An arson attack on a communications mast which disrupted BBC Radio Bristol’s service last week has been claimed by the Earth Liberation Front:

We take responsibility for the attack on the communications mast on Dundry hill on 11th April, that took out five communication services and took off air BBC Radio Bristol and Jack FM for more than 16 hours, as well as disrupting Avon and Somerset Police radio communications it seems (although they are refusing to comment on this).

They did it by burning tyres, which doesn’t sound very eco-friendly.

Isn’t BBC Bristol the place where they make all those environmental films pushing the climate alarmist agenda?

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  1. geyza says:

    Utterly brain-dead protesters. I laughed at this until I saw that it had taken out a police communications mast. This is a graphic illustration of the self contradictory mentality of the climate change alarmist activist. Burning tyres to take out the output of a climate change alarm promoting broadcasters… in the name of liberating the earth from man’s pollution?

    I hope that they put the perpetrators on TV before they are put in jail*, so the whole country can laugh at them.

    * Yeah I know that there is more chance of me becoming the Director General of the BBC than these petty criminals actually going to jail. Being tough on criminals is against their human rights after all, but I can dream, and vote UKIP, to make me feel better.


  2. johnyork says:

    It’s enough to make you want to convert to stupidity isn’t it ?

    And the ELF don’t seem any better either !


  3. johnnythefish says:

    What’s really depressing is this is the mentality of the people who are in control of the (non-)energy agenda in the UK. The legendary last person leaving the country won’t have to switch the lights out – they’ll already be out.


  4. chrisH says:

    They should be arrested and then given their own programme on Radio Bristol, so the BBC could get tied up in knots in both supporting these Plane Stupid/ ALF dangerous gestures, but not “condoning it”…then they should go to prison for some time for their sabotage of emergency services.
    For sticking it to the Beeb….no charge, except a fine to cpmpensate for the damage to the planet.
    IN a way, it`s OK by me to show the useless BBC where their patronage and condoning of violent protest leads them into having to support…useless mugwunps!


  5. David Preiser (USA) says:

    The Earth Liberation Front, eh? Let’s see now. Where have I heard of them before? Oh, right:

    If a Tree Falls: A Story of the Earth Liberation Front

    Nominated for a 2011 Academy Award, this documentary tells the remarkable story of a young American environmentalist involved with the Earth Liberation Front – a group the FBI came to describe as America’s ‘number one domestic terrorism threat’.

    Your license fee hard at work. Lie down with dogs, wake up eco-fleas.


    • David Preiser (USA) says:

      My apologies, DB, I hadn’t seen your original posting of this in the open thread when I wrote the above.


  6. DJ says:

    Yep. The BBC’s all but accussed every right-winger on the planet of inspiring Anders Brevik, but ecomentalists can take down communications for the emergency services and it’s just one of them things, nothing to see hear, move along.

    Plus, I’d stick good money on at least one Beeboid citeing this as proof that they get the balance ‘about right.’ See? They’re attached by the conservative side of the country and they’re attacked by loons who are angry about people taking ‘civilisation as a given’. So they must be in the middle, right?

    And no, that defence won’t be available if it’s ever revealed that Brevik thought Mark Steyn was a spineless lightweight.


  7. DavidLamb says:

    Can we predict a Guardian -BBC explanation (justification) of this behaviour in terms of lack of opportunities and parental failure?


  8. Scrappydoo says:

    I wasn’t clever enough to get into MENSA so decided to join DENSA instead.


  9. Merlin says:

    These soap-starved fair trade coffee-sipping rainbow colored cardigan-wearing tambourine-tapping rent-a-rabble should do a shift in Poundland to burn off some of that ‘alternative energy’ they’ve accumulated over the years whilst collecting their bacon roll cheques!


  10. RCE says:

    Maybe it was to protest the extra CO2 from all that ‘talent’ doing the London-Salford-London trip five days a week?


  11. Leftie-Loather says:

    Yep, “eco-nutters disrupt”……eco-nutters!
    Nothing really new about screwed up and immature lefties not really knowing their arses from their heads though.


  12. LondonCalling says:

    Seem to be three sources of BBC news nowadays. Natural disasters involving high body-count as reported by international press agencies (armchair rubber-necking), press releases from any green campaigning group or Labour-associated think tank, and any kind of adolescent anti-capitalist protest action (attention-seeking behaviour rewarded by granting precious airtime attention of 30 million or whatever viewers)

    You don’t need a multi-billion pound organisation with humungous salaries, first class air travel and golden pensions to do this. Its not news and analysis, it’s lazy third rate sixth-form journalism.


  13. Demon says:

    I wonder if they attacked the BBC because they actually believed all the lies coming from the left that the BBC either supports the right or is genuinely neutral.

    Or maybe they know that if the BBC feels threatened by extremists, they will actually increase their support for those same extremists, as with the murderous Islamist threats, so if they attack them they will get even more unchallenged air-time.

    Either way it’s one group of lefty-enviro extremists attacking another group of lefty-enviro extremists, but the poor taxpayer is left to pick up the bill for the repair and added security around all BBC establishments.


  14. Guest Who says:

    Sort of ‘on-T’..

    Bob Ward ‏ @ret_ward
    We will be launching a report next month that dispels many of the myths being circulated about wind power.
    How the BBC’s finest reporters/editors/analysts handle this ‘report’ will be a hoot. I wonder if they will even bother changing the headline?


  15. Jeff says:

    The trick seems to be to give your group a nice cuddly name; The Earth Liberation Front, at worst sound like a bunch of harmless, rather naive hippies, not arsonists. We have Unite Against Fascism (who in their right mind wouldn’t be sympathetic?) but in reality they’re a violent group of hard left thugs. And who can forget The Animal Liberation Front, the pillocks who released mink from fir farms thus causing decades of devastation to native wild life, particularly the river vole that became almost extinct. Still, they mean well…


    • London Calling says:

      You have to admire charities doublethink. The position in which the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds decided “saving the planet” (by reversing human progress through renewables) was more important than the welfare of birds – turning them into mincemeat with wind turbines. You wonder what the Charities Commission makes of a charity that promotes the opposite of its stated aims. It’s like Age Concern promoting Euthenasia.


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