Interesting to read on the BBC that George Galloway’s victory in Bradford West was partly due to Labour’s failure to connect with..ahem… the Asian community, the shadow home secretary has said.

“Yvette Cooper told the BBC her party had not won over young Asian voters or Muslim women.”

Throughout this BBC article are repeated mentions of these elusive “Asian” voters. In this way, the BBC colludes with Labour in sustaining a faux narrative that this is an “Asian” issue in rather than an energised and organised Islam issue. Maybe that’s why Yvette wants to only engage with “Muslim women”?

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44 Responses to THAT ASIAN VOTE…

  1. RGH says:

    Yvette, dearie……………..Muslim wives ask their hubbies who to vote for……….or else.


    • Guest Who says:

      Not so sure it’s that different in the good lady’s household either.

      Though maybe a different spousal direction.

      I very much doubt a single one of the 600+ MPs in that nest of vipers, or their other halves, vote any other way than to stay in power, as opposed to what is right for the country.
      But she does take the sanctimonious delusion to the limit, which makes the soft counters from BBC PR soundbite fluffers like Marr even more stomach-turning.


  2. Manfred VR says:

    No mention of the, ahem, ‘Postal Vote’ then, having such an impact?


    • Burkean Outlook says:

      I’ve been looking at the postal vote side o things. I am going to get really anal, but it is worth looking at.

      I picked up this Live Blog from Labour List. org, it makes very interesting reading:

      I asked yesterday if Labour could lose Bradford West (although I said that such a result was unlikely). The reaction from the ground has been mixed so far, but still seems positive for Labour. However I’m hearing recently that postal votes were “50/50″. If that’s true, the whole result will come down to turnout on the day…

      22.45: Let us not forget that unfounded rumours have circulated before on by-election nights, especially around postal votes (which no-one ever really knows about for sure) – so take everything you read here (and elsewhere) with a pinch of salt. Until the votes start stacking up on the table that is – then we can start to say that we know for sure…

      22.55: Local BBC reporter Nick Morris says turnout “very low. Poss low thirties despite great weather today”. That’s despite reports from Labour people on the ground that turnout for the Labour vote had been quite good (despite “slippage” 22.09). However Morris has also said that Galloway has “noticably large heaps of postal votes”. Stand by – it’s going to be an interesting night…

      This is the phrase that pays:

      00.08: All sorts of rumours now, from Galloway winning 75% of postal votes, to having won 50% or more or the vote. None of them suggest a way back for Labour. It would be foolish to say that Galloway has definitely won – but it’s hard to see any other result now.

      Then I picked this up from the Local Rag

      Conservatives launch booklet to help stop postal vote fraud

      “The Conservative Party is delivering a new booklet in the hope of preventing postal vote fraud in the Bradford West by-election.”

      “The ‘Don’t Let Anyone Steal Your Vote’ information booklets are being delivered through doors by its campaigners.”

      “Kris Hopkins, Conservative MP for Keighley, said it was up to all the political parties to stamp out postal vote fraud and that Bradford’s politics had been blighted by it for too long, damaging people’s confidence in the democratic process.”

      In an interesting observation, Mr Galloway said “he also feared postal vote fraud”. Quite a claim for a man that might of picked up between 50-75 % of the vote.

      I also picked this up from a blog that seem to have a source close the campaign:

      “A source close to one of the candidates in the Bradford West by-election has revealed that as newsworthy as yesterday’s victory for George Galloway proved to be, there is much more of interest that will shortly be forthcoming. Not only was the result itself unusual, but so was some of the behaviour that attended the campaign. For example, I have been informed that”

      “Labour supporters had to have a police escort out of Odsal Sports Centre last night after threats from Respect supporters.”

      “How strange. Why would Respect supporters threaten their Labour equivalents, and what was the nature of these threats? Were they simply a display of an overly vigorous partisan verbal aggression, or something more substantial and sinister?”

      “Unsurprisingly, given the demographic makeup of Bradford West, there have also been serious allegations of postal vote rigging, with the claim being made that residents at some addresses had voted over 100 times.”

      Apparently, The Daily Telegraph is conducting an investigation into these allegations so we should hear more about this in the days or weeks to come. If these allegations prove to be true, this will not be the first time that widespread abuse of the postal voting system has taken place in Bradford West, for such misconduct occurred in the constituency during the 2010 General Election. “


  3. Andy S. says:

    Shows just how the Asian/Muslim “community” have failed to integrate into British Society when they form huge voting blocs that politicians feel they must “appeal” to.

    It’s when they concentrate most of their efforts on these immigrant voting blocs that the indigenous voters feel they are being ignored and turn to extreme parties such as the BNP.

