The print media has been awash in recent weeks with stories concerning the arrest/conviction of gangs of young men who have been involved in the the most vile sexual exploitation of young white girls. Rape, grooming and trafficking are some of the horrendous crimes that police have been investigating and the sheer scale of these incidents will alarm all right thinking people. Which brings us to the BBC and it’s curious reluctance to give these stories the sort of attention they deserve. Might this be related to the awkward detail that the overwhelming number of these cases seem to involve young Muslim men, many of whom seem to be related? Is the BBC scared to ask some tough questions lest it upset the community cohesion and multiculturalism narrative? When I have raised this point before, BBC apologists tell me that the religion of a criminal is irrelevant to the crime and that the media should not report it. But I think this entirely misses the point since in the case of Islam, it may actually be part of the driving force that sustains such abuse and contempt towards girls, especially white girls. Your thoughts?

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