Anything to do with Israel always brings out some of the worst bias in the BBC. Have a read of this story concerning how the country’s leadership is supposedly “misleading” the public on the merits of a possible military strike on Iran. Throughout the article, Israel is portrayed as the bully with poor Iran as the victim.  Nehanyahu is a guy that the BBC can barely disguise its contempt for – one reason why I find him a most agreeable chap. I bet Ahmadinejad and the rest of the genocidal Mullahs must give thanks for the BBC every morning.

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  1. fed up says:

    I don’t care for Iran, Israel or the BBC. This would be a better website if you didn’t keep peddling the myth that Israel is some holier-than-thou state sorrounded by evil Ay-rabs and in this case, Persians. Get a grip. Israel was created by Zionist terrorists killing British soldiers who were at the time undertaking their national service. Many of the Palestinians who were expelled in 1948 were Christians, whose forebears had lived in the so-called ‘Holy Land’ for centuries. Imagine a British version of Zionism where people who have never lived in Britain claim ownership of our land on the basis on ancestral claims dating back to the Roman Empire and then decide that anyone who isn’t a Brythionic Celt must be expelled.


    • LondonCalling says:

      Fed Up says “Israel is some holier-than-thou state sorrounded by evil Ay-rabs”
      Sounds a pretty accurate description to me. I like this site just as it is.
      FU – perhaps too much time in history and not enough in the here and now?


    • Span Ows says:

      😯 …incoming!


    • chrisH says:

      Can`t agree with your take on history Mr Up!
      I thought Israel came into being as a result of the Ottoman Empire in WW1 and the UN/League of Nations…and the “terrorism” bit by the Stern gang etc was , at least, “provoked” by the Holocaust and the seeming inertia of the Western powers in creating at least one small sliver on Gods earth where a Jew could make a home and worship his God….as they did way before the Romans, which tells me that they had a right to the land in any case.
      I do not condone all of what Israel does any more than I do the USA…but without them and their examples, we in Britain/Europe won`t stand long.
      And…me and you could carry on this talk as long as we liked without getting strung up on a crane in Qom or getting beheaded in Riyadhs “Chop-Chop Square” after Friday prayers…you ought really to note that Tel Aviv would grant you this same freedom, whereas Tehran would not.
      Israels existance still gives you that choice-if it were to fall, you`d not last much longer maybe?


    • Leodian says:

      There are 1.6 million Muslims living within Israels borders and a possible 1 million Christians, these did not leave in 1948 and nobody was expelled, those that left did so at the behest of all the Arab countries who pledged to make the area JUDEN FREU for their muslim friends to return. These are now the socalled Palastinians for Muslim political reasons.


    • Pounce_uk says:

      Fed up wrote:
      “if you didn’t keep peddling the myth that Israel is some holier-than-thou state sorrounded by evil Ay-rabs and in this case, Persians. Get a grip. Israel was created by Zionist terrorists killing British soldiers who were at the time undertaking their national service.

      Would those be the same British soldiers who the bBC has no problem promoting as rapists killers and racists when the people fighting for their lands are Islamic. Black or socialists

      The thing I’ve noticed about people like you is you only support British Soldiers when it suits your political agenda. Now lewts go back to the story at hand is it actually worth headlining as the bBC does. Is the Israel PM actually misleading the Israeli people about Iran. You know that Iran which has armed Hezb-allah, which is knocking about with its inorganic chemistry set, which has stated it wants to wipe out a small country and which when it comes to human rights is right there at the back of the queue. You’d think the bBC would have more to report about Iran than Israel, but it doesn’t , tell you what dick_spalsh the best part of you slid down your mothers leg.


    • MD says:

      Regardless of the rights and wrongs of Israel and Palestine, too much focus on this topic marginalises a lot of potential visitors to this site. It’s probably because the BBC are such an effective propaganda machine, but people will agree with the left wing bias much quicker than the anti-Israel bias. The same goes for the pro-Muslim bias. I know that they all go hand in hand, but the average person may only be aware of the simple left-wing political bias. I assume that the objective is for this site to become more popular and would suggest that that cannot happen with too much focus on Israel or Muslims.


      • deegee says:

        The focus on Israel on this site is in direct proportion to the focus and bias of the BBC on this issue.

