A Biased BBC reader sent me this…

“I watched both Sky and BBC News yesterday to compare their respective ‘takes’ on the Asian rape gang subject. Both reported the sentences and both reported the Judges suggestion that there might have been racial overtones.

BBC interviewed the ex head of Dr Barnardos who reported that there was a known Asian dimension to the matter. And this had been known for some years.

However, Sky interviewed Mohammed Shafiq, the chief executive and a founding member of the Ramadhan Foundation. He made it clear that there is a problem specifically with Pakistani men who detest white girls and consider them useless. Whereas they look up to, and protect girls of their own race. He made it clear that he wanted his views to be spread far and wide, even though they would be unpopular with Pakistanis. He said that ‘Pakistanis need to stand up and be counted on this issue.’

The BBC must have had the same opportunity to report Mr Sadiq’s views, but desided not to do so. Yet this is clearly in the public interest. Once again we see the Corporation in fear of offending any Moslem minority regardless of truth. I have never quite understood what constitutes as hate crime. However, if Mr Sadiq is correct, then surely this atrocity should be considered as one.”




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29 Responses to THAT ASIAN MOMENT

  1. Span Ows says:

    Yes indeed Mr. Shafiq is correct. It is exactly this sort of outspoken truth from “within the community” that is needing and has been missing for a long time.


    • noggin says:

      shafiq comes up short pinpointing the ideology
      that gives these scum their warped views,
      maybe it all the 1st cousin marriages?,


    • Harry says:

      Shafiq deserves praise for his honestly and bravery in the matter.


      • zemplar says:

        Therein lies the problem. Someone is considered ‘brave’ for daring to say what he said. And yes, he still didn’t finger Islam’s role in gifting them their views in this…


  2. john in cheshire says:

    All well and good, but I don’t believe a word spoken by any muslim. The religion breeds lies, deceit, dishonesty and contempt for non-muslims. And I can’t see how that will ever change.


    • noggin says:

      that is islam, from its inception to today,
      if a muslim happens to be a get along guy, that is in spite of the ideology not because of it

      the ideology, poisons so much it comes into contact with … sadly, it makes one agree with your sentiments entirely.


    • Span Ows says:

      Trouble is John this sort of comment just adds to their ammo against ‘us’ and would be used by the media to EXCUSE their own cowardly not addressing of the issue.


  3. Auntie BS says:

    About 5 years ago, it would have been the BBC that would have had Sadiq on- a sensible Muslim who had the guts to speak out against the “less appealing” parts of the religion.

    Nowadays they are so **** scared of anybody criticising Islam in any way they merely wheel out faux liberals all orgasmic over the opportunity to appease the extremist elements or the extremists themselves. They cannot even call them extremists now in case it offends them- “radicals” it is.

    BBC are in growing more and more in love with the “Extreme” form of Islam- they clearly see it as some sort of jolly fun intellectual exercise and seem to have lost all sense of perspective. I know a number of Muslims who are fairly disgusted with the BBC and their obsession with cuddling up to the more “radical” adherents of their faith.


  4. Merlin says:

    Even worse than the BBC conveniently skipping the opportunity to interview one of the few Pakistanis Muslims who has commendably come out to voice disgust at this disgusting RACIST crime they instead interviewed a brain dead Pakistani youth/chav on the tea time news who could hardly string a sentence together and was obviously just picked off the street to satisfy the BBC’s pathetic ethnic balance quota. He said something like this: ‘it takes two to tango…you know, where are the parents…?’ I thought that not only was this a disgusting comment from an obvious paedostani sympathiser but what disgusting behaviour from the BBC in airing such a disgraceful and insensitive justification/excuse.


  5. bodo says:

    This story raises huge issues about immigration, multiculturalism, the police, social services and the media, but just a few days after it is as if it never happened. Not a mention in any of today’s media, except a report in the Telegraph (now removed?) that the authorities knew about this abuse in Rochdale 10 years ago and did nothing.


    • Merlin says:

      It’s the most important and worrying story in Britain today but our cowardly media have just been desperate for the dust to settle so they can quietly let the story fade from the public consciousness . But we will never forget these hideous crimes against our children and the complicity of the BBC filth, the Guardian scum and the PC Marxist police!


      • bodo says:

        Not forgetting, of course, our politicians. But perhaps they are now too dependent upon the paedophile vote to dare take any action.
        Still, rich and diverse eh?


        • wally greeninker says:

          Don’t be so cynical the government is certain to launch a inquiry, no doubt conducted by the Home Affairs Committee under its distinguished chairman, Keith Vaz.


        • Dysgwr_Cymraeg says:

          Dont ever forget that our DAVE wants another 80 million Turks in the EU. Great idea NOT!


    • Buggy says:

      Aren’t there a whole bunch of these manifestly non-racial rape trials coming up on the slate anon ?

      It’s going to be a little difficult for the MSM to pretend it’s not happening/ is an isolated incident/ the background of the accused is random and irrelevant.


      • Roger says:

        This was the story up to the end of 2010

        Beyond that and the Rochdale trial which even the stinking BBC had to report there is

        The Telford retrial

        “Nine Telford men alleged to have been involved in sexual exploitation and child prostitution are to face a series of fresh trials.

        The men, arrested in connection with the police investigation, Operation Chalice, appeared at Shrewsbury Crown Court [in the English Midlands – Ed.] today.

        They had been ordered to appear before the court after the collapse of an earlier trial at Stafford on legal grounds.

        Mrs Deborah Gould, prosecuting, told the court that the defendants in the case would now face a series of separate trials.

        The defendants include Mubarek Ali, 28, of Regent Street, Wellington; Ahdel Ali, 23, of Regent Street, Wellington; Mohammed Sultan, 24, of Victoria Avenue, Wellington; Tanveer Ahmed, 39, of Urban Gardens, Wellington; Marhoof Khan, 33, of Caradoc Flats, Wellington; Noshad Hussain, 21, of Regent Street, Wellington; Mohammed Choudry, 52, of Solway Drive, Sutton Hill, Telford; Mohammed Yunis, 59, of Kingsland, Arleston; and Abdul Rouf, 33, of Kingsland, Arleston”

        Birmingham trial and convictions

        More in Pendle

        And Operation Bullfinch in Oxford

        It’s a real paradise of diversity and no mistake


        • smell the glove says:

          You missed the baptised and seven day aventist ring (2) in Cleethorpe


          • Roger says:

            Yes that’s the thing; the typical indigenous abuser is a loner; at most very small groups. Hiding in the shadows, in front of their pc screens; loathed and hated by all; whereas for our lovely enrichers it is very much a social activity.

            Group loyalty takes complete precedence over worthless kaffir slags.

            A fine example here

            The ex-Mayor and another Labour councillor who paid such fulsome tribute to one of the rapists


            It might be objected that he didn’t know, that he acted in good faith.

            Er……no. There was an epidemic of rape, it is not just the ones who have been convicted. The initial groomers pass the victims on to their filthy uncles, cousins, friends.