Some may share my view that the role of “Children’s Commissioner” for England is just another excise for institutionalised banal interfering in Education by dripping wet liberals. If you read this item on the BBC however you will note the gravitas that the State Broadcaster affords the views of Children’s Commissioner Maggie Atkinson. As usual, she is fighting for some sort of undefined utopianism and is alarmed that disruptive students are send home from school “illegally”. This, she suggests, is a breach in their Human Rights. In a radio interview here she adds that Black Caribbean boys, traveller children and pupils with special needs are far more likely to be excluded than those from other groups. Her suggestion is that there may be some form of bias against these minority groups. Now I do accept that she is entitled to her point of view, regardless of how detached from reality it is but WHY does the BBC not provide a balancing context? Check out the first link you will see that it is Shadow Education Stephen Twigg who gets the final word and unsurprisingly he supports Atkinson.

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2 Responses to NOT KIDDING YOU

  1. David Preiser (USA) says:

    It’s “a very small number”, and she’s not telling. So it could be a big story about nothing, yet this is discussed as if it’s widespread. Seems like a non-story if the only problem is that somebody doesn’t fill out a form. This is worth the BBC’s time, but Ed Balls’ quasi-denunciation of Gordon Brown isn’t?  
    While it’s not right for heads to break the law, why doesn’t anyone ask about the rights of all the other children whose educations are disrupted by these students who are then “excluded”? Are their rights unimportant?


  2. Span Ows says:

    Oh for God’s sake…now I can’t get back to where I have just posted 2 comments! Used both urls (ncr version etc and can now only get here (not sure how I got to ‘the other place’.