Ethical Woman

Rowlatt is an unusual name, so it didn’t surprise me to learn that Bee is Justin’s other half. Bee is a BBC World Service producer, so should she really be participating in the Palestinian Festival of Literature (affectionately known as PalFest) as Hadar Sela recounts here? Not that anyone could object to a lovely cultural festival of booky wooks written by the Guardian’s favourite authors, poets, and literary geniuses.

Or could they?

When does a literary fest become a hate-fest? When it’s full of Guardian writers, Pro-Palestinian activists and anti-Israel propagandists.

The PalFest website states:

‘“For the first time, PalFest will conduct activities in besieged Gaza, where Palestinians continue to resist Israel’s illegal blockade which has transformed the occupied Gaza Strip into the world’s largest prison camp. PalFest is a sign of the growing solidarity across borders in our struggle against racism and oppression. Intellectuals and writers played a key role in ending Apartheid in South Africa; likewise, Arab cultural figures are visiting Gaza this year to show solidarity with Palestinian academics and artists in support for their call to increase the global BDS campaign against apartheid Israel.”

“On behalf of the Palestinian Campaign for the Academic and Cultural Boycott of Israel(PACBI), we deeply appreciate the Arab writers’ principled and consistent support for the Palestinian civil struggle for justice and peace in Palestine.”

“British authors Rachel Holmes and Bee Rowlatt will lead extended creative writing workshops in Birzeit with the Palestine Writing Workshop.”

So, BBC World service producer Mrs Ethical Man is promoting the  ill-conceived, mendacious smear that multicultural Israel resembles South Africa under apartheid, and campaigning for BDS. Nice.

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10 Responses to Ethical Woman

  1. chrisH says:

    I for one won`t forget Justin Rowlatts “ethical man” pose when in China, and the faces of the peasants more than happy to give him his shovel to muck out the pigs.
    The look of contempt and bewilderment-and the mockery of him by the commune-said all we need to know about why China will be the coming world power, and why Britain will be fanning their new overlords with sustainable windmills.
    Turns out Robert Pestons “wife” works for 5Live…small gene pool up there at the BBC…must be that Islamic influence of keeping the gene stock pure.


  2. George R says:

    INBBC’s ‘Ethical woman’ supports Islamic jihad HAMAS, and boycott of Israel.

    No more need be said about INBBC’s pompous, sickening ‘ethics’.


    • john in cheshire says:

      I know what you mean, but there is much to be said about the bbc’s jew hatred and muslim love. These same ‘people’ just don’t get it that if their muslim amours ever gain sufficient power, they, the bbc lovers, will be the first to experience the love that muslims give to infidels and kafirs.
      Now, I want to see muslims defeated but I also want to see bbc personnel suffer under muslim control; which one is best? There’s only one way to find out…..


  3. Dave s says:

    The whole lot of them .Media,arts,writers ,musicians etc etc are all beyond all reason. They are lemmings blindly following each other into the darkness of anti Semitism and worse. They can’t help it. It is in their wretched genes.
    Is is their pathetic need for peer approval or are they just stupid.
    I suppose they would get off on seeing Tel Aviv in flames.


    • David Preiser (USA) says:

      Not all musicians are beyond reason. Just most…..


  4. chrisH says:

    Thankfully, there are plenty Shepherds, Sues, Murrays and Phillips types available online to give us the truth…which makes Radio Gaga and Isvestia/West London and Salford utterly bankrupt in terms of influence on most of us.
    When the same BBC organs would want us to vote for a tax-dodging grade 1 hypocrite who wants to turn their city into a “Beacon of Islam”-and hate or neuter the only nation in the Middle East that is worth the sand it`s built on; then it is high time to take the BBC apart , stone by stoner!
    As Shepherd says at the end of his article-there will be a reckoning for the BBC soon….I have not forgotten Cast Lead, Balen and the other slaps and spits since 2001, when I finally woke up to all this.


  5. Jack deM says:

    Re: Tom Watson has jumped the gun and compromised the very essence of the Parliamentary Committee system by insisting that Rupert Murdoch is “unfit to run a major news organisation”.
    May I suggest that this same Parliamentary Committee have a full investigation into the suitability of the BBC to run a Major News Organisation, with particular emphasis
    on its meeting its obligation of the Royal Charter.

    And pigs might fly?


  6. ltwf 1964 says:


    isn’t that just another name for al beeb?


  7. George R says:

    INBBC’s Justin ROWLETT (‘Unethical Man’) had interview with ex-PM of Malaysia recently, where Rowlett unethically CENSORED out the information that Mahathir bin MOHAMED is a Muslim who holds Islamic ‘ethical’ views like this:

    “The true source of Malaysia’s antisemitism”

    (‘Jihadwatch’, July 2011)

    This was J. Rowlett (Feb 2012):-

    (For INBBC’s Rowletts, their politics are all part of an anti-Israel piece.)