13 Responses to UNBIASED TO THE CORE…..

  1. Merlin says:

    Evan Davis = eager to talk reluctant to listen. I’m always charmed to note on the way to work every morning the wonderful knack Mr Davis possesses for interviewing himself on the Today program. He’ll ask a loaded question and within seconds will interject with his answer. Alas, what we’re left with is the narcissistic Evan Davis Show where the emphasis is more on the sound of his own voice as opposed to what his guests contribute.


  2. jonuk says:

    when you have a bum bandit working at the BBC, they’re bound to be unbiased


    • Scott says:

      Where’s Martin when you need him? At least his brand of repetitive, uninspired homophobia had at least a tinge of humour about its absurdity…


  3. JAG says:

    Lets face it guys, the only unbiased part of The Today Programme is the Weather Forecast!


    • David Vance says:

      That can be biased too! They like to put in little ATW references where poss!


    • … the only unbiased part of The Today Programme is the Weather Forecast!
      I’m sure I remember hearing that the hottest March since who-cares and the wettest April since the last one being blamed on those evil Tory-led coalition government spending cuts.


  4. Span Ows says:

    Isn’t that a really old tweet or has he repeated what someone else said last year/some budget with Osborne?

    And anyway, what do you mean, they did this all the time with Gordon brown…

    Nurse! :mrgreen:


  5. Scott says:

    Yes, it’s well over a month old. And looking back at the running order of the Today programme, the attempt at humour by juxtaposing two news stories of the day becomes obvious.

    And yes it’s a weak joke to make: but I’d say that raking up a weeks-old tweet in a way that deprives it of context is even weaker.


    • Guest Who says:

      ‘I’d say that raking up a weeks-old tweet in a way that deprives it of context is even weaker.’
      Does the strong precedent of not raking up anything out of context only apply here, and not to £4Bpa ‘news’ organisations?
      I am guessing the answer to that will be ‘yes’, on that unique basis that has come to be known and loved from our most trusted to be hypocritical network, possibly as almost all ‘business’ it conducts, from gossip-gathering to selective dissemination and campaign-rallying, is conducted via this medium.
      And citing howlers constantly committed by the BBC diaspora over the last few weeks should thus be deemed unsporting.
      Various footyballists and pols targeted on this basis by Aunty’s finest will be breathing a sigh of relief, for which they will be adding their thanks to mine for your latest valued contribution, if for different reasons.


    • RCE says:

      Don’t tell me: there’s now a statute if limitations on BBC bias.

      And btw, Scott; getting a reply from ‘Audience Services’ within a month would be a swift turnaround. I’ve still not had a reply to several complaints going back to May 2011.


      • Scott says:

        Ah well, if there’s no statute of limitations, then David Vance still has the opportunity to apologise for misleading everybody about a Scottish comedian making an anti-Thatcher joke on BBC2 that turned out to have be an English comic on a non-BBC channel.

        Or for once calling me a “video nasty”.

        Or for demanding my address when he thought he could intimidate me.

        Of course, an intelligent honourable man would not have done any of those things in the first place. But Vance could still redeem himself by once, just once, acting like an adult and apologising.

        He won’t though. He never does. Because honesty and integrity are things he demands in others but does not appear to possess himself.


  6. GotItAboutRight says:

    It’s easy to dismiss it as the catty little joke it is (and a joke it may have been but would he have said it of e.g Brdendan Barber on a day of industrial action?) but what is more aggravating is that I suspect it is dishonest. And if I did want to test the honesty of it, and ask him whether in fact he had gained from the budget, in particular from the cut in the 50p tax rate – a question I have heard him ask politicians (well, Tory ones at least) also paid from the public purse – you would get the usual indignant and deeply hypocritical refusal to disclose what he is paid.