The battle for London Mayor is in the finishing straight and the BBC are doing what they can for Ken but between you and me, I don’t think it is going to be enough. Biased BBC’s Alan exposes this instance of BBC selective reporting…

The BBC didn’t bother to investigate Ken Livingstone’s fake tears nor his fake video but they have had time for a jokey take down of Boris….

They look at ‘branding’ of the candidates…or rather ‘candidate’ for only Boris gets the treatment….just another way of the BBC to give the other candidates free propaganda.

Wouldn’t Ken’s fake tears merit a look under ‘branding’ for they were clearly an attempt to portray himself as a man of the people who’ cares” too much?

However fortunately for us a small local paper has found the time and resources the BBC couldn’t to have a look at Ken’s little local difficulty.

Here is Ken’s video…obviously scripted….

And here is what the local journalist had to say…via Harry’s Place:

‘Local Micham journalist, Omar Oakes, has something of an exclusive.

Some of the people it seems were locals recruited near a community centre used by the local Labour Party, however…

Several actors were also filmed at various spots within Imperial Fields, such as a man sitting in the stadium itself, a builder having a cup of tea during the building of the club’s new all-weather pitch and a man speaking from the player’s tunnel, and a boxing trainer speaking from a newly built boxing club.

The most interesting case is the one involving “the mechanic”. It seems this man is not a mechanic. The real mechanic’s garage was hired by the ad agency who made the video. The real mechanic is not even a Labour supporter:

Neil McMullen, who has run the garage for 12 years, said he was approached by the agency on the Saturday before and they brought in an actor for the filming on Tuesday.

He said: “I was happy to help but I am not really interested in what politicians do – they are all the same aren’t they?

“He did fluff his lines a bit. He was reading from one of those cards that had his lines written on it.” ‘

This is his original:

A Labour politician fakes tears and a video but the Labour supporting BBC don’t report it.

Guess with all this global warming we can soon grow bananas just like any other banana republic…we’ve already got the corrupt politicans and fellow travellers in the media.

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17 Responses to NO TIME FOR TEARS….

  1. London Calling says:

    The long game here is who will replace “toff in a bubble” Cameron. Seems to be only one big beast in the Tory ranks that has the energy and wit and public profile, and that is Boris, and he is smart enough to know it. A second term as Mayor would enable him to step seamlessly into Downing Street, a trick that Porta-loo and other contenders never managed. I think the bBC are no friend of newt-man, but some have twigged there is a long game. Cameron has no future, except as leader of the Labour Party.


  2. David Preiser (USA) says:

    It would be worth it just to see Paul Merton eat his liver on HIGNFY.


  3. Fred Bloggs says:

    Well it’s not worth publishing, that Ken has been paying for private medical checkups for the quite some time. That would not interest to Londoners, just as there has been a surge in postal vote applications in Tower Hamlets would not be of interest.


  4. hippiepooter says:

    I’m not aware either of Ku Klux Ken’s remarks on why he wouldn’t get the Jewish vote being reported on the BBC either.

    The worst of all is tht BoJo will not do anything about the patent partisanship of the BBC for KKK.


  5. Guest Who says:

    ‘a small local paper has found the time and resources the BBC couldn’t’
    That may be due to the unique way non BBC media are funded, and the old-fashioned way they conduct their professional business?
    Namely seeking out topical stories of interest to an audience that pays voluntarily to to be educated and informed about them.
    As opposed to being a £4Bpa PR machine a metropolitan elite use as a personal plaything to push their agendas on those compelled to fund them no matter what.


  6. lojolondon says:

    Another classic example of bias – a washed up old Tory
    won’t vote for Boris – makes ‘This Week’ AND the News on BBBC.

    Labour’s biggest individual donor, Sir Alan sugar says “I don’t care if Ed Miliband is backing Livingstone. I seriously suggest NO-ONE votes for Livingstone in the Mayoral elections.”

    Not significant enough to make the news.


