I posted here on a BBC Today entirely contrived all-Labour debate on whether Louis Mensch was RIGHT to say that the declaration that Rupert Murdoch was “not fit to run an international company” had NOT been debated by the Parliamentary Committee set up to review this. Paul Farrelly plainly stated she was wrong and that it HAD been discussed in formal debate. The following day, the BBC invited Louis on to discuss the abuse she had gotten on Twitter, but then gave her the opportunity to put her case on the Murdoch line. She repeated it had NOT been discussed. But dear old Auntie has a real dog in this fight so this morning, on Today, up pops Tom Watson and he was allowed to state that the issue had been discussed in formal session and that therefore Mensch is mistaken or lying. This is the subtle way the BBC works, it has been hell bent to ensure that the Labour gets the last word on this issue and has obliged at every opportunity.

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  1. Guest Who says:

    Louise, as she is all woman from where I am looking.
    As to lying, if the BBC is into semantics on this, post Murdoch/Brown/Neil, if Watson is their best dog in the fight… I’ll go with anyone else but the BBC/Labour version until proof positive is clarified.


  2. John Anderson says:

    Watson’s point is semantic. Louise Mensch said that the Committee had never discussed the idea of stating that Murdoch was “unfit” over many many months.

    What appears to have happened was that Watson himself tried to bounce the Committee into inserting “unfit” into the Committee’s report. The amendment came up on Monday of this week – and was entirely properly rejected out of hand by the Tories on the Committee. Essentially without discussion of the merits or otherwise of the case against Murdoch.

    Louise Mensch has already nailed the Paul Farrelly lie. Hopefully she will now nail Watson.

    But the BBC will likely not report anything further from Louise Mensch. They have floated their “truth” – the whole BBC approach is to besmirch Murdoch by any means, fair or foul.

    As someone said on an earlier thread, Murdoch’s lawyers will be watching all this like hawks. The dissembling by Farrelly and now by Watson will be added to the arguments being put to Ofcom. Louise Mensch let the cat out of the bag, that all this was a sordid Committee manouvre led by Watson.

    We know that the Chairman of the Committee had no casting vote on the matter as there was no tie. As usual – the spineless LibDem member blew it. But John Whittingdale as Chairman surely ought to make clear what actually happened.


    • Guest Who says:

      ‘ought to make clear what actually happened’
      That all this is out there being spun as news when what actually happened appears as yet unknown still goes to the dark heart of what passes for ‘news’ these days…. especially from our genetically impartial Labour loudmouth PR agency.


    • GotItAboutRight says:

      I haven’t quite worked out what I make of Louise Mensch generally but on the point of whether the “fit person” question was discussed during the sessions before the final committee session on Monday she has done well. She also asked Labour’s Jim Sheridan the same thing on Newsnight on Tuesday, and he had to concede rather sheepishly that the question hadn’t been discussed before Monday – presumably someone else who is mistaken or lying in a world where only Tom Watson tells the truth.


      • hippiepooter says:

        Has anyone yet asked Gordon Brown heavy Tom Watson if he thought Gordon Brown was a fit person to be Prime Minister.

        Watson, a political thug still doing Brown’s dirty work on Murdoch. Hell hath no fury as a political monstrosity scorned.


    • The General says:

      “Louise Mensch has already nailed the Paul Farrelly lie. Hopefully she will now nail Watson.”

      Her actually ‘nailing’ the lie and the BBC reporting it as such are two different things.
      She will no doubt do the former, they will no doubt fail to do the latter


    • David Preiser (USA) says:

      Mensch seems to be getting the apostate treatment.


  3. Roland Deschain says:

    Doesn’t Tom Watson claim to have been hacked? Which hardly makes him impartial in this matter. Yet he is considered a suitable person to sit in judgement over Rupert Murdoch, and is more or less given the run of the BBC airwaves to do so.


    • GotItAboutRight says:

      Tom Watson – vested interest? You’ll be telling me he’s got a book coming out about it next!


      • Mat says:

        Already out on the 19th April
        And it looks like he pre released privileged information !! nice trust worth man !


        • Precisely – that was the big thing on guidos blog this week in which he pre announced that the committee would rule against Murdoch.

          Watson is wrong on so many levels. Hacked as well as having a book out on the matter. But for me the telling bit is that Watson is the Deputy Chairman of the Labour Party and worse still is the National Campaign Coordinator. In other words he has a key role in shilling for the party at every opportunity.
          Which might explain why a certain Mr Watson is the one Labour party figure who seems to have cropped up again and again and again on this subject.