    The idiots currently forming the political elite of this country just cannot see it. Judging by Mad Hattie’s comments, they’ll be making even more effort to court the Asian vote at the expense of their white working class vote, causing even more resentment of politicians.


  4. john in cheshire says:

    Everytime I hear or read the word ‘community’ I want to retch. The very fact that certain people have to be referred to as a ‘community’ is by itself evidence that these interlopers haven’t, don’t want to and will never integrate with us, the proper and true inhabitants of this country. I would also not vote for anyone who isn’t regarded as, or who doesn’t regard himself as an ordinary citizen of my country; English is as English does might be an appropriate term in these circumstances. That means, of course that if someone is a white-hating, Christian-hating, muslim-loving, Israel-hating, white socialist, then they too have no place in my country. And they should sod off, taking the bbc staff and their muslim mates with them.


  5. David Preiser (USA) says:

    Labour just needed a candidate who was a better Muslim than Galloway. A simple anti-thiswar message would have done it, if Galloway’s own campaign message is anything to go by.


    • Burkean Outlook says:

      I believe there may be more to this story……..I gather that the Telegraph may be publishing a story in the next few days.


  6. Burkean Outlook says:

    Sorry I picked up, a Letter to the Returning Officer from one Mr Galloway:

    To the Returning Officer, Bradford West by-election

    I am writing to you about my fears that this by-election may be corrupted by large-scale fraud and the illegal acquisition of votes.

    As you know, some 10,000 electors have been registered for postal votes in this election.

    As you will also know the majority of these voters have been signed up for postal votes by activists in the major political parties. This is done to make it easier to ensure their “core” voters cast their votes in elections.

    It is possible that this encouragement is done legally, but it is a system also wide open to illegal pressure and other fraudulent practices.

    I have witnessed this large-scale corruption of the electoral process in Tower Hamlets where I was MP for five years. And we have seen a number of individuals jailed with long sentences over the last few years, including here in Bradford for voting fraud.

    In my understanding postal vote fraud may take place in any of four ways. Firstly, voters who don’t live here or who have died or who may never have existed may be registered to vote. Secondly, votes may be redirected to other addresses where they are then cast by other people. Thirdly, blank ballot papers may be collected by “friends and family” and then filled in by other people. Fourthly, voters may be intimidated into voting for particular candidates through the loss of the secrecy of the ballot box.

    I have campaigned for the last 8 years on this issue but, despite some modest tightening up of the system, it remains wide open to fraud, especially of the fourth kind which is so difficult to prove. That is why I remain vehemently opposed to the postal voting system on demand. Sadly it is of such benefit to the major political parties, nothing has been done to change this flawed system.

    I am particularly concerned about fraud in the Bradford West by-election because the election is likely to be very close and it is in these circumstances that corruption most often occurs. I am writing to you today to ask what measures you are taking to inform voters of their rights and obligations and of the penalties for fraudulently casting votes in elections and what steps are being taken by you, in conjunction with the police, to monitor the situation and encourage reporting of any suspected corrupt practice.

    Yours faithfully
    George Galloway
    Respect candidate in the Bradford West by-election


  7. alan says:

    Yep….BBC pushing hard that this had nothing to do with Gorgeous George presenting himself as the reincarnation of Muhammed.

    Did laugh when they pushed line that the ‘intelligent and educated Asians’ were voting for the economic and education policies of ‘Respect’.

    and no Muslim danced in a British street when the first palne hit on 9/11.


  8. Burkean Outlook says:

    Yet the Labour List blogger reported that:

    “However Morris has also said that Galloway has “noticably large heaps of postal votes”. Stand by – it’s going to be an interesting night…”

    “All sorts of rumours now, from Galloway winning 75% of postal votes, to having won 50% or more or the vote. None of them suggest a way back for Labour. It would be foolish to say that Galloway has definitely won – but it’s hard to see any other result now.”

    Modest returns on the day, but massive returns (a minimum 9,000) in postal votes??????

    Having been to counts on a number of occations, the usual procedure is to do the verfication to count number of votes and discard spoilt papers.

    Each box from each ward is done individually, and postal votes and proxy votes are done away from the opening of the ballot box.

    IF the observers of the count is on the ball, and the campaign manager knows his tally of registered postal voters intending to vote for the party, which is the real purpose of a canvass, (and not to debate on the doorstep), then a Campaign Manager would have a good idea on how well his GOTV (Get Out The Vote) has gone.

    I am sure Mr Vance can verify this, as he has stood in elections.

    To “miscalculate”, as Labour have done on this scale is very very odd. Sites like PB and the bookies are usually right in the ball park when it comes to results. Which is why Campaign Managers use it as a better guide than polling to guide the Campaign Manager on how well the campaign is doing.

    This is very very odd……..


