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  1. Guest Who says:

    With toe-nervously dipped…

    Jumped in the car not long ago to find Vanessa Feltz occupying the Jeremy Vine (most of BBC senior ‘talent’/management school hols) slot.

    And the theme was… moral behaviour.

    Our choices: MPs, all bankers and those convicted of rioting.

    And.. unleash the talking heads, closely followed by the views ‘we’ (ie: they) want heard.

    Actually, I thought the token extreme not a wailing harpie or ‘ist nutter was rather moderate and reasoned in the form of Peter Htichens, but it did not take the sisterhood long to conflate every daft prejudice they had with what is, and isn’t legal, and what can, and needs punishing… or when it often, oddly, doesn’t. With accurate facts the first victim as any opened her mouth. This is a ratings incitement-fest on the public dime, after all.

    I was merely surprised that our sewer level and excavating media estate was not also presented as an option.

    I am sure it was tempting to throw NI in the mix as a Hobson’s buffet spread, but maybe wiser heads in the production meeting saw how the world’s most trusted ‘news’ monopoly is actually in the gutter with the worst of them, and decided editorial omission for their own sakes was a smart play?

    ps: minor proofing FYI; first tick box misaligned (on Safari, and ‘follow-up’ no hyphenated there.

    And, with that, and fingers crossed, he hits… ‘post’…


  2. Guest Who says:

    Blimey, it’s pre-modded now?

    And when I hit the ‘subscribe’ option it says ‘comments are closed’.

    Now those two make me think of a few other blogs whose systems I recall with a certain lack of fondness…

    Hopefully either a ‘how it works’ unfamiliarity on my part or a glitch in process of being solved.