        Certain subjects return frequently here and Israel is only one of them. If the BBC genuinely got it right then I have no doubt this site would rarely address them or perhaps would drop out of existence with nothing to talk about.


        • MD says:

          I don’t disgree with what you say, but do the average member of the public agree with you? Mention left-wing bias and they’ll agree. Mention Israel or Muslim bias and they’ll probably think you’re a fanatic.

          I’m saying this in the context of drawing as many people to this website as possible. I think it’s quite a leap for many people to think that the BBC is biased. After all the BBC sets much of the new agenda and so people don’t even realise the distortion.


          • chrisH says:

            Can`t agree MD.
            I see Israel as very much the canary in the oil fields for that benighted region.
            I used to be a thick Guardian-reading leftie in the 80s, so certainly got that anti-Israel reflex by osmosis-lefties and far-lefties…as well as soggy liberals and extreme Tory bigots-could only march on a rally under the PLO flag in effect…it`s about all that a Galloway and a Greer could agree on-still so, today.
            That`s why the topic matters so much-Israel is a democracy and truly multiculti in an area where to be Jewish or Christian is often a capital offence in itself.
            That cannot be said often enough for the lazy liberal mindset that would rather usher the Jews into the Med , than drive them in with tanks…and upset the sweet dream of a EuroCaliphate with the EU hoping for lethal injections instead of beheadings if death for apostasy is non-negotiable…and it won`t be!
            I know and care about many other things MD…but I`m a Western Christian who knows my Book and seen how it ends…so I stand or fall with Israel and the USA…and, I reckon that you do too!


          • Biodegradable says:

            Mention Israel or Muslim bias and they’ll probably think you’re a fanatic.

            That’s the best reason I’ve heard yet to continue pointing out the BBC’s bias whenever it appears.


      • John Anderson says:

        But BBC bias is most explicit on a set of about 5 issues

        – pro-Government spending is the answer to everything, Tories and Republicans and capitalism are bad, Islam is a Religion of Peace, immigration adds to cultural diversity which has nil costs but super benefits, and ….. the one you object to but which is so stark, Israel is bad and is responsible for all the evils in the Middle East.

        Oh – and Rupert Murdoch is the Devil Incarnate.

        Anti-Israel stuff from the BBC is so predictable, there is such an editorial bias, that it is right and proper that this website should feature it.


    • David Preiser (USA) says:

      Nobody is saying that Israel is holier than thou, or without blame of any sort. There’s a difference between criticizing Israel for this or that, and total demonization and always portraying Israel as the bad guy. Which country constantly calls for the other’s destruction?

      Since you believe that Israel is an illegitimate country, it’s no wonder you don’t see a difference between criticism of Israel and demonizing it. Please also read up on Lords Balfour and Curzon.


  2. George R says:

    This is why INBBC supports the Islamic Republic of Iran regime, and opposes Israel:

    “Iran’s Global Terrorist Reach” (2010)

    By Walid Phares



  3. Merlin says:

    Off topic but who cares. Anyway, you might be interested in this piece on the Soviet Macpherson Report if you can be bothered to read it after all those glasses of wine. The type of ‘thought criminal’ analysis you wouldn’t find the BBC detailing:



    • TigerOC says:

      An excellent article and a “must read” for all those that visit this forum.

      Seem to remember Frank Ellis as a Conservative MP. Is he still in Parliament? He is the kind of front we need to escape the madness that embroils us.

      The pervasive Sovietization, of our lives, which the BBC leads is of grave concern for all freedom loving people of this land.


  4. The Highland Rebel says:

    FU says that Israel was created in 1948.

    I seem to recall the Bible mentioning Israel as a state and the Israelis as a people since the dawn of history. Even present day Egyptians admit that a good number of it’s pyramids were built by the enslaved ‘children of Israel’
    The name ‘Palestine’ does not appear once in either the Bible or the Satanic Verses (quran) but the name ‘Israel’ appears on many occassions in both.

    So perhaps FU can enlighten us as just how he came away with his absurd rationale.


  5. Teddy Bear says:

    Talk about ‘peddling myths’ 🙄
    Israel was created by Zionist terrorists killing British soldiers who were at the time undertaking their national service.
    Modern day Israel was created by the League of Nations and later the United Nations you idiot. Terrorists are those who attack innocent men, women, and children – not soldiers, despite the term being applied to these Israelis. These soldiers, following orders from the British government at the time turned away survivors of the worst hell inflicted on any people who were seeking refuge. Frankly if I was in that situation I too would attempt to destroy anybody who could act that way. How Britain can view itself as in any way justified for doing what they did is self delusional, much less ‘the victims of terrorism’.

