I wonder did anyone else catch the interview @ 7.53am on Today with Gehad El-Haddad, senior advisor to the Muslim Brotherhood board of directors and the Freedom and Justice Party board of directors. It’s a classic insofar as El Haddad walks all over Justin Webb, continually correcting him, and there is no challenge whatsoever to the repellent attitudes of the Muslim Brotherhood. Webb squeaks at the intro that there is the…ahem…outside possibility that things may not turn out quite as expected in Egypt with “conservative Islamists” doing so well electorally but El Haddad gives sweet assurances that all will be well and, gosh, the “Freedom and Justice” Party would even support a female President. Cool. How about a Jewish one? No mention of the vicious rhetoric directed towards Israel, no mention of the violence directed towards Egyptian Christians….just banality.

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