Wonder does anyone ever listen to Saturday Live on BBC Radio 4? It’s the most cringing little leftist indulgence and I thought I might share this morning’s offering with you!

“Anita Anand with “The Idler” editor Tom Hodgkinson, gay dads Barrie and Tony Drewitt-Barlow talk about their decision to have a sixth child by a surrogate mother, Emma Gray on her life as a shepherdess, poetry from Matt Harvey, Caroline Cornish tells the story of her daughter’s red dress, Jacquie Meredith explains how she was adopted by a stray cat, and former Bishop of Edinburgh Richard Holloway’s Inheritance Tracks”

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20 Responses to SATURDAY LIVE…

  1. Allan D says:

    I hear (ex-) Bishop Holloway’s commentary about his life while playing Kenneth McKellar singing “Loch Lomond” and then playing a folk song collected by Burns and it was all very conventional until he got to the part about the Church being a repository of both wisdom and “ancient prejudice” towards both women and gay people which caused him to leave it in 1998 (as well as pave the way for a lucrative relationship with the BBC, I thought).

    This then gave the presenter a handle to ridicule Christianity after the item in another interview asking, re “homophobia” as she put it, “have you ever been religious?” posing the same question as if asking whether the person concerned had ever had an addiction problem or an unpleasant medical condition at which point I switched off.

    I wondered why (ex-) Bishop Holloway or indeed the BBC as a whole does not question the “ancient prejudices” of the Religion of Peace towards women or gay people compared to which the Christian Church is a positive beacon of tolerance and inclusiveness although I think the answer is fairly obvious. The ROP’s followers tend generally not to be as amenable to criticism of the practices of their faith as Christians are.


  2. John Anderson says:

    Like an idiot I had this on in the background – having already been treated to other BBC trash/bias this morning (see Open Thread).

    A lot of time pushing the idea of how nice and normal it is for 2 gay men to have a “family” of children. Then the errant Bishop – obviously from the extreme pro-gay wing of the church.

    The young shepherdess seemed the only balanced person on the programme.


  3. Richard Evans says:

    I suppose for some Metropolitan luvvies it seems like the ideal start to a Saturday.


  4. Pah says:

    It’s self affirmation. They know in their hearts that what they believe is bullshit so they need to keep telling themselves that they are right. Constantly filling the airwaves with examples of how to live and what to think.
    It helps them believe they are right, for a while.
    What always makes me laugh is how R4 is constantly portrayed, mostly by people on R4, as being fuddy-duddy and right-wing, little Englander type stuff. It’s the conflict between appreciating the finer things in life, like art and culture, you know, classical music, Shakespeare and Dryden and the association of that with Old England. They, like, are so not Old England. OK? Yah?
    Or maybe they just like the taste of bullshit?


  5. Millie Tant says:

    Does anyone ever listen? Yes, unfortunately I heard it last Saturday and, as mentioned on a previous open thread, the programme was largely devoted to Billy Bragg, complete with a plug for his records. It was commented on by a few people here, all of whom thought it was dire.


  6. ltwf 1964 says:

    pass the boke bucket and open the vomitorium


  7. Regag says:

    I don’t listen any more – I’d rather listen to internet radio. Saturday mornings are now spent with news and opinions reflecting the real world rather than Auntie’s hectoring, superior-than-thou, hypocrisies. Internet news, music and talk radio stations offer an alternative to the closed mind and PC views promulgated by the BBC broadcasting monopoly. The compulsory licence fee is an anachronism that serves only to feather the nests of its overpaid employees and propagate a left wing ‘newspeak’ agenda. It should be abolished.


    • Hugh says:

      @Regag. Me too. I used to listen to Today and PM, World at One, Radcliffe and Maconie, and one or two of the other evening programmes on Radio 2 and Radio 4, but now I’ve I’ve twigged what they’re up to, I can’t bear to listen to any of it.


  8. The General says:

    I cannot listen to or watch anything presented by Anita Anand. She is a bigoted little b***h.


  9. Betty Swollocks says:

    I am totally fed up with the BBC ramming gayness down our throats.


    • LondonCalling says:

      Sore throat Betty?There are other orifices you know.


    • MD says:

      Can’t say the two guys with surrogate children bothered me. Good luck to them. I liked the way one of them had a go at Tom Hodgkinson for sitting on his ars*.


  10. chrisH says:

    I guess that BH and Saturday Live(SL?) are magazine sections of the Guardian for liberals awaiting the paper boy or au pair to fetch up. Easy as a Saturday morning eh?
    It was awful under Fi Glover this weekend pap of a smugfest..under Richard Coles it`s execrable-but at least I regard Roger Royle as a thunderous theologian now ,when I compare his inanities to what we get now.

    Holloway?…for Gods sake!…why no Peter Mullen I wonder?

    And in case your Guardian was not delivered-well Billy Bragg tells us all of the power of song(not his naturally!).
    Turns out that Breivik hates “Children of the Rainbow”…some Norwegian version of “Ebony and Ivory” in sentiment.
    Now then-if he can quote “provocation” by the State network in playing of gloopy liberal slop-I reckon we`re all due mitigating circumstances for the BBCs continual playing of Lennon, McCartney and Mercury, Marley and Strummer.
    Let`s hope there will be a legitimate defence for anyone who “goes postal” on having bloody Bragg, Purvis or Laurie Taylor being fed and watered at our expense to take the michael…


  11. Jeff Waters says:

    Just saw this rather amusing tweet:

    @EdMPress – Balance at the BBC going out window. Two Tories on @BBCr4today at 8.10 but they are refusing to take Harriet Harman

    Aw, bless! If I was having breakfast at 8.10am, the last thing my digestive system would need is the sound of Ms Harperson’s shrill, hectoring voice…



  12. George R says:

    More BBC-NUJ propaganda advocating homosexual ‘marriage’:

    Excerpt from BBC-NUJ :

    “Education Secretary Michael Gove is to examine claims the Catholic Education Service (CES) broke impartiality rules on the topic of gay marriage.”

    But NOT:

    ‘Education Secretary Michael Gove is to examine claims the BBC-NUJ broke impartiality rules on the topic of gay marriage.’


  13. chrisH says:

    A good acid test to check whether the Catholics will end up in historys dustbin like the Cof E.
    British history includes them both, but Rowan has led the Anglicans off the stage to supreme indifference and silence.
    Now-if the Catholics can`t deal with the leavings of Harman and Bercow…squits such as these…then it`s not going to be able to do anything other than be Catherine Ashtons carpet bag before too long.
    This is a religious-not a civil or secular-matter. The Catholic schools can either incubate the coming necessary resistance to Nazislam in Europe…or else it`ll be Breivik and his ilk.
    Hope to God…yes God…that they stick the political liberal elite and its wish list, up the fundament of the Toynbees and the Dawkins.
    Benedict is way above them all…but his English branch under the likes of Vincent Nicholls is a portaloo if they don`t stuff the State when it comes to this issue.


  14. Millie Tant says:

    For any fans (!) of Saturday Live, there is some good news. Word reaches me that it is being extended beyond its current 1-hour allocation. Not sure how long it will be, exactly, but clearly it is being given greater prominence and a larger slice of Saturday morning listening on Radio 4. So the Beeboids must love it and think the audience deserves more of the same. How sweet.


  15. GotItAboutRight says:

    DV, in case you missed the discussion on this programme in an open thread last week, Billy Bragg was trailed as “one of the few candidates for the title of greatest living Englishman”. I think they see the world differently from the way we do.