    Perhaps it’s karma that so much of the Empire has been lost since then, and now Britain thinks it can moralise on the subject of land.

    I bet Ahmadinejad and the rest of the genocidal Mullahs must give thanks for the BBC every morning.

    BBC = BeelzeBub Communications (Lord of the Flies/Satan)


  6. deegee says:

    “if you didn’t keep peddling the myth that Israel is some holier-than-thou state surrounded by evil Ay-rabs”.

    Myth? I would call it objective analysis.
    According to Freedom House Israel is the one state in the Middle East and Africa rated as free. On a scale of 1 (most free) to 7 (least free) it receives a 1.5. Four countries: Morocco (4.5), Tunisia (3.5), Lebanon (4.5) and Kuwait (4.5) are rated partly free. The rest 21 countries, 347 million people …


  7. deegee says:

    Pity that no one is discussing the actual event.
    Some former military/ intelligence officers disagree with the current Prime Minister and Defense minister about the nature of an existential threat. Their language is intemperate but this is not unusual in a Israel’s rough and tumble democracy.
    There is also a little personal animosity here. Netanyahu derangement syndrome (closely related to Bush derangement syndrome) is alive and well among the group of people who can’t get over the fact that the majority of the electorate preferred him to them (or if the truth be known Menachem Begin to Yitschak Rabin in 1977).
    The bottom line (as it is in every organised society) is that the men at the top have to weigh conflicting advice and make a decision. Clearly that decision has not yet been made.


  8. Hi Fed Up. Its Sunday afternoon. I have a nice glass of wine and switched on my computer. Went to B BBC for some intelligent reporting and intellectuality stimulating comments. But s..t I found your post. In the land of global warming and drought, where we have the wrong kind of snow that closes down our railways in winter and the wrong kind of rain that does not seep into our Reservoirs and it has rained for every day in the last 21 days where I live. But still we have a hosepipe ban. Can I say Mr/Ms Fed Up I am also Fed Up with a…h…s like you. The brain dead Brit who cannot see beyond his nose. Who swallows the corn shoved down his gullet by the BBC to fatten his liver for halal meat. Who believes that the BBC gives us the ‘the best TV in the world’. Personally I like Al Jazeera for news, its coverage reaches parts of the world BBC never penetrates because its too busy masturbating and at least I know where its coming from. It makes no hypocritical claim to ‘Olympian impartiality’. Get over it wanker everybody has an agenda. Now I have been to the third gay marriage in Israel. Go to Google images and put gay rights marches Israel. There was one in Jerusalem. Then put in the same for any Arab country or Iran. Finally put in the hanging of gays, for Israel and then all Arab countries and Iran. The great Arab Spring ( god bless the BBC for this great lie) has the Egyptian parliament debating a law that will make it legal for a man to have sex with wife up to 6 hours after her death. Since the nice moderate Muslim Brotherhood (as the BBC calls them) and the Salafist who dominate the parliament are also debating bring in Sharia law that will allow girls to be married a the age of their Menarche ( this could as young 9 years old) as Rod Liddle suggests today perhaps they will practice ‘joined government’ by passing a law that allows men to kill their 9 year old brides and have sex with them up to 6 hours there after. As the father of 2 daughters this is not a world I have much tolerance for. Thank god for Israel. They are manning our front line in the war against the ‘wrong kind of spring’. God bless my adopted country the UK and God bless the USA.

    lots of love
    John Paul Jones


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  10. PATRICIA JONES says:

    While the rest of the western world lives in a dreamlike state – refusing to remove their blinkers – the Nightmare that is Islam is gathering its dark forces to bring about such an awakening as we have never imagined. Then it will be too late. Israel is the only Democracy the Middle East has produced – surrounded by the Hounds from Hell. Israel should be supported all the way, until the P.A and Hamas agree to a Peace Treaty…..and even then Israel should have our support……because you will never be able to trust the Arabs 100%. So all you Dim Wits that decry Israel – you aren’t too smart are you. Who are the terrorists in this World – why they are RADICAL ISLAMISTS.