The BBC is turning into a propaganda machine for various causes. I have chronicled the evidence of this carefully on these pages and have become almost bored with the process, so relentless and certain is the progress. Extraordinary in this journey, however, is what has now happened to one of the main propaganda arms of the corporation, the World Service Trust, originally set up in 1999 as a charity in connection with the BBC World Service “to reduce poverty and promote human rights”. Of course, that is and always has been the greenie code for wanting world government, to smash capitalism, drive us all into fuel poverty, and to introduce endless climate change measures; and the real reason WST was set up was that as a separate arms-length charity it could do things that the BBC itself could not.

Now – with sickening inevitability, any pretence at moderation in this battle has been dropped. World Service Trust has become – I kid you not – BBC Media Action. The trigger for the change appears to have been massive new funding from the government. Back in November, it was announced that it would get an extra £20m a year from DFID – adding to the £24.8m it already received from the government, the EU and greenie foundations. At the heart of its new identity is, of course, eco-nuttery. Already, WST has worked extensively whipping up alarm in Africa; now the focus has shifted to Asia, and big dollops of shiny new BBC Media Action cash are going towards:

Climate Asia is a two year project that will provide the first comprehensive study into people’s understandings of climate change across Asia. It will focus on the role media can play to support people affected by their changing environment.

Working in seven countries – Bangladesh, China, India, Indonesia, Nepal, Pakistan and Vietnam – Climate Asia will include a survey of 25,000 people. This will be the largest ever regional investigation into public knowledge and attitudes towards climate change.

The project’s aim is to understand the best ways to use media to provide people with the information they need to build resilience and take effective action on climate change.

This is not just spreading lies; it is Rolls-Royce propaganda being disseminated with deadly venom. The Goebbels-in-chief of this massive exercise in hatred and misinformation is Caroline Nursey, who learned her craft with greenie-liars-in-chief Oxfam. Now she has £45m plus a year to play with.

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38 Responses to MONEY DOWN THE DRAIN….

  1. Margo Ryor says:

    I wouldn’t worry too much. First World ‘conservationists’ aren’t going to get very far trying to persuade Third World countries to remain poor and ‘sustainable’.


  2. Maturecheese says:

    I have just read ‘The Horse At The Gates’ (I noticed DV’s review on Amazon)and I guess now i will be even more alarmed by the ‘propaganda’ that the BBC pumps out for our consumption although in the book it’s not climate change that’s being pushed.

    ‘I wouldn’t worry too much. First World ‘conservationists’ aren’t going to get very far trying to persuade Third World countries to remain poor and ‘sustainable’.’   

    No but they might persuade them to come here!


    • Cassandra King says:

      But they dont have to persuade the people of the 3rd world, they simply have to use their enormous funding to buy off as many corrupt officials and ‘influentials’ as possible. And hence the reason for the money, its going into the pockets and Swiss accounts of those able and willing to provide the fabricated illusion of 3rd world popular support.

      Gigantic amounts of money is being used to buy the silence and cooperation of the worlds most corrupt ‘influentials’, its not the people they wish to persuade at all but those at the top of the tree.


      • tinks says:

        Every man has his price, especially if free money and the chance to lord it over others is involved.

        Often democracy is but a sham, with officials often given undue and undeserved reverence.


      • DP111 says:

        Gigantic money indeed. And it is taxpayers money to prevent taxpayers waking up the massive Energy fraud that is being perpetrated with their own money to beggar us all.

        And its not just money but fuel poverty. Cold kills. And when that happens, the government, the LeftLibs and the BBC, will blame energy companies rather then the real culprits – that is themselves.

        But the Left has never been too concerned about the poor. They were, and are, quite at ease about the tens of millions that perished in the Socialist Gulags of the USSR and China.


  3. David Preiser (USA) says:

    Indoctrination by any other name….


  4. RGH says:

    Randomly skimming through their website,  wading through constant references to climate change (and CO2), this is what I found. This is about acting through the power of the media associated with the BBC brand.

    (My highlights).

    • African citizens are among the least informed about
    human-induced global climate change, its causes and
    its consequences. This lack of information is severely
    inhibiting the capacity of African citizens both to adapt
    to climate change, and to exert infl uence both internationally
    and on their own governments to ensure an
    appropriate and urgent response to the scale of the
    threat they face.

