As you know, Biased BBC has gone through some changes under my tenure. I’m not finished.

With problems on comments, and some other issues re the blogger platform, I am considering making a move to a dedicated server and including the scope to have an effective commenting system. This may also involve a site redesign and general upgrade. IF we are to go down this road, to provide you with a best ever Biased BBC blog, then it will carry cost. I am working with others to get a fix on what this will be but it is by no means insubstantial. So we will need to raise some funds in due course. I like to think that with so many loyal readers visiting daily, this should not present a problem and will revert to you in due course. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

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27 Responses to BIASED BBC – THE FUTURE

  1. Taxpayer001 says:

    Keep up the good fight. Happy to contribute.


  2. Louis Robinson says:

    Same here


  3. Henry Wood says:

    In my eyes this is the most important blog I read because I consider the BBCin its present form to be the most dangerous organisation in Britain. I shall support you with as much as I can afford, even at the expense of other worthy blogs. We must engage the enemy more closely


  4. Alfred Burke says:

    Point me to the tip box.


  5. My Site (click to edit) says:

    I’ll chip in some of the money i shall be saving when my annual licence fee comes up for renewal at the end of this month   😉  


  6. Span Ows says:

    David Vance, please note: you can change the look and update still in Blogger (whatever you do, make a copy the current template first!). There are dozens of designs colours, etc and it is fully personalisable. 

    Also, the problem with comments is the Echo sytem. Blogspot’s own built-in comment facilty is MORE than adequate and can easily cater for hundreds of comments HOWEVER no image upload possible. 

    ..just saying, like…


    • David Vance says:


      Thanks for that. I’m not the tech guy here, I just know what I like! 


    • All Seeing Eye says:

      Spot on Span Ows and thanks for the comment.

      We moved away from using the inbuilt Blogger comments system, though, largely because people were complaining about the lack of functionality and how clunky it is. Echo answered all of our requirements at a small cost (which I pay) but things have moved on. Let’s look at options…


  7. hippiepooter says:

    I’ll certainly be willing to make a contribution, although that will be insubstantial!

    If the Greek economy goes bust and has to leave the Euro, will you accept payment in Drachmas?  😀


  8. Barry says:

    Why not start a campaign for a Blogusers’ Licence Fee, to be paid by all blog users, regardless of whether or not they visit this site?

    Should work – there is a precedent for it.


  9. Phil Ford says:

    If you go ahead with the update a small request:

    Can you make it so a commenter can edit their own comments for spelling and grammar mistakes after initially posting? Many other forums have this facility. I’ve always found the lack of any way to correct my own posts for silly mistakes quite frustrating.


  10. tiger says:

    I run my own servers (http, blog, email and databases) on Linux. If you have some IT knowledge it is not that overwhelming and all it requires is a pc and adsl connection. Since the application is mainly text it is not taxing on the server or bandwidth.
    Linux is open source and therefore free and wordpress blog is an excellent app. If you want further info let me know.


  11. Llew says:

    I personally would love to see something running on the phpBB bulletin board software where you can have several main sections and then different threads inside each section.

    For example a section labelled

    BBC vs 

    which could then contain threads like BBC vs the Tories, BBC vs bankers bonuses, BBC vs Global Warming, BBC vs immigration bigots. I guess the thread BBC vs Labour would remain mainly empty of course!

    Another section could then be BBC output which would contain threads for their programmes – Newsnight, Question Time etc It would be quite useful to see all examples of BBC bias going back over the months of say Question Time contained in one thread.

    A third section could then be titled BBC people. In it would be separate threads for those annoying BBC presenters.

    Just my random thoughts – I do think it would be helpful if examples of bias could be grouped and categorised together so that over time the reader is left with no doubt as to the level and length of BBC bias.


  12. David Preiser (USA) says:

    Count me in, DV. Anything I can do to help.

    I’ve been compiling a spreadsheet of biased Beeboid tweets that DB and others have posted here, with links and topics. I still think there are enough to make a little e-publication, which can be made and published for free, and sold for something like 99 cents. All proceeds to fund the blog, of course.


  13. paul barnes says:

    i’m sure many of us will willingly contribute here, it’s not like are neing forced to under threat of prison for non-payment ;o)


  14. Deborah says:

    Yes – count me in with a contribution


  15. john says:

    It will be interesting to see if Dez and Scott can drag themselves away from their munificence towards HIV, African famine, UAF and god knows what else to spare a few quid for a site that they visit yet clearly loath.


  16. Millie Tant says:

    I believe I have mentioned vBulletin software before! This is very widely used internet forum software. It provides a searchable, archivable database format that you can customise and that enables you to organise and group postings by whatever themes, sub-themes, topics and threads that you wish.

    Incidentally,  the Biased BBC forum, linked on the left-hand side of the blog screen under the heading BLOGS BY OUR WRITERS ELSEWHERE provides similar forum structure and layout to vBulletin and illustrates how the material can be organised by themes, subjects and threads.

    It says on the bottom of the screen:
    This Board Hosted For FREE By ProBoards
    Get Your Own Free Message Boards & Free Forums!

    Read more:


  17. Davieboy says:

    As Sam Goldwyn might have said “exclude me in”!

    Happy to help provide a platform for you, the fab writers and commentators here!


  18. cjhartnett says:

    Is there a licence fee option where I can nominate a proportion of the “contribution” I make to the dandy highwaymen(and-of course-women!) to be sent to you?
    Or do I have to go a squauking on You and Yours before threatening fatty Patten with a day trip to Strasbourg?
    This is a Beeb affiliated community-based network and saves a lot of pitchforks and burning tar for them all down in W12….it`s out `uman right to give our” license fee to mr V”.
    We even have our slogan!…


  19. cjhartnett says:

    Oh…and will my benefits be uprated in line with inflation to cover your ever-increasing costs…anyone fancy a copper-plated pension and some off the shelf limited company arrangements?


  20. Pounce says:

    More than happy to chip in. Just for people who don’t know what to expect, I personally pay around £50 a year for my own website. 


    • All Seeing Eye says:

      On my hosting boxes yes as well – £50 is actually my basic fee for hosting + email. But for smaller sites with little traffic.

      When some threads here hit 200 comments and lurkers outnumber the posters by almost 100:1 then our box load isn’t small. Your hosting company would soon be on the phone asking you to upgrade.


  21. Stanley Ukridge says:

    Well if there is a need I will contribute. My keyword however is: modest.