  9. Burkean Outlook says:

    Sorry I mean guide the Campaign…….


  10. LondonCalling says:

    Funny how Party names are the opposite of what they stand for. Labour appeals to those who don’t labour, the Conservatives are helping destroy not preserve England, the Liberals are illiberal nanny-Statists, and Respect deserves none.


    • Guest Who says:


      Some have also noted that most countries with ‘Democratic’ in their names tend to stretch to live up to the notion.

      Like the BBC has British in it, but I suppose the other two apply so 2 out of 3 isn’t bad.


  11. Burkean Outlook says:

    Just picked this up from a Lib Dem website-and its the same as Labourlist

    23:53 – Tory MP reporting to have said that Galloway is to have won 50% of the vote! Earlier today Ladbrokes had 40/1 on Galloway winning over 40%. Even if he made 40% it would be truly shake the political landscape in 2012.

    00:01 – Rumours are that Galloway took 3/4 of the Postal Vote. Seems suspiciously high but it comes with the gossip on a by election night like this!


  12. Burkean Outlook says:

    And finally, I dipped back into the archives.

    Police are investigating allegations of irregularities in the use of postal votes in Bradford in last week’s general election, it emerged today.

    The victorious Labour candidate in Bradford North, Terry Rooney, told BBC Radio 4’s Today programme he believed abuses of the system meant it was impossible to say the poll was free and fair.

    And the city’s Lord Mayor said he had received reports that postal ballot papers had been ordered without voters’ knowledge and that some people arrived at polling stations to find that someone else had already used their vote.

    The irregularities are understood to be concentrated in an area of the city heavily populated by first-generation immigrants from the Pakistani-administered part of Kashmir, reported Today.

    The rules for postal voting were relaxed for last week’s election to make it easier for voters absent from home to take part in the poll. But critics say the changes also removed safeguards against fraud.

    Read more:

    So its both the amount of Proxy votes and Postal Votes that need to be looked at folks…….


  13. Vinegar Joe says:

    My wife is Chinese and she always scratches her head when she hears Brits going on about “Asians”………


  14. Jim Dandy says:

    The terms ‘asian’ and Muslim are used and both are accurate.Don’t agree this is intended to obfuscate. Just caught John Pienaar’s programme on R5 where the rupture of Labour’s Muslim vote was discussed openly by a labour party representative (phil collins no less). Labour is not trying to establish a faux narrative, or if it is Yvette Cooper isn’t doing a good job of it citing Muslim women!


    • Burkean Outlook says:


      My girlfriend is Chinese Singaporean, and she refers to herself as Chinese.

      My Malay flat mate refers to himself as Malay (and he is Muslim).

      However they both refer Islamic Terrorists as Islamic Terrorist. The news here refers to Islamic Terrorists as Islamic Terrorists, the Newspapers refer to Islamic terrorist as Islamic Terrorists, the radio refers to Islamic terrorists as Islamic Terrorists

      This in a country which is more keenly aware of racial tensions than most of the world. Yet it still has the courage to call Islamic Terrorism what it is.

      Which is something that the BBC cannot do.


      • David Vance says:

        Vinegar Joe, Burkean Outlook,

        Precisely. The BBC use Asian as a cloak.


        • Burkean Outlook says:

          Yes just like using the word “youths” to describe rioters in France in 2005, although they also shared another common trait regarding their religious outlook……..


      • Guest Who says:

        My wife is Chinese Singaporean.

        And she gave the pricks at the Census both barrels for trying to split her being Chinese from her being Asian.

        In other public sector howler news, the BBC wouldn’t know how to accurately describe a bear seeking ‘a private moment’ in the woods with a roll of Charmin without some screwed up PC manual that is, basically, wrong on all counts.

        Equally, Mr. Dandy often gets his elbow and other anatomical parts confused.


  15. lojolondon says:

    Liebour has won many elections over the last few years based on postal vote turnout, so now, hoisted on their own petard, they are keeping quiet because they will doubtless use it again.
    Can’t believe the Tories haven’t cancelled postal votes as they promised to, they are so laid back they do not deserve to win an election.


  16. LondonCalling says:

    All those Oxbridge and LSE grads know only too well the purpose of language is to identify significant characteristics. Otherwise, why call them “asian”? Why not just “people” rioting? Humans rioting.
    They are frightened of the responsibility for making the connection between “Islam” and “terrorism”. It is a deliberate obfuscation, to prevent people making the connection. Deliberate misinformation from people paid by us to report to us what is going on. It is the opposite of journalism.