    • Once public understanding of the severity of
    climate change impact develops, and awareness
    increases that international factors beyond their control
    are responsible, a rational response may well be one of
    anger directed at those responsible.

    This sums up the whole of the greenist psychology to perfection.

    The developed world (us) is responsible for climate change and those ‘innocents’ must be informed and made angry to understand that they are not to blame.

    The BBC Trust sees this as a duty. To direct Third World anger at an external scapegoat.

    If this whole AGW is as uncertain as is becoming evermore apparent, what kind of Pandora’s box are these people opening.

    They are saying that ‘climate change’ and the west is responsible for their problems and that all the local issues — corruption , bad governance, malfunctioning social systems etc— are secondary to CO2 induced climate change.


    Substitute climate change for colonialism or capitalism and one can see what is really in the minds of the BBC trust.


    • Cassandra King says:

      Put like that they are acting like irresponsible children opening a Pandoras box of rage that will likely burn down all our houses.


    • DP111 says:

      Once they have got Africans rampaging the streets, their leaders will rightfully call for more money to be given to them. The BBC will then report how miserly we are in not giving billions each year to every country in the Third World.

      But then that is what this AGW, aka known in the criminal fraternity as “Climate Change” was all about. “Sustainability” is now the key word – not sustanability of our economy but the global economy run from the UN.

      To keep the money pouring in via steath energy taxes, sustainabilty will be marketted here as “Diversity” of energy supplies.

      The AGW debate is over. Indeed it is over, as the political scam has has moved to stealth taxation. Like a chamelion it will  change its colour whenever there is a threat.

      And then this

      Cardinal O’Brien: repent over indifference to climate change

      March 01, 2012

      Cardinal Keith O’Brien of St. Andrews and Edinburgh has joined other Christian leaders, including Anglican Archbishops Rowan Williams and Desmond Tutu, in calling for repentance over indifference to climate change.

      Its understandable why Desmond Tutu is in this.

      What we have hear is that anyone sceptical of the hype and downright lies of the AGW/Climate Change, is not just climate a change denier or anti-science but anti-God.

      So it is hell fire and damnation if we dont happily fork over temns of billions each year to the corrupt UN, and then to corrupt Third world dictators.


  5. Natsman says:

    Jesus Christ, it’s scary stuff.  Whatever happened to the Former UK’s national broadcaster?

    This has all the hallmarks of blatant Marxism (the doctrine and philosophy that failed so spectacularly before) by the back door – no, the front door – it’s so bloody blatant.

    I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again – this all-pervading, sinister mycelium of common purpose ideology is undermining all that we have believed in over the centuries.

    I somtimes wonder if a third world war may be the only way to lay this ideology to rest, because reason doesn’t work any longer, and probably never will.

    We are destined to be one huge community of robots all the same, thinking the same (on pain of death) – much like ants.  Our personal freedoms will be expunged and we will have to toe the party line, and surrender all personal beliefs, thoughts, property and our lives to the “cause” (whatever that may be).

    I’m glad I won’t be around to witness either the war, or the ultimate purgatory if one doesn’t occur.


    • Geyza says:

      Speaking of common purpose, you’ll like this:

      The controller’s behind the occupy “protest”


      • Natsman says:

        Blimey – the last comment is right, though, we do let them get away with it because we’re lazy.  The mentality of humanity is becoming more and more questionable, but it seems the drones will win because they shout loudest, are like an ant colony, and don’t have to think for themselves – they just react to and follow the script.

        I’m glad that I am miles away from it all, and watch from a distance whilst shaking my head in disbelief, and sipping my chilled sauvignon.

        I, too, am lazy.


      • Louis Robinson says:

        Geyza (and Natsman).

        I was intrigued by your YOUTUBE clip so I did a little digging around. I found this interesting take on a BBC program from the heroine of your clip Saskia Kent. Commenting on the BBC’s 2011 “Inside Out” show she says: Amazingly sympathetic piece I thought. Hope this great PR for us will bring more people down tomorrow to check it out. Hope the campers will be holding their own in an Occupy frame of mind. Solidarity

        Now watch for yourself some of this “great PR” via cameraman George McCallum’s website

        So why does Ms Kent find this program “amazingly sympathetic”? Perhaps the answer lies in this tweet from the producer of this piece of shameless propaganda Richard Adams.

