Another item from Biased BBC’s Alan…

Interesting that theBBC who won’t allow climate change sceptics a fair hearing give ananti-monarchy pressure group (run by a Labour MP) free airtime….and not thefirst Labour MP or minister to be given a free ride on ‘Today’.

This is the BBC who won’t allow a secular ‘Thought for the Day’ but seems, ifthe cause is right, to waive the guidelines and allow what is essentially aparty political broadcast.

Will people who don’t want weeks of Ryder Cup golf, or Wimbledon or theOlympics to be given saturation coverage to the disadvantage of otherprogrammes be allowed their own 10 minute slot on the Today programme tocomplain?

Maybe we can vote on programmes we don’t want to have, or evenpresenters….clearly the much hated politics of ‘populism’ is making acomeback at the BBC.

It is a curious concept that if the BBC reports on events occurring around thecountry they should always have at hand a spokesman who can be wheeled out tospeak out against them…just on the principle that this is only fair andproper in a world of diversity and equality.

A good job for Ed Miliband when he gets the push….always ready to jump on anybandwagon and oppose something (even if he agrees with it…sacrificingprinciples for politics…he’s a star) …and no one pays him anyattention…ideal really.


‘BBC gives anti-monarchy group Republic free rein on Radio 4’s TodayThe BBC allowed the anti-monarchy group Republic an unopposed platform tocriticise the Queen on its flagship radio programme, fuelling a growing rowover the corporation’s coverage of the Diamond Jubilee.’

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8 Responses to GOD SAVE THE QUEEN?

  1. matthew rowe says:

    No problem now as Dez has scratted up one article that was a bit pro queeny so we can all bask in the balance at the B-BBC!


  2. Margo Ryor says:

    Like Elizabeth or any other sane person would WANT the job!

    The monarchy is however singularly useful in that it focuses patriotism on something OTHER than the sitting government. Just as Americans’ ultimate loyalty is to our written constitution the British subject’s untimate loyalty is to the monarch. In both cases this allows the government to be opposed without treason; the Loyal Opposition.


  3. As I See It says:

    Ah, but when one sees one’s true allegience to something higher, like the EU or the UN, then one gets a bit anti-Monarchy-ish. Isn’t that right Beeboids?


  4. Teddy Bear says:

    This article ran a few weeks ago ago that ‘revealed’ the BBC were going to be very (uncharacteristically) PRO monarchy  
    BBC accused of peddling “propaganda” for the monarchy  
    The exchanges were contained in two emails leaked to the anti-monarchy group Republic, which accused the BBC of “censorship”.    
    To which I made the following comment here at the time
    Stinks to me. It’s like when the BBC get somebody to accuse them of anti-Labour coverage to make it seem they’ve been pushing the Tory agenda all along.    
    It especially stuck in my mind since our Beeboid Scott tried as usual to defend the Corruperation.  
    Seems my prediction came true  
    BBC gives anti-monarchy group Republic free rein on Radio 4’s Today  
    If it looks like shit, and smells like shit….  
    Scott care to comment?


    • Scott M says:

      Teddy Bear, maybe if you want to confirm your crackpot conspiracy theory, you could try finding evidence of a conspiracy theory, rather than just other people’s criticism’s of the BBC?

      I don’t think you quite understand this whole concept of evidence, do you?


  5. Ian says:

    To me, the real monarchy question is why on earth the queen has signed bills into law giving sovereignty away to Brussels and Strasburg. A question which never gets a mention on the box.


    • wild says:

      Because she is a constitutional monarch. As for debating the giving up of sovereignty, I don’t recall listening to or seeing a SINGLE BBC programme that did not view Euroscepticism with hostility. Not one. An EU funded propaganda outfit could not have done a better job of betraying the country. Maybe the BBC should re-locate to Paris not Salford.


  6. Iany says:

    Anyone who thinks the BBC has a pro-republican bias needs their head examining.

    The BBC’s toe curling grovelling to the Monarchy over the years resembles Caecescu’s Rumunia in its ridiculous levels of sychophancy.