why not bring up the massive £800,000 that Mark Thompson earns, care of those of us forced to pay for the BBC?

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6 Responses to THE WAR ON WEALTH

  1. David Preiser (USA) says:

    These people don’t complain about Thompson’s salary because of the Marxist labor theory of value. The work of bankers and CEOs are not valued highly by them, while Thompson’s work is.


  2. Nick says:

    Quite. It was a piss poor interview. 

    1. As you say, what about the BBC and its pay.

    2. MPs. Why aren’t MPs advocating that their constituents get a direct vote in the pay that they receive, at the constituency level.

    Yep, its all about controlling other people. 

    It’s all about creating a distraction from their 7 trillion of debt. 

    Notice too how the BBC is pushing debt = borrowing. Ignoring the trillions owed to you and me for our state pensions. 


  3. Sres says:

    If you don’t like how much you’re being paid, change job, if you don’t like how much your boss is being paid, get a different job and don’t buy their products or services.

    If you are a share holder, cash in, if you are a general person in public, don’t buy their products or services.

    It’s simple it’s effective…


  4. DJ says:

    Dang! Looks like the interviewer ran out of time before he could ask Ms Niki what should happen to fund managers who invest £10 million pounds into a Ponzi scheme. 

    What are the odds, huh?

    I’m pretty sure the BBC would introduce Harold Shipman as a ‘Manchester GP’ if he came on to denounce health service reform.