  7. As I See It says:

    I have a hunch that Ken is often ‘tired and emotional’ in the George Brown sense of the phrase – but don’t expect the BBC to investigate on our behalf or for the Beeb sponsored satirical crowd to go there.


  8. Umbongo says:

    Although maintaining its sterling support for its main candidate, the BBC (together with, to be fair, much of the rest of the MSM, particularly the London Evening Standard) is also giving a surprising amount of attention to Ms Benita. Yes she’s easier on the eye than the other candidates but she’s straight out of Central Casting for the BBC: Anglo-Indian, never done a day’s (real) work in her life, living on taxpayers’ money, a raft of lefty proposals straight out of the Islington song-book (including one to rig/control the property market in London).
    Although generally in favour of anybody who might upset the Boris applecart, the BBC refused her application to take part in the BBC “debate” for mayoral candidates despite a higher position in the latest YouGov poll than the Green candidate who did take part. Of course, had the BBC allowed Benita in it would have had to allow the UKIP candidate in as well and that would never do. Unsurprisingly, given a choice which it duly took here, the BBC will always opt to favour Ken’s interests.


    • Deborah says:

      I read somewhere that Ms Benita isn’t as independent as all that and that she is standing this year as an independant hoping to line herself up for the Labout ticket next time.


      • Umbongo says:

        Such cynicism! Who could believe a public sector parasite could stoop to such machinations? You’ll be telling me next that were there more Jews than Moslems in London, Ken would be walking the streets in a yarmulka demanding the construction of a London-wide eruv.
        Actually, even in those unlikely electoral circumstances (or any circumstances), Ken wouldn’t dream of adopting any outright pro-Jewish policy since that might seriously endanger his “favoured son” treatment from the state broadcaster. Moreover, back in the real world of 2012, while it appears that Ken did encourage the construction of an eruv in North London when he was mayor, opportunistic political sponsorship in favour of Jews now would inevitably damage his image with all those “new Britons” in Newham whose support for Ken has been a bit over-enthusiastic


      • David Preiser (USA) says:

        Apparently Portillo is supporting her. Say no more.


        • Framer says:

          And Lord Gus O’Donnell who stopped Cameron from forming a minority government.


  9. bodo says:

    The BBC have studiously ignored Livingstone’s dodgy tax affairs. It is a huge issue. Livingstone condemns people for avoiding tax, even to the point of saying they should have no vote and no right to stand for office, yet he avoids tax himself by using a company to funnel his income through.

    Livingstone claims his tax returns are available on his web site. He is lying. They are not.

    Remember how the BBC attacked the Tories non-stop for weeks over the tax affairs of Tory donor Lord Ashcroft? And yet when it comes to Livingstone there is barely a peep from them.


    • Robin Rose says:

      It’s almost enough to make you think they are biased.


      • bodo says:

        Andrew Gilligan writes in today’s telegraph that perhaps Livingstone’s lies have been successful – judging by his rebound in the polls. He puts the lack of any critical examination by the BBC into Livingstone’s affairs down to the fact that many senior BBC employees use the same tax avoidance technique.

        Judging by the recent opinion poll figures Gilligan quotes, lots of the public are unaware of Livingstone’s dodgy tax affairs. A job well done by the BBC – bias by omission, simply don’t report any negative stories about their favoured candidate.


        • Umbongo says:

          At last the BBC mentions Ken’s . . er . difficulties with tax on the local London News at 10:30 tonight but only on the basis that “Ken has put this behind him”. No details of course – just the implication that this was all an unfortunate misunderstanding. And to prove the electorate’s forgiveness – another (almost) first – mention of a YouGov poll showing Ken recovering in the polls. Then again, delighted surprise concerning the BBC’s second horse in this one – Ms Benita – who at 3% is ahead of Jenny Jones (2%) but silence concerning of Webb of UKIP who also stands at 3%.


      • Phobic-ist says:

        It makes me want to weep, anyway.