Biased BBC contributor Alan writes;

“Richard ‘Blackout’ Black strikes again…or rather doesn’t…..the Sunday Express reveals that environmental campaigners are being hired by energy companies to lobby on their behalf and to recruit a campaign network in places they want to build wind farms:

 ‘AN “ARMY of eco-warriors” is being hired by wind farm lobbyists to fight for onshore farms in one of the most beautiful parts of Britain, writes Kirsty Buchanan. While thousands of residents in Mid Wales have vowed to fight plans that would see up to 600 turbines carpeting the countryside, Action for Renewables, lobby arm of trade association Renewables UK, is seeking campaigners to champion its wind farms. The job description includes building a “network of local campaigning groups across the region” and identifying “campaign leaders in local areas close to existing and proposed renewables sites”. The group, which was unavailable for comment yesterday, is part-funded by Centrica, parent group of British Gas.’

Black seems unconcerned about the enormous subsidies to these ‘green energy’ companies but is disturbed about oil companies as he links to this story:

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  1. RGH says:

    Those oil ‘subsidies’ that Black frowns upon are in reality tax deductions which have only a marginal influence on the majors. The majors don’t mind working overseas and importing oil.

    The real target of the ‘subsidy’  is the small firm.

    The effect of Obamas policy would be:

    1. Disproportionately hurt  small independent producers, and have little effect on the major oil companies (‘big oil’)
    2. Cause the U.S. to import about 700,000 more barrels of oil per day than we already do (an increase of 6%)
    3. Decrease the government’s tax revenue from oil and gas.

    As Black is a believer….as are the windbags (at least in their marketing)  ….in climate catastrophe, the myth of big oil and subsidy is useful for the ongoing narrative..

    As ever, other interests are at play and throwing an ideological bone  to the irrational anti-industry demographic in his constituency.

    There is one ‘subsidy’ in America that would be justified as directed by the same legislation.

    “Domestic Manufacturing tax deduction it is a way to encourage business to stay in America. It is an anti-outsourcing incentive, if you will. This deduction allows all producers to deduct 6% of their profits, and saves the oil and gas industry (mostly independent producers) about $1.7 billion in taxes per year. However, this deduction is available to many industries and businesses – not just oil companies – including software developers, video game developers, and companies that sell, lease, and license motion pictures that were made in American – that’s right, Hollywood movies. Except, all these other industries get a 9% deduction, whereas the oil industry gets a 6% deduction.”

    But that’s another story….no way Obama will upset the studios.



  2. Teddy Bear says:

    This would explain why this article followed a BBC interview
    Living next to a wind farm is good for you, says minister Ed Davey

    My guess is this lib-dem is set to become another BBC ‘darling’ and no doubt will shortly be appearing on Question Time.


  3. Reed says:

    This would explain the vocal hostility towards wind turbines from a Question Time audience in Wales a few months ago. I did wonder at the time what exactly was going on in Wales that had turned so many people against them. I would imagine that the news that the Welsh public are about to be ‘played’ by a coordinated and well funded group of ‘activists’ will only help to re-inforce their opposition.