        “Spent a weekend filming with Occupy. Met a diverse range committed to change. Sure movement will live on”.!/realrichbbc


        • Louis Robinson says:

          Actually, foks, looking again at Richard Adams’ tweet: “Met a DIVERSE range committed to change” Diverse? Diverse!

          Never have so many people looked and sounded so alike and represented the same cookie cutter political views as the Occupy Movement. I could write about “committed” but I need lunch.


  6. Idiotboy says:

    The sheer size of the cash sums involved in these schemes is breathtaking.

    I wonder how much of the total sum involved is spent on “educating” the inhabitants of the third world in climate victimism, and how much goes into the pay checks of the otherwise unemployable bien pensant upper middle class idiots running the scam.


  7. London Calling says:

    The likes of Caroline Nursey are being churned out by the Third Sector in their thousands every year. Instantly slotable in one organisation or any other, public sector cockroaches, masters or mistresses of milking the teat of public funding, employing people to write grant applications, policy statements, board papers, anything except anything REAL. A monstrous circle-jerk with government departments like DECC and DFID that have shedloads of our taxes to give away on these  fairy stories like ending world povery or climate change. Total fraudulent self-serving bullshit. Cameron, wake up!! 


  8. Cassandra King says:

    The real reasons for the 3rd worlds many problems are being hidden behind a fabricated web of falsehoods with the central theme being to keep the 3rd world at least agrarian in nature and preferably simply a perpetual goody box of minerals and metals and energy for use in the 1st world. You can see that an Africa using its own resources and building its own manufacturing base would be a threat to the current 1st world and the emerging second. Doesnt take a genius to work out that unleashing the crackpot leftists on the 3rd world to explain the reason they are dirt poor and ignorant is because of the West and that a desire to emerge from the stone age would only make them as evil as the West has become. Ugly stuff from a truly ugly new world order.


    • tiger says:

      Africa has been well trained already to assume the state of “victimhood” and consequent compensation culture. The BBC is merely adding another strategy to extort money which is not lost on them as they already have their calculators out to estimate the amounts to paid over.

      They have no desire to dirty their hands making things when the West continually makes funds available via the IMF and all the “charities”.

      US$30bn donated to Africa in the last 50 years and no progress except to the personal bank balances of a few leaders.

      The BBC will merely add to the Bob Geldorfs of this World.


  9. Peter Parker says:

    > The Goebbels-in-chief of this massive exercise in hatred and misinformation > is Caroline Nursey, who learned her craft with greenie-liars-in-chief Oxfam.
    > Now she has £45m plus a year to play with.

    Rather puts Heartland’s $4m budget into perspective doesn’t it.


    • London Calling says:

      Reading her CV make me vomit. All this “do-gooding” but never a word as to who pays for it,  or whether by choice. She sure as hell pays nothing towards the cost of her own do-gooding, just basks in the narcissistic glow of having been a saint.  Smug self-serving hypocrite of the first order. 
      As they say, it takes an awful lot of good to undo the harm done by do-gooders.


  10. tinks says:

    It’s not often said but you guys at bBBC do a wonderful and tirelss job of highlighting the barmy, perverse, corrupt and shameful that this once great institution now passes off as information and entertainment.

    It perhaps mirrors the nation’s decline. Though thankfully good eggs persist and can affect change.


  11. Roland Deschain says:

    I’m afraid that whenever I see the name “Nursey” I get this image in my head.


  12. As I See It says:

    I caught a few minutes of BBC Four’s Lost Kingdoms of Africa (series 2).

    Dr Gus Casely-Hayford is an engaging presenter with a soft touch and the photography of the African landscape is breathtaking.

    It can only be a good idea that the BBC is exploring the pre-colonial history of the continent.

    How robust is the scholarship? I’m not in a position to judge. I saw parts of two episodes: The Berber Kingdom of Morroco and Bunyoro and Bugunda (Uganda).

    I did notice that two words popped up quite often. ‘Jihad’ and ‘Slaves’.

