Question Time LiveBlog 1st March 2012

Tonight Question Time comes from Dewsbury; home of Mohammad Sidique Khan who was ringleader of the group responsible for the 7 July 2005 London bombings.

David Dimbleby is joined on the panel by ex Sec of State for Wales John Redwood, Rachel Reeves (who likes wedding cakes and flower arranging), Nick Clegg’s PPS Jo Swinson, historian Prof David Starkey and footballer Clarke Carlisle (making his 2nd QT appearance after previously appearing on 20 Jan 2011).

Your Moderators line-up consists of David Vance, David Mosque, TheEye and John Ward.

It’s a 10:30pm kick off and afterwards we will suffer the maddess that is This Week. It’s not Jacqui Smith this week. We’ve got ex-Marxist Alan Johnson instead. Joy.

For those who enjoy the Blue Nun Bingo whilst watching This Week (and also for those who don’t understand it) take a look at David Mosque’s website dedicated to the game here.

See you here later!

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22 Responses to Question Time LiveBlog 1st March 2012

  1. Geyza says:

    Redwood and Starkey on the same Panel?  This could be a belter of an episode.  Might just get the popcorn for this one 🙂


  2. john says:

    Ah, Dewsbury. Lucky them !
    As the Costa Cruise Liner QT runs aground magnificently into West Yorkshire, pitty the poor pasengers who will be met by a selected baying audience of left-wing pirates.
    Abandon Ship !


  3. Demon1001 says:

    2 right, 3 left and Mr Carlisle whose political position is unknown to me.  However, in his blog it says he is a committed Christian which is something the Beboids don’t like.

    Notice the slanting of the selected questions – will always put the right in the position of defence straight off.


    • David Mosque says:

      I seem to recall Clarke was a bit of a lefty, alas. I wonder if his ‘weaknesses’ from the past are mentioned? On his day, he could outdrink Tony Adams….


  4. Demon1001 says:

    Oy John!  I used to live in Dewsbury and it’s not nearly as bad as you make out.


    • Demon1001 says:

      It’s actually a lot worse than that.  Bad when I lived there and going even further to the dogs I believe. 

      The delightful Baroness comes from there of course.


  5. Beness says:

    Apologies to the hosts. To late for me.
     Have to be up at 04:15. Wonder If a future employer might think I’m sufficiently able to conform to Punctuality?


  6. Merlin says:

    John Redwood and Starkey! Great combination (but what took so long for the BBC to invite David back, after all,  fatty Abbot was back after only a few weeks) But in all honesty it couldn’t be any worse than last week’s dreadful slit-your-wrists left wing mannequin panel-I would rather wade through a yard of my own shit then sit through that again.


  7. james1070 says:

    Expect the TWO MINUTE HATE at Starkey from the ‘randomly’ selected audience.


  8. Techno says:

    Just came across this blog entry for Question Time on a Public Relations site:

    It really annoys me that the BBC employs PR agencies to promote its programmes, Question Time in particular.

    As if having TV channels, radio stations, websites, magazines and books weren’t enough PR already.


  9. My Site (click to edit) says:

    No doubt they’ll be discussing this, won’t they??!!??


  10. Billy Bowden says:

    Get in there, Lets have fun , better than last few weeks panels.

    Clarke carlise footballer, and pfa rep ( i think)


  11. Andrew says:

    Didn’t watch it all, but switched on to find Starkey laying into everyone.  My favourite piece was when he didn’t lie down for the oaf in the audience that tried to claim that the Labour bankrupting the country idea was nothing more than propaganda.  Razor sharp stuff from Starkey


    • Sres says:

      Starkey was far out there but once he’d got to the nitty gritty of the subject he made sense.


  12. Chris Hartnett says:

    God Bless David Starkey-and all who sail on him!
    1. Quote of the Year to a Beeboid drone
    “If you`d only liberate your mind, David: from your prompt sheet-then you might have understood what it was I just said”.
    Devastating-and that ought to go onto any Beeboids tombstone/drug den/laminates in first class lounges of hotels/airports etc…
    2. His facing down Red Robbo in the audience was spine chilling-“what…how dare we…the public are ALWAYS right….how dare he?”
    That stone faced Trot deserved it-and only the greats like Starkey, who knows that the populists(MPS, media) merely show up to the tumbrils or gas chambers to report or wring stolen hankies over the mass grave.
    Thank God for Starkey-need him to deal with the Evan Harris, Jenny Tonges now running viral in the BBCs water coolers and jacuzzis now!


  13. Sres says:

    Overall this was an excellent QT, Rachel Reeves was out of her depth big style, she spent a good portion of the debate sat on her hands, especially in the race/segregation question.

    Starkey was sharp as a knife, he immediately got twitters back up for his comment about women leading with their heart and not their head, the only problem is that what he said subsequently made sense and his views on liberators being seen as conquerers was very true, unfortunately no one on twitter would have heard those comments through their red mist.

    The Lib Dem woman was annonomous.

    Redwood was calm and collected as always, never raised his voice and people listened.  Very good remarks on the NHS (you might want to read his article on The Commentator website about NHS, only showed the good side of the NHS Bill but still more succinct that many could write).

    Footy Chairman?  Took questions and twisted to his agenda, praised football players for paying 50% tax (which is laughable as most will have accountants that will squirrel and hide taxable elements of their pay.

    Dimbles was good, let people speak, only shouted down Starkey twice, which was impressive.

    Audience had two that I follow on Twitter @OllyNeville & @ChristinaDarling, both had questions (flat tax rate & Union Pilgrims).

    9/10 best QT I’ve watched in a long time


    • cjhartnett says:

      Ironic that Dimblebys relatively fair chairmanship…this once…managed to coincide with the best put-down of a BBC talking head in years….”if only you`d liberate your mind from your prompt sheet David…then you`d have understood what I was saying…words to that effect (at the end).
      I think we all need to set about the liberation of all those BBC minds from their arses, elbows and the hive mentality…they need to be set free like so many bunnies to run free and find things out for themselves and not for Alistair Campbell or John Prescott, as hitheto!
      Fly my pretties…free your mind maan…did Woodstock die in vain?…smash the battery farms of the bBC, and let them be free once again!


  14. Deborah says:

    I also thought that the question on the NHS didn’t go as the BBC expected – there seemed quite a lot of support for the reforms.


    • Sres says:

      I don’t know about that, it was Dimbles that slapped down Rachel Reeves with the number of votes to members against it.

      I think support for this is a lot higher in GP circles than their trade union thinks.  I suspect the majority of the 100k a year GPs are only in the Trade Union for the liability cover and assistance when things go wrong.


      • London Calling says:

        The BMA is entirely unaccountable, in the same way as Bob Crow.


        • ian says:

          Is that the same BMA which opposed the creation of the NHS until Bevan “stuffed their mouths with gold”?