The battle for London Mayor is in the finishing straight and the BBC are doing what they can for Ken but between you and me, I don’t think it is going to be enough. Biased BBC’s Alan exposes this instance of BBC selective reporting…

The BBC didn’t bother to investigate Ken Livingstone’s fake tears nor his fake video but they have had time for a jokey take down of Boris….

They look at ‘branding’ of the candidates…or rather ‘candidate’ for only Boris gets the treatment….just another way of the BBC to give the other candidates free propaganda.

Wouldn’t Ken’s fake tears merit a look under ‘branding’ for they were clearly an attempt to portray himself as a man of the people who’ cares” too much?

However fortunately for us a small local paper has found the time and resources the BBC couldn’t to have a look at Ken’s little local difficulty.

Here is Ken’s video…obviously scripted….

And here is what the local journalist had to say…via Harry’s Place:

‘Local Micham journalist, Omar Oakes, has something of an exclusive.

Some of the people it seems were locals recruited near a community centre used by the local Labour Party, however…

Several actors were also filmed at various spots within Imperial Fields, such as a man sitting in the stadium itself, a builder having a cup of tea during the building of the club’s new all-weather pitch and a man speaking from the player’s tunnel, and a boxing trainer speaking from a newly built boxing club.

The most interesting case is the one involving “the mechanic”. It seems this man is not a mechanic. The real mechanic’s garage was hired by the ad agency who made the video. The real mechanic is not even a Labour supporter:

Neil McMullen, who has run the garage for 12 years, said he was approached by the agency on the Saturday before and they brought in an actor for the filming on Tuesday.

He said: “I was happy to help but I am not really interested in what politicians do – they are all the same aren’t they?

“He did fluff his lines a bit. He was reading from one of those cards that had his lines written on it.” ‘

This is his original:

A Labour politician fakes tears and a video but the Labour supporting BBC don’t report it.

Guess with all this global warming we can soon grow bananas just like any other banana republic…we’ve already got the corrupt politicans and fellow travellers in the media.


The BBC were very active pushing the story about Conservative Mayoral candidate Boris Johnson “hijacking” the London Mayors twitter account. Yet, when it comes to Labour Mayoral Ken Livingstone, there appears to be a studied silence over his declaration that he wants London to be “a beacon for Islam” and also that “Jews are too wealthy to vote for him”.  Not really on narrative, is it?