    I would like to hear more about pre-colonial African history in mainstream BBC broadcasting.


    • Natsman says:

      Yes, I watched that series, too (which seems to be joining the we-will-repeat-it ad nauseam on different channels list), but I have to say I enjoyed it – he was a good presenter, I thought, and as you say, engaging.


    • A says:

      The brief part I saw had Gus expounding on how blacks has been enslaved for millenia by their own, and that in most places those who were sold for export were being traded by their countrymen.  Not something that comes up often.


      • As I See It says:

        My point precisely. Mainstream BBC output would have us believe that Britain invented slavery and Jihad started post the invasion of Iraq. Ask an average school kid and you will find that is what they have absorbed. I say give us more African history so we can judge for ourselves.


  13. Geyza says:

    IF his is not just a propaganda exercise, then there is nothing to worry about.  They will spend two years studying the glaciers in the Himalayas and report how some are receeding, some are growing and some show no change.  A considerably longer study has just recently concluded that the Himalayan glaciers have not reduced on average over the last 10 years.


    • Geyza says:

      However, being the BBC, it is highly unlikely that any stabling or levelling off, or even reduction in the speed of increase of ice extent in the Himalayas would be reported accurately.

      I remember the BBC headline fanfare given to Steig et al 2009 paper which showed that the antarctic was actually warming. BUT gave no coverage whatsoerver to the debunking which showed that they could ONLY measure warming through an amalgamation of very carefully cherry-picked dates, carefully located and selected thermometers and a “new and unique statistical technique developed for this paper” which meant taking a small area of warming in the peninsula and spreading it all over the continent. There was no other way to possibly record any warming of the Antarctic. ALL other surveys and studies show that the Antarctic is cooling.

      I am pretty sure that the BBC will continue their tradition of one-sided, incomplete and misleading climate science coverage.


  14. Dogstar060763 says:

    This story is sadly typical of the way in which climate alarmism and it’s cosy, publicly-funded advocacy works. It’s a back-scratching exercise between competing agencies, all in the service of the wider manifesto – to promote fear, voodoo science and misinformation wrapped up in a media-friendly package entitled ‘man-made climate change’ (no such thing has ever been proven to exist, not by one scientist, ever).

    James Delingpole takes a rather depressing view of the relentlessness of climate zealots:

    Whilst the continual scientific rebuttals of the climate reports produced by the IPCC may make many people think that this charade cannot continue much longer, behind the scenes it is quite irrelevant… The long-term process marches relentlessly on as if there had never been any challenges at all.

    As the advocates throw in yet more spurious claims of the “hottest year on record”, or record cold caused by CO2 emissions, they occupy the debate, and determine the daily agenda in the media, whilst those who know that the claims are spurious, are driven to waste time, effort and resources on refuting them.

    …And so this is how the self-perpetuating job-creation scheme known as ‘climate change’ works in the unreal world of the campaigning ‘green’ NGOs. Nothing will stop them. The plunder is simply too readily available as long as clueless politicians keep handing out our money.

    It’s a winner – a true rent-payer in every sense; a gift that just keeps giving. They can’t believe their luck – they just had to make a bit of a fuss about some entirely nebulous ‘climate catastrophe’ and governments everywhere began coughing up truly huge $multi-billion sums, enriching everyone from Oxfam (who now sees itself as another arm of legislative government) to Greenpeace and many, many other bottom-feeders inbetween. The public finance trough is apparently huge and this lot have all got their fat snouts buried deep into it.

    The BBC is just another leech; another political animal with a disingenuous agenda, designed to serve its own aims and those of it’s political allies. In relation to the climate issue (if there is even is one), the BBC has played, and continues to play, a vital role in acting as chief propagandist here in the UK and beyond (via its international interests).

    The message is unwaverring. No employee may bring the dominant narrative into question, or cause it to be brought into question by recklessly allowing air time to those sceptical of the ‘settled science’. The facts (and the actions of the BBC) speak for themselves: we are lied to, we are decieved and we are  absolutely never given a public debate on AGW.

    And to add insult to injury we are forced to pay these people for spreading their deceits, under threat of imprisonment should we refuse to do so.