    • chrisH says:

      Good analysis this one Mr Calling.
      It`s the craven, mealy-mouthed approach to language that Orwell warned us of…when words like passionate, care, compassionate, appropriate are hollowed out and twisted into bastardised shapes, then words signify nothing…which is what the liberal elite would rather have, if the alternative was having to face up to Islam, the EU…or even their line manager, so spineless and timid the employed creatures of the MSM now are.
      About time the Chinese, Indians rose up at being smeared as the “Asian vote” that saddled us with Galloway…we all know it was Muslims on a mission…Gallowtwat was just the dolmus for hire up there.
      Let Islam not confuse the whiff of fear and pantie-pooping with the real anger and contempt that the good people of this country feel for the media, the political class and the entryists like Galloway…they speak for no-one…let Islam “respect” that!


  17. Keiron says:

    I thought asians apply to chinese, japanese, malaysian etc. Just another way of bias from the bbc supporting radical islamic groups. Want that stopped go to,


    • demon1001 says:

      Of course if the BBC were to be totally even-handed they would have to call Israel’s retaliation against the missiles as done by Asians too. e.g.:

      “Asians bombed Gaza today killing two Asian militants, this was in retaliation for missiles fired by Asians into Israel injuring some Asian children.”

      Jim Dandy, this would also be just as accurate to call both “Palestinians” and Israelis “Asians”. Doesn’t make it clear what’s actually going on nor who is responsible for what action.


  18. Jim Dandy says:

    Did you know Respect got 3.1% of the vote in Bradford West last time around. New factors this time round are a different ( and presumably notwell liked) Labour candidate and of course Galloway. Now Galloway is my least favourite person in British politics, but he is extraordinarily good at populist politics and rabble rousing. And he was clearly shameless in pandering to a large minority of the electorate. But to get a victory of that magnitude means there were multiple factors at play. Where are the pseohologists when you need them.


    • Dave s says:

      Respect would not collect more than a handful of votes in any English rural seat. Likewise any seat in Wales or Scotland . However there is a very strong likelihood that in certain towns and cities of England the vote would be substantial.
      Identify the common factor in those seats and you have your answer.
      This is the reality the chatterers are desperate to avoid. So they insist on obscuring the facts.
      It is pointless to reason with fantasists.


    • As I See It says:

      For my twopenn’orth – it was an Old Labour protest vote combined with a Muslim vote (well organised and unscrupulous in its interpretation of fair voting). Supporters of other parties gave up. Perhaps some Tories voted mischievously?

      And Bradford can so proud when Galloway’s career at last crashes and burns in some yet to unfold drama.

      Please someone investigate the postal vote before Ken Livingston cashes in!


  19. Louis Robinson says:

    I read Nick Robinson’s article closely: “George Galloway” he says, “has proved that he has the charisma, the celebrity and the message to appeal to the young, the disillusioned and the angry particularly in the Muslim community”
    But Nick fails to explain why the “young” and “disillusioned” moved to George Galloway, a hate filled bag of wind and venom, and didn’t simply sit the election out? Nick mentions “Muslims” in his piece? I’m puzzled. But exactly what is a Muslim? I don’t think I’ve heard that word on the BBC recently? Are we now to be told there is a large Muslin community in the UK which is “disillusioned”? I simply don’t believe it. Surely this is simply race-hatred of the worst possible kind on the country’s premier broadcaster?


  20. Cassandra King says:

    Galloway got the muslim vote, in fact he got multiple votes from each muslim. I wonder how many 2 bed flats somehow contain 100 voters? Vote early and vote often and it doesnt matter if you are not British, not entitled to live here.

    In fact new liebour created the perfect 3rd world voting system perfectly set up to enable vote rigging and voter fraud, just one more new liebour legacy. A 3rd world voting system for a 3rd world nation and supported by all the liblabcon ruling class.

    One of the hallmarks of an advanced 1st world nation is a free and fair democratic system of voting, no wonder the liblabcon ruling class are determined to undermine and sabotage and ruin ours.


  21. deegee says:

    What is scarier? That Galloway won by fraudulent means or that he didn’t?


  22. deegee says:

    I really want to see what Galloway includes in the Registry of Interests. Does anyone know how much grace he has to do that?

    It’s supposed to include any interests that they hold outside Parliament. Interests include outside jobs or consultancy work, gifts or membership of organisations that might affect their position in Parliament. Perhaps, for example, his weekly 45 minute programme on Press TV, owned by the Iranian government?


  23. james says:


  24. John Anderson says:

    Melanie Phillips nails it as usual, on both Galloway and Livingstone :


  25. George R says:

    ‘The Commentator’ provides something which INBBC doesn’t:

    “George Galloway – we’ve all heard the name, but do you know what he stands for?”


  26. Teddy Bear says:

    Another excellent article
    Galloway’s victory is the last thing Britain needs
    By Abhijit Pandya


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