An outraged B-BBC reader tells me;

“I could not believe my ears (or perhaps I should have, knowing the BBC) The report covered the truce between Militants (?) and Israel. The report was by Rupert Winfield Hays in the BBC Gaza Office!!! Can I suggest that you listen to pure BBC Bias http://tinyurl.com/6wzarab

Examples .. More than 20 Palestinians killed.. not Militants…And some 200 rockets fired at Targets in Southern Israel.. Targets? What is wrong with the BBC reporting that Israeli civilians were being targeted? Would that not be a war crime by the Palestinian groups? Isn’t that how Syrian/Assad’s operations being described?!! A wasted ‘phone call to the BBC complaining about the report..I know it will be ignored !!”

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9 Responses to LOVING GAZA…

  1. Ian says:

    “Israelis have been poisoning wells and using babies’ blood to make passover matzos” revealed al-Beeb’s undercover investigator. Speaking from inside Elders of Zion HQ, he added “And we now know that only 6 of them died in the holocaust, from laughing”. Mr Griffin denied that his political views had damaged his promotion chances. 


  2. David Preiser (USA) says:

    For “targets”, read “schools”.

    Gotta love the BBC Style Guide.


  3. Span Ows says:

    Classic newspeak… or in the BBC’s case newsspeak. It really is utterly disgraceful. When the BBC is put against the wall and shot it will have it’s online editors to blame for much of the problem.


  4. sue says:

    Strangely enough Elder of Ziyon praised the web article that accompanied this edition of FOOC for it’s comparative even-handedness, because it includes one or two points that the BBC usually leaves out. However, in the latter part of the broadcast, which isn’t on the web, Rupert Wingfield-Hayes reverts to type, and gives many examples of the same old BBC bias we know and loathe.


    • Biodegradable says:

      Yes indeed. Classic stuff like the boy who would like to go to Jerusalem, but according to Rupert Double-Barrel his only chance would be to go to jail there.

      I wonder why…


  5. Teddy Bear says:

    The story today from Gaza shows the Palestinians continuing to fire rockets at Israel, which has had to keep schools closed in the area again. This time Israel has refrained from counter attacks at the request of the Egyptians, to allow the ‘ceasefire’ to take effect.  
    The only article running currently on the BBC Mid-East webpage is from yesterday which continues to portray both sides involved in attacks  
    Israeli strikes and militant rockets test Gaza truce
    Clearly it’s not news for the BBC when it’s only ‘poor victim’ Palestinians attacking Israel.


  6. hippiepooter says:

    It’s Kate Adie who gets the ‘credit’ in her intro to Wingfield-Hayes piece for presenting terrorist deaths as civilian deaths and sanitising rocket attacks on Israeli population centres as ‘targets’.  Vile, despicable woman.

    I guess Wingfield-Hayes report could be viewed in two ways:-

    a)  A BBC Gaza based reporter who wants to do everthing possible to avoid being kidnapped.

    b)  An active propagandist for genocidal jihadi terrorism.

    Still, anyone who has the whole picture of what is going on (ie looks beyond the BBC) can deduce from him reporting that life is carrying on as normal in Gaza while in the distance the smokestreams of rockets fired towards Israel can be seen, can deduce the following:-

    a)  The Gazans have every confidence the Israeli’s will only target those launching the rockets

    b)  1,000,000 Israelis are meanwhile living in shelters because the rockets are fired indiscriminately against them to cause as many civilian deaths as possible.


    • hippiepooter says:

      Which prompts the thought that the next time Mark Regev gets interrupted on TODAY or Newsnight to stop him making a good point, he responds “Do you mind if I make my point or is this a propaganda show for Palestinian terrorists?”


  7. London Calling says:

    What is it that emboldens presumably intelligent people to stand truth on its head and churn out such unforgivable venomous anti-semitic propaganda? The answer is that they know they are operating under BBC Rules of Engagement. This is a £3.4bn corporation. You don’t just turn rogue journalist and say what you like. There is a carefully constructed narrative whose accepted “legitimacy” points to the very top of the bBC tree. Thompson and Boaden are “responsible” for what happens on their watch. An expensive watch too. The national broadcaster, who’s editorial independence is supposedly a gift of its unique funding, is unaccountably and uniquely corrupted by its subscribing to the Arab world-view, that whatever happens, Palestine is victim and everything is Israel’s fault. 
    Good job the bBC is one of our national treasures. Thank you Mr Cameron. Where’s next for lunch, Chairman Patten?