Question Time LiveBlog 8th March 2012

Tonight Question Time comes from Guildford.

David Dimbleby is joined on the panel by Sec of State for Local Govt Eric Pickles (presumably on a reinforced chair), Shadow Sec of State for Energy and “Climate Change” Caroline Flint, Daily Mail columnist and UKIPper Janice Atkinson-Small and Will Self.

Oh, and well known political commentator and philosopher Will Young. Unbelievable. Although it’s good to have two elected frontbenchers on again. Not often that happens.

Your Moderators line-up consists of David Vance, David Mosque, TheEye and John Ward.

It’s a 10:30pm kick off and afterwards we will suffer the maddess that is This Week.

For those who enjoy the Blue Nun Bingo whilst watching This Week (and also for those who don’t understand it) take a look at David Mosque’s website dedicated to the game here.

See you here later!

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11 Responses to Question Time LiveBlog 8th March 2012

  1. Jon S says:

    i’ve always assumed that Will Young is a Tory, like Harry Judd


  2. Julia Gasper says:

    Why was Janice Atkinson not allowed to speak in answer to the question about same-sex marriage? The singer was given far too much time and then he kept interrupting her. Will Self joined in too, boorishly interrupting her , just because she was not  going to replicate exactly what the bearded singer had said.  At the end the bearded singer was given even more time, and he was very arrogant dismissing any other view as mad or “hate-crime”. That is ridiculously biassed.
    Only the extreme militant homosexual view was permitted to be heard.
      The truth is that gays don’t need to get married and most of them don’t want to.


    • Millie Tant says:

      Yes, at the end the singer was bleating and working up into a fit  about language, making himself a complete hypocrite – given that he is the one who at the very start called the bishop insane, along with a string of other derogatory or dismissive names or remarks.


  3. Julia Gasper says:

    Yes, the singer (whose name is Will Young) was incredibly rude and intolerant so was Will Self. The chairman should have intervened and insisted that Janice Atkinson had a right to speak.
    True toleration has to be mutual. It is not acceptable for those minorities that were given toleration in the 1960s to refuse to practice toleration and respect for others in return.
    That is the least they owe.
    The extreme gay bully-boys even denounce moderate homosexuals (like Cynthia Nixon the American actress) for disagreeing with their dogmas. There is no end to their bossiness! Who are they to go around denouncing people? They want to make a crime out of any view apart from their own.


  4. Leha II says:

    Also on the same program regarding Afghanistan, When is the memory of our war dead servicemen and women EVER used as an excuse to send more young men and women to their deaths? I just don’t get that line of reasoning


  5. cjhartnett says:

    All Will Young had to do was say “I`m gay” to hear some applause.
    He`ll not have heard too much of that recently, so he milked it rather than show any sense of knowing  what he was saying.

    Saves having to be informed or intelligent in your analysis…poor bloke clearly gets his news freom the BBC or Stonewall, or else he`d not have conflated O`Briens points about gay marriage and slavery…but hey, the likes of Will and the Beeb have already written their responses…emote, yell, cliche and …whatever you do DO Not listen to a word of what your opponent says…that will only prevent the rant prepared in advance.

    Ignorance, presumption and self righteous virtue with a smattering of uni equals one…no I counted three…loony lefties who hopefully WILL get drummed out of Millionaires Row…“you know…so yoof neen`t work for slave wages innit bruv, yeah?…yeah!
    And all that in Guildford for Gawds sake…did Thatch teach `em nuffink then?


  6. jonsegar says:

    (presumably on a reinforced chair)….It is a Herman Miller Aeron, well capable of holding Mr Pickles. You can get them from John Lewis (only about a grand!!)


  7. Umbongo says:

    I was in my 20s when homosexuality was decriminalised to the approbation, I would say, of most of my contemporaries in age – including me.  I remember the debates: particularly in the Lords .  Generally speaking the argument of those in favour of the Sexual Offences Bill was that decriminalisation was overdue but, given the weight of public disquiet, it was made clear that this was a “toleration” not an “encouragement” measure. 

    However, one of the minority of those opposing the bill, Lord Kilmuir, remarked of decriminalisation, “I believe that the result would be, and must be, after 432 years, that if people find that the view is changed, then, in the eyes of many of them, this behaviour will have a respectability that it never had before. I also believe that many of those who now keep silent and discreet about their desires will feel free to proselytise, and this is a matter which is well known.”

    How we laughed!


  8. Alan Trinder says:

    Easy to see the infamous  BBC bias in the way Dimbleby moderated this programme.  Will Self and the bearded gay singer (sorry can’t recall his name) were repeatedly allowed to interrupt, shout down and talk over the one token conservative  Janice Atkinson-Small.

    Where do they get those audiences?  This week’s QT came from Guildford  – a sleepy conservative  Home Counties town but the audience couldn’t have been more radical if it had been drawn from those camping outside St Pauls.  The bearded entertainer only had to announce that he was gay to receive thunderous applause.

    Does anyone know how these audiences are selected?





    • David Preiser (USA) says:

      And the one time Eric Pickles took more than a minute to make his point, Self derided him for talking so long, with smiling approval from Dimbleby.