B-BBC contributor Alan notes;

“Another explanationfor why the ‘right-on’ Lefty liberals in the BBC hate Maggie Thatcher and are proIslam…and it has a nice symmetry…because it also gives them another reasonfor disliking Jewish people even more… Thatcher admired them:

‘Thatcher had no patience for anti-Semitism. “I simply did not understand it,”Thatcher wrote in her memoirs. Indeed, she found “some of [her] closestpolitical friends and associates among Jews.” “In the thirty-three years that Irepresented Finchley [a constituency in London], I never had a Jew come inpoverty and desperation to one of my town meetings… I often wished thatChristians would take closer note of the Jewish emphasis on self-help andacceptance of personal responsibility.” * Aghast that a golf club in her district consistently barred Jews frombecoming members, she publicly attacked her own party members for supportingthe policy. The Jews of Finchley were “her people,” Thatcher remarked –certainly much more so than the wealthy land barons that dominated her party. * In her desire to change and modernize Britain, Thatcher surrounded herselfwith bright Jewish advisors: Keith Joseph, Alfred Sherman, David Young, NigelLawson, Leon Brittan, Victor Rothschild, Malcolm Rifkind, David Wolfson, DavidHart, and others.’

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  1. noggin says:

    I really don t get the exact connection alan, you know it is a fact, there is  a massive groundswell of thatcher hatred, all over the country, i don t think because she supported israel that is a factor,  
    or if it is it is miniscule.  

    The reason your gas, electric, rail bills etc are so high, she sold them off, in fact so much, theres nothing left to sell for soundbite dave now,…(do you know just how much the wealthiest 5% made off of them)?, oh apart from the NHS that is, & his plans are well under way, believe me  
    oh and what did she do with north sea oil revenue?  
    how about her windfall from council houses?  
    how about her scam endowment mortgages?  
    how about her credit card society scam?  
    Its laughable now how soundbite Dave, now states CSA doesn t work, it never did and she only brought it in to hammer the poorest in our society.  
    In fact her poor fiscal endeavour was propped up by sell off after sell off, and what people might forget, just like blair a very debatable set up for war.  

    We were left with a warehouse economy, and no (or only a fraction)of manufacturing base.  I think that might have more to do with Thatcher hatred, than jewish people, the bbc?, shes a tory thats enough …. everyone else? a lot more than that.


    • cjhartnett says:

      Can`t -won`t-argue with that….and don`t get me started on the National Curriculum etc!
      That said, she had more principle, courage and integrity than any assemblage of politicos that followed…and even the Norman Lambs, Gisela Stuarts, Kate Hoeys etc collectively couldn`t match her influence and coherent conviction in massive policy areas.
      But she`s old, frali and doesn`t need a Sachs-attack using the BBC. She knew them only too well and said do repeatedly.
      The BBC suck up to useless ageing flops like Williams, Benn and Jonathan Miller and Warnock…so why not leave Mrs Thatcher alone with dignity and the thanks of many people whose lives WERE changed for the better by her.
      Maybe not you or me noggin…but she was honourable and consistent with no little faith…so let God judge her eh…not f666in` Mark Thomas eh?


    • RGH says:

      Can’t resist it, Noggin.

      Margaret on Credit Cards.

      Suggest, politely, you examine your other points.

      Criticism is fair in a free society, but only when it is informed.


    • Span Ows says:

      LOL! noggin , if only you’d added that she destroyed miners and killed Argies, then you reply would have been a record-breaking pile of fucking shit instead of just fucking shit.


  2. Barry says:

    I clearly remember having to wait months for a telephone.

    There are quite a few other things I remember as well, like having to stand all the way from York to King’s Cross. Things were far from rosy back then – and don’t get me started on British cars.

    The public sector mentality hangs around certain industries and institutions for decades like a bad smell.


  3. dave s says:

    I can understand Mrs T’s failure to understand anti Semitism. My father worked with and for Jewish businessmen for all my childhood. I remember them  so well . I was taught chess by a Czech refugee, about good music by another, and as children we were always welcome and spent our Christmases in each others houses.
    I learnt to value learning and hard work and how important family is.
    Anti Semitism is beyond my understanding and if it was so for Mrs T then for that she needs to be celebrated.
    The liberal left hatred for her is as irrational as anti Semitism and deserves as little consideration.


  4. cjhartnett says:

    Good tribute to Jimmy Savile on again last night.
    Saw Mrs T handing out medals as PM in embryo and thought her kind and decent…which, in contrast to the saps and poltroons amongst the political elite these days; made me respect her that little bit more!
    Noted too that Savile included the other guests on his Parkinson interview-really unusual!….AND he even had Muhammad Ali stunned by his shamelessness!
    The more the elite scorn Thatcher-the more little clips like this will show how wrong the likes of me were back then.
    Most of us have learned that anyway-hence my contempt for those at the BBC still waging class war on wages stolen from the likes of us!


  5. deegee says:

    What you and Mrs. Thatcher would call antisemitism are not the same as what the BBC would call antisemitism. In their eyes Thatcher’s Jewish advisors are yet more proof the Jews control the world.


  6. Louis Robinson says:

    Thather hatred? It’s easier than thinking.


  7. wild says:

    I notice that most “Neo-Conservatives” are liberal Jews. At some point they realise that the Left want to put them in an oven. It leads to an intellectual crisis.

    How can I be a liberal and vote Tory? They are never entirely comfortable with doing so, but those that reflect a little turn against the Left with a passion.    
    Thinking about your children falling into ditches in the Ukraine after being shot in the back of the head by “Progressive” Nationalist Socialists has that effect I suppose.


  8. RGH says:

    Here it is.

    You Tube not doing what it usually does for some reason


    • Reed says:

      Great video – thanks RGH. Labour ALWAYS seem to have links to debt, but who knew about this one???!!!! 😀


  9. Foxgoose says:

    Noggin must be very young as well as very stupid.

    I had a credit card in 1974 and an endowment mortgage in 1978.

    Clearly years of excessive BBC exposure has convinced him that everything he’s ever had probem with was due to “fatcher”.

    It’s a bit like a primitive religion.


  10. ian says:

    I think the BBC, like other socialist organisations, hates Jews because the’re too independent. (Very many run their own businesses.) Socialists only like dependent people, who can be easily exploited by government (and broadcasting) parasites and made to feel grateful for the little they do get out of these leeches. The message is “you need us”, but the reality is “we need you to carry on being suckers”.