          Oh – there’s that whiff again folks!


    • johnnythefish says:

      And he has so much experience himself of running a large multinational company.


  4. Socialist head cheerleader is unhappy, journalism geeks fall over themselves in ecstasies over the date with her they’ll never get.

    If she was a fat frump a la the normal socialist menopausal trogloharpies no one would give a bangladeshi armpit what she said, thought or did.


  5. Beeboidal says:

    A tale of two tweets.

    Farrelly appears on the Today programme and insinuates that Louise Mensch is lying about the ‘not fit’ amendment not being discussed. Louise Mensch tweets

    Louise Mensch ‏ @LouiseMensch
    Radio 4 today asked me for a quote but said they would not have me on; a great pity as we did not discuss “fit and proper”.tom_watson ‏ @tom_watson

    No, Louise, they were stitching you up. They were never going to give you the opportunity of an instant reply to Farrelly’s assertion. Subsequently, Mensch received a load of Leftoid abuse on Twitter. I think this may have influenced Today’s decision to have her on the next day.

    Following Mensch’s appearance on Today, Tom Watson tweets

    Good morning @BBCr4today Are you going to allow me to clarify my position? I think @LouiseMensch has given you a partial account of events

    You bet they are, and so up he pops today. As for Farrely’s original assertion on Today, here is what the Guardian laughably calls standing up for his account.

    Later Farrelly stood by his account, suggesting Mensch’s version of events was correct in fact but conveyed a misleading impression

    So there you are. In Leftyworld you can be correct in fact but still wrong.


    • Guest Who says:

      No, Louise, they were stitching you up.’
      Easily done when you control the pre-pro meeting, on-air mic and post-edit.
      As the recent Today abortion ‘debate’ showed, if the home team gets pwned, the BBC’s tweet followers crank up a mass bleat and get back a rebuttal to move on from as soon as the coast is clear and the person making actual sense and fair points has left the building.
      Shameless. Uniquely so.
      ‘correct in fact but conveyed a misleading impression’
      Another for my growing list of great quotes from those who speak for… at… to us, using a very unidirectional megaphone.


  6. Richard Evans says:

    If the amendment were introduced with 30 seconds to the end of the discussion then Watson would be telling the truth but not as non-politicians understood it.


  7. ltwf 1964 says:

    for anyone like Watson to accuse anyone of being “unfit” for anything……..don’t make me laugh

    quite apart from being unfit to be in Westminster in any capacity higher than janitor and toilet cleaner,he’s clearly a bit of a pie muncher

    so unfit in oh so many ways


    • Wayne X says:

      I have the highest respect for janitors and toilet cleaners and feel you have made an unfair slur upon them. They do good honest work which is vital for us all.

      The next thing is pies. I am very partial to a good pie or pasty, with or without VAT.

      The last thing is Tom Watson.

      Tom Watson was a campaign organiser for the Labour Party and drew criticism for ‘dirty’ tactics.
      Tony Blair was quoted as saying that Watson was “disloyal, discourteous and wrong”.
      Watson claimed the maximum £4,800 allowance for food in a single year. No surprise there!
      Watson and Iain Wright claimed over £100,000 on the apartment they share from 2005-2009.
      On 27 November 2011, Watson’s website published Alastair Campbell’s evidence that was due to be presented to the Leveson Inquiry but blamed Guido Fawkes.

      By Labour standards an all-round jolly good fellow.
      Thanks to Wikipedia.


      • Guest Who says:

        I am all for judging people on their actions, but there is something in the company they keep or, in the case of the BBC, those they support, or, worse, act in distraction or concealment for.
        Best I can judge, the BBC is in the tank.. cess pit… up to its neck with such as Watson, Abbott, Vaz, Bryant, Livingstone, etc.
        These are who we are served, and these are who we see taken from publicity to power.
        Not an association I’d say the BBc should be especially proud of, professionally.


  8. DJ says:

    This is why they’re called the ‘Drive By Media’.

    They lead with banner headlines sliming the target d’jour then when the right comes back with a rebuttal they can argue that the news agenda has ‘moved on’ and therefore it’s old news and anyone who questions the narrative is an obsessive political train spotter. So, say what you like about the Blairite feminist fraudcon, but she’s shown exactly how to deal with these tactics: stand up and shoot them in the face.

