B-BBC contributor Alan observes

“I almost choked whenI read the below….had George Monbiot, the Guardian’s greenie guardian,suddenly come out as a climate sceptic, scourge of BBC environmentalcorrespondents and dissolute politicans?

‘This column is a plea for distrust. Distrust is the resource on whichdemocracy relies. Distrust inspires the scrutiny and accountability withoutwhich representation becomes a lie. Distrust is all that stands between us andbamboozlement by people who, like the BBC’s Black and Harrabin, channel theinstincts of the billionaire owners of newspapers and broadcasters.’

Actually no, there was no mention of Black, Harrabin or the BBC….I made thatup…..but I think if he’s so keen on this distrust thingy, accountability,democracy and bringing the media to book then it should apply equally toall….not just the select political and commercial rivals of those who controlmost of the mainstream media….ie the BBC and friends.

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3 Responses to TRUST OR DISTRUST?

  1. David Preiser (USA) says:

    The corporations gaining ever greater powers will be subject to less democratic oversight and restraint, in the form of regulation.

    I can think of one corporation in particular….


  2. London Calling says:

    I guess the “billionnaire” reference is Murdoch, but lets not forget Alexander Lebedev, the billionaire owner of the The Independent (of reality) and London Evening Standard.
    The free market and competition provides more accountability than “regulators”. Just think of Banking, the railways, the utilities. The bBC of course has its own regulator, err ummm the BBC Trust? No, market forces would make the bBC accountable alright. Thats why the Left fear the market so much. Its not only “billionnaires” that try to tell people what to think. The bBC does, every day.


  3. cjhartnett says:

    And Monbiot is going to be on Any Questions with young Dimbleby this Friday.
    He surely doesn`t include the BBC or Guardian Trust type for things does he, when it comes to trust and pay your taxes/stop the slavery etc.
    Trust in me…just in me…but he`s boss-eyed so isn`t quite up to hypnosis! 
    Toynbee, Jones, Riddoch,Monbiot…anyone keeping tabs…and is it IR35 arrangements or not?