An outraged B-BBC reader tells me;

“I could not believe my ears (or perhaps I should have, knowing the BBC) The report covered the truce between Militants (?) and Israel. The report was by Rupert Winfield Hays in the BBC Gaza Office!!! Can I suggest that you listen to pure BBC Bias http://tinyurl.com/6wzarab

Examples .. More than 20 Palestinians killed.. not Militants…And some 200 rockets fired at Targets in Southern Israel.. Targets? What is wrong with the BBC reporting that Israeli civilians were being targeted? Would that not be a war crime by the Palestinian groups? Isn’t that how Syrian/Assad’s operations being described?!! A wasted ‘phone call to the BBC complaining about the report..I know it will be ignored !!”


Thanks to the BBC’s wonderful new policy of NOT linking the various items it runs on the Today programme (Well, you never know who might be listening), you will need to go to listen again and tune in to the 7.33am spot to hear an outrageously biased Humphrys interview involving Baroness Tonge and Conservative MP Robert Halfon. Tonge’s notorious views on Israel are a matter of record and yet Humphrys was easy on her and tough on Halfon. It amazes me the gentle ride that Tonge gets – it’s as IF her views resonate within the corridors of Broadcasting House. Surely not


You can rely on the BBC to treat Israel with rigorous impartiality. Only joking! An irate B-BBC reader writes;

“I was appalled to listen to Saturday PM (18 Feb)to hear an interview on Iran with S Joshi of the United Services Institute. The interviewer earnestly drew attention more than once to Israel’s threats and sabre rattling against Iran and looked to Mr Joshi for confirmation. Again Israel was made to look as if the problem was 50-50 between Israel and Iran and of course the danger Israel would cause by attacking Iran .The clear implication was Iran did not mean its threatsand it was Israel we had to beware of. No mention of Iran, a fellow member with Israel of the UN , threatening to wipe Israel off the map. The Jews heard such threats before in the 1930s and are likely to take them seriously. Israel has never threatened any country in this way. The bias was excruciating”

In my view, the BBC’s hatred of Israel is visceral, profound and continuous and is perhaps one of the most recurring themes we cover here.


Excellent dissection of BBC bias against Israel here.

Writing for the BBC, freelance travel writer Matthew Teller veered sharply off-course in his article, “Jerusalem Tram Offers View of Other Side of Tracks” about Jerusalem’s light railway. The author demonstrates his shocking ignorance about the history of Jerusalem, about international law, and about present-day Jerusalem with passages that alternately suggest that Israel seized, settled and segregated Jerusalem.

Give it a read, it is a very good read. 


This is worth a little thought;

“Asher Palmer, and hisone year old son…you may have heard of them but not from the BBC. They were killed over a week ago by Palestinians and like the slaughtered Fogelfamily these murders went unreported by the BBC. 

The BBC did however report the burning of a piece of carpet in a Mosque andused that story to denounce Jewish settlers….

 “The words “Revenge”, “Price Tag” and “Palmer”were reported to have been written in Hebrew on the mosque walls. “Price Tag” attacks, carried out against any policy to reduce thepresence of Jewish settlers and settlements on occupied Palestinian land in theWest Bank and East Jerusalem, have increased in recent months.’

Only in this story did the BBC deign to mention the Palmers.

The BBC are also rather coy about the background to ‘pricetag’ attacks…..

Even the New York Times is more honest: 

‘The attack followed a series of similarassaults on mosques in the West Bank by arsonists suspected of being radicalsettlers as part of a campaign known as “price tag,” which seeks to exact aprice from local Palestinians for violence against settlers or from Israelisecurity forces for taking action against illegal construction in Jewishoutposts in the West Bank.’

The BBC does not want you to think the Palestinians are violent in any way.

Note also the phrase ‘settlements on occupied Palestinian land’…..much of the’settled’ land is in fact bought and paid for by Jews from Palestinians. Theexact political status of the land is not clear at all….there is no suchplace as a state of Palestine…..and therefore ‘Palestine’ cannot beoccupied…certainly not illegally….Israel occupied the land after the 1967war and is mandated by UN law to administer it quite legally.”

The BBC cannot resist adopting the vocabulary of the Palestinians. It is so effortless, so natural for them.