    Meanwhile, it looks like ‘Max’ Watson – named after his expense claims – has now been invited on to Today twice, despite refusing the first time, while Mensch can’t even get on the once.


    • DJ says:

      OK, technically, she’s been allowed on, but only if she agrees to join the pile on us naughty netziens.


    • johnnythefish says:

      ‘Stand up and shoot them in the face’. The number of times I’ve fantasised about that one. Oh, you didn’t mean literally. Damn.


  9. chrisH says:

    “Correct in fact, but conveyed a misleading impression”.
    Farrelly “suggested” this , but the Guardian saw fit to print this amazing statement.
    This needs an inquiry surely…did the boozy brawler actually say this Orwellian masterpiece?…is he happy for the Guardian to print what it was that he intended to say(some big words here for a Labour MP…sounds like Blair/Rusbridger to me)…and is there anyone in Labourleftieland that cares one jot about Newspeak as being spun these days?
    Truly creepy, but any Tory worth his salt would stick this through the forehead of the lefty scum that spout it.
    Anyone seen Norman Tebbit?


  10. London Calling says:

    Government by PR men, for PR men, none of them give a toss about the truth, just the daily grind pushing to party-political narrative. bBC is all over Milliband’s “council election triumph” like a tramp on a bag of chips, and how the electorate have taken revenge on the Coalition. Boris’s likely triumph as mayor – against the tide – the man to replace Cameron, is relegated to a lower bullet point. . To the bBC there is only one story. Labour’s long march back to power has begun. Champagne corks popping in Beebland


    • chrisH says:

      Desperate Beeb puffery.
      Like blowing up the lungs of a corpse through a straw.
      The BBC are truly desperate for us to love their champions aren`t they?…and will say anything to get their dream of everlasting lavender socialism.
      Assuming that their lack of interest in Kens return is because he`s lost….that stench of decay and lost causes seems to upset their delicate constitutions.
      If only the whiff of hypocrisy was all they could detect…they`re rather partial to that one.
      If that was a Labour victory…well, it only shows what small potatoes the political irrelevancies at the BBC and in the Labour Party/Guardian are happy to snaffle from the landfill…desperate, as I say!


  11. Leftie-Loather says:

    Even a self admitted Guardian reading leftie lawyer in the audience of QuestionableTime last night said furiously that super-self righteous Tom Watson was bang out of order and that Louis Mensch (I would) was right.


    • chrisH says:

      Bet the BBC weren`t expecting his tuppence worth.
      He probably got pushed to the front of the vox pox when he ticked the “Guardian reader” and “Lefty lawyer” boxes for that nice researcher.
      Imagine no intern held HIS umbrella for him on the way out of the studio, and eggy looks at the office this morning.
      The Project is NOT to be trifled with, not made to look foolish hypocrisy like this….the Left truly hate mockery-no sense of humour whatsoever.
      Which makes them ever needier for the views on this site…TRUE Public Broadcasting.


      • John Anderson says:

        how far into the programme was that ? I never watch Question Time, I would rather clean out blocked sewer drains


        • Leftie-Loather says:

          So would I if doing so was more hilarious than watching the comedy of the week – made even funnier this week after I learnt Dimbledore was a Bullingdon Club member back in his student days and yet strangely i’ve never heard any leftie ignoramus have a dig at him about.
          Still, even Dimbledore’s comedy this week couldn’t quite beat side splitting loser Livingstone’s performance on the telly a couple of hours ago trying to claim the BritishBrainwashingCorporaton was really Tory biased and helped Boris beat him! I mean we all know crybaby Ken’s a complete fuckin crackpot but I never thought i’d ever hear the crazy twat confirm it himself!


  12. Guest Who says:

    Just visited the vast new, faster, easier better debating chamber that is Newsnight’s FaceBook page…
    Was Murdoch’s ‘fitness’ discussed?
    Louise Mensch MP says the Culture Media and Sport select committee never discussed whether Rupert Murdoch was a fit person to run News Corporation.
    And so far 5 out of 25,000,000 have leapt in where our national broadcaster has been unable to answer.


  13. Cassandra King says:

    Odd how Tom Watson appears to have appointed himself some kind of judge Dredd overlord, he is the front man and the others seem almost invisible cardboard cut outs.


    • Robin Rose says:

      He’s a bully. You’d be amazed at how far that gets you in politics, just look at “Lord” Prescot.


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