    “It was a bright, cold day in April, and the clocks were striking thirteen”.


  15. DP111 says:

    How the BBC spends Britain’s international aid

    A little-known charity run by the BBC is spending more than £15 million from the UK taxpayer on “international aid” projects including “educating” Africa on climate change and a “romantic” soap opera for Indian radio.


    • DP111 says:

      Follow up
       From the above link

      Daily reports from the war crimes trial of Charles Taylor, the former Liberian leader, with the BBC sending experienced correspondents to mentor African reporters covering the case 

      Nursety is well upon this

      The report is from May 2011. Tory MPs were highly critical that BBC was wasting money. So this is very much Cameron’s baby.


  16. joseph sanderson says:

    Robin has posted an excellent article worthy of some additional follow up postings. It seems that if you are a senior BBC manager or journalist who specialises in the environmental area you must have served time as a green activist. No wonder the BBC’s reporting on climate change is so biased.

    Once again excellent article.


  17. Richard Pinder says:

    A rational response may well be to drag those responsible up a pyramid and for Christian Archbishops to cut the hearts out of those responsible, this we must all agree on pain of death, is the way that the consensus can stop the climate from changing.

    But we must understand that White European Socialists do insist that they have equal intelligence to Black Africans, even though Socialists only like people that they feel superior too.


  18. Cassandra King says:

    From the superlative EUREFERENDUM site.

    Game changer – by Richard… Friday, March 02, 2012

    <img src=”” border=”0″/>

    This is all over the media, with the Financial Times reporting that there is 200 years-worth of shale gas in China.

    The announcement really is a game changer. The Agenda 21 pushers are now going to find it increasingly hard to run with “sustainability” and, with climate change running out of steam, we can see them struggling to create another scare which will have anything like the impact.

    This also has important knock-on effects for Europe, as it will in due course relieve competitive pressure for supplies from Russia and its partners. Prices are undoubtedly going to ease, and it is going to be harder still to argue that renewables are ever going to be cost-effective.

    And although it is early days yet, as the gas supplies become more plentiful, we will see wind become less and less attractive. Politically, it is no longer sustainable. The reality has to catch up soon, although one can see the vested interests attempting a rearguard action.

    Within the decade though, my guess is that we will be looking back to this time as the point when the current suite of scares started to fall apart. I suppose we could say they are dead scares walking.

    Yes, this is not something the BBC would want us proles knowing about, yes peak oil and all that and how the planet has more than enough resources to last well into the future. Windmills are not looking such a great investment now are they? As the planet goes into a natural cyclic cooling episode we find that CO2 is not the super villain we were told it was, we find that far from coming to an energy bottle neck there is more than enough fossil fuels to propel the planet into an age of prosperity never seen before. Far from being in terrible and grave danger humanity is on the edge of a wonderful bright future. This bright and wonderful future of hope and happiness brought by capitalist economics and free markets and plentiful energy is like garlic to a vampire for the malthusian death cult anti human doom mongers isnt it?


  19. Foxgoose says:

    Top Open University climate fanatic Joe Smith lets the veil slip on his close (almost marital!) relationship with the impartial (Ho Ho) BBC – in has own bio puff piece at Huffpost:-

    He has collaborated with and consulted for the BBC since 1996, running a series of seminars on environmental change and development issues for senior media decision makers, mainly from BBC News and Vision. He has also acted as academic consultant on a number of major TV projects including Sir David Attenborough’s BBC One programmes for the 2006 climate change season, BBC Two’s Coast (2005), the world’s first climate change political thriller Burn Up (BBC Two 2008) and Springwatch (BBC Two 2010) as well as five hours of climate-related BBC World Service radio programming (Climate Connections 2009 & 2010) and six BBC World News broadcasts (Hope in a Changing World 2009 & Earth Reporters 2011). The BBC World and World Service projects were commissioned as part of the Creative Climate project, devised by Joe, which seeks to capture human stories of ingenuity and determination in response to environmental change 2010-2020. Creative Climate includes broadcasts, online participation and the development of free online learning materials. In 2011 the project commissioned a body of ten short films by leading UK film school talent.

    Joe holds a BA degree in Social and Political Sciences

    This is all on top of his publicly funded OU day job presumably.