Biased BBC contributor Alan asks;

“The Sunday Times has dipped its toes into what could be stormy waters publishing an article that reviews historian Tom Holland’s book on the origins of the Koran….’In the Shadow of the Sword: The Battle for Global Empire and the End of the Ancient World.’

The book is a authoritative and serious dissection of the history of Islam and the origins of the Koran…..and its conclusion will put many noses out of joint with overwhelming evidence that the Koran is, of course, a man made concoction and not the word of a God.

Far from being a harmless tract the Koran clearly inspires and indeed approves violence against non-believers….that is non-Muslims…..and it might be noted that Mohamed Mehra, the jihadi killer in France, told police he was radicalised by reading the Koran whilst in prison.

Religious historian Karen Armstrong denounces the Bible as ‘a dead or irrelevant letter, it is also becoming a toxic arsenal that fuels hatred and sterile polemic.’ ….if so how much more the Koran? and how much more important is it to neutralise such a threat?

What will be telling is the reaction of Muslims to this book. They may ignore it so that as little publicity as possible is generated for it…or Tom Holland could be the next Salman Rushdie.

The BBC has shied away from any criticism or historical or intellectual investigation of the Koran and Islam because, as admitted recently by Mark Thompson, there is the distinct possibility that Muslims will react with violence.

The BBC has in fact scurried down a different route, that of praising everything Islamic from the Empire, scientific achievements, art and even its allegedly ‘Islamic’ curry.

If the BBC feels unable to examine Islam too closely in a critical manner because it fears violence it is strange that it should then alternatively promote it in such a fervent manner as not just ‘acceptable’ but something to be praised and honoured.

The subject is of enormous importance with huge implications which is why the BBC ducks it.

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Tom Holland says: ‘What is interesting about the academic debate is that it is so seismic and yet it has barely been noticed in the world outside academia.’

Seismic is the word.

Islam has a huge and detrimental influence over a vast swathe of the world’s population…it generates enormous amounts of violence in its name…but it also acts as a brake on those societies that under its oppressive dogmas. Science, education, arts, politics and social progress are all suppressed in Islamic countries……unless and until that stranglehold on over 1.5 billion people is broken the world is a worse place and often their lives a misery.

The BBC is just part of the ‘elite’ strata in Western society who refuse to look Islam in the face and admit that it is a threat to our society and the freedoms of thought and action that we enjoy.

In the US the New York Times (the US Guardian) has allowed an advert attacking Christianity…it then refused a similar advert criticising Islam.

The complete refusal of Western media to engage in examining the tenets of Islam and what its Believers are told to believe and act upon commits society to a creeping advance of a doctrine that is implacably opposed to everything those self same ‘Liberals’ tell us they themselves believe in.

We have three options….reform Islam, accept its beliefs and impositions upon us, or expel it.

Whichever option you would choose it would be nice to think that society actually had some form of informed choice about what is being allowed to infiltrate into our society and what this might mean for us who do not wish to ‘submit’ to the joys of Islam….rather than being spoonfed soothing platitudes about the ‘Religion of Peace.’

Unfortunately the BBC has decided for you….any critical analysis of Islam is shelved because of the hurt and distress such disparaging remarks might cause Muslims and the danger of any resultant violence…better that non-Muslims adapt themselves to Islamic believes and give up their own culture than cause any offence or hurt to Muslims.

What will the BBC do with this high profile book?

I would suggest that the likely BBC reaction will be to invite in the slippery Islamist and BBC/Guardian favourite Tariq Ramadan to take the book apart in a dismissive manner suggesting that because Tom Holland is a non-Muslim he cannot possibly understand the subject and probably has a hidden ‘Islamophobic’ agenda and that Islam has always been in constant flux and is even now adapting to the ever changing world and is in the process now of becoming the ‘neo Islam’. Though what Ramadan really means by ‘reform’ is taking Islam back to its pure roots…the true Islam…the Fundamentalist Islam….the Jihadi, Muslim Brotherhood Islam.

The BBC adopts that old possum trick of rolling over and playing dead, hoping that everything will turn out right in the end without any nastiness.

I think possums will soon be extinct.

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