I liked this from Stephen Pollard.

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Have a look at BBC’s coverage of the 500,000 Israelis having to run to shelters to escape bombing. Good luck finding it – there isn’t any.

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  1. Henry Wood says:

    I’ve been following this all day for various reasons and have also had many updates from Israeli sources.

    The BBC Midde East section in their main World News site carries the headline:
    Israel steps up Gaza air strikes with the sub head of
    Israeli air strikes have pounded Gaza for a second day, as Palestinians unleash a barrage of rockets in retaliation for the killing of a militant leader.
    So, it’s obviously those Jews again pounding Gaza to pieces using their mighty air force against the poor Palestinian’s firework display.

    (The story appears not to have been updated since 00:14 today even though a lot has happened since then.)


  2. Span Ows says:

    Problem with the this post David. The twitter link is wrong and it is causing all sorts of problems loading the page (“waiting for api.twitter.com”) Seems a similar problem to the floating Billy Bragg from Twitter you had a while back! Have to take more care copying links from Twitter. Note the Twitter tabs above the post at top ogf Home page.


  3. Phil says:

    With all the self-inflicted violence and death that Israel’s unfriendly neighbours have chosen to visit upon themselves in the last year, and the fact that a UK court stopped a dangerous criminal returning to one of those countries because it feared for his human rights, would you think the penny might drop at the BBC?

    No you wouldn’t.

    And neither would I. 


  4. London Calling says:

    I’m thinking of firing 20 – 30 katushya rockets at the BBC every day, to see if they are as “invisible” as the Iran-funded Pally rockets fired into Israel every day. Perhaps some will land in a car park, why worry ?Apparently it is only newsworthy if the BBC retaliate. How, by firing expense claims back?

    What a national disgrace the bBC is. The only people who can’t or won’t see it are those frightened of upseting their Islamic paymasters, or seeing their future career evaporate at Al Jazeerha or Press TV.

    Its an anatomical wonder how far these Beeboids can push their heads up their own back passage.


  5. Ian says:

    Just waiting for al-Beeb to publicise al-Obama’s latest wheeze – pressing European governments to encourage sharia banking.


  6. Pounce says:

    I have to admit what I enjoy about the pro-Allah propaganda that issues from the bbC is how they shroud (just like Islamic women) the full facts from the people who pay their way in which to promote their own leftwing agenda.
    Lets look at how while the bBC is more than happy to report about the strikes against Islamic terrorists, the bBC befuddle the reader with its slant, so instead of terrorists getting ready to launch a few rockets (which the Islamic thugs in Gaza have admitted to) the bBC refers to them as ..Palestinians yes technically the bBC is correct to say so, yet in the liberal/leftwing world the bbC inhabit where everybody is equal, that equality isn’t afforded to the Jewish victims like the soldier stabbed over the weekend, who while been correctly labelled as a soldier by the bBC was afforded the same treatment like the bBC gives to terrorists in Gaza would have seen him rebranded as a Israeli citizen. Spot the difference, the military arms of terrorist orgs are referred to as peace loving people (now where have i heard something similar???) yet the people on the otherside of the mirror are always painted as cold blooded murderers.
    Then there’s the bBC penchant for vetting the news it affords the public. Take for example the recent rocket barrages.. The man the IDF slotted was the new leader of Palestinian Islamic jihad (PIJ) and currently they are growing in strength  in Gaza primarily due to Iranian funding and support. According to the IDF the PIJ were responsible for the vast majority of 418 rockets fired into Israel last year.
    This power swift began after Israel’s anti Hamas operations in 2008/9 where due to the military arm of Hamas taking a bloody beating , the PIJ became much stronger due to a lack of natural predators..
    Currently the PIJ have build a considerable arsenal of 122mm Grad rockets and a smaller number of Iranian 240mm Fajr-3 rockets.  Nothing home made about these and the warheads are Anti personnel   and not blast.  What the difference I hear somebody ask, the AP version is a central core of HE surrounded by ball bearings, thousands of them)
    All of the above was reported on the 11th of Jan 2012 by Jane’s defence.
    But how many people have heard any of the above from the bBC ? now while the bBC love to distinguish between how the IDF have targeted and killed Palestinians in Gaza and how Home made rockets have caused no damage in Israel. In which to promote this view that the Jews don’t care. The fact remains a single 50 lb bomb striking a flat complex in Gaza would kill 50-100 people, a 500lb bomb many more and a 2000Lb bomb well the skies the limit. So when the IDF take out 15 people after 4 airstrikes, what does that tell you. That instead of the blind wanton murderous blood letting the jews are notorious for   (Well according to the bBC) the IDF have actually been very restrained and that actually their airstrikes have been very surgical.  The only reason the Islamic terrorists of Gaza haven’t killed anybody is because the state of Israel insists all homes have air raid bunkers , that they have air raid warnings (which informs people to duck) and that the Jews of the Levant have lived with the sword of Damocles hanging over them since the Egyptians ruled and yet according to the bbC only Muslims can be victims. You know those people who openly state they love death, who have no problem celebrating how one of their own has murdered people by blowing him/herself up and who are currently sending military grade missiles (Not rockets bBC but missiles) packed with ball bearings into Israel.
    The bBC, The traitors in our Midst.


  7. yankel pomegranet says:

    The BBC Today item on Gaza was disgraceful.It requires a special skill by now well honed to match a relatively inarticulate Israeli with an articulate Gazan who skillfully misrepresented the situation. Why did no one from Humphries to the Israeli Embassy in London subsequently correct tha Gazan doctor’s statement that that there had been no rockets from Gaza fired into Israel since last September?


  8. yankel pomegranet says:

    Clearly it doesnt fit the BBC prejudice about Israel. All the more reason why the Israeli Embassy Press Attache in London (there still is such a person isnt there?) should be monitoring the BBC news outlets, documenting factusl errors that are allowed to be broadcast and then asking for a correction. After a period of time if these corrections are ignored or refused to be aired then a formal complaint via their Foreign Office or Ambassador should be made and followed up.It really shouldnt be necessary to have to make this point year after year..


  9. David Preiser (USA) says:

    Geoff Watts says this is a non-story. Happens all the time, apparently, so is not newsworthy. The story happens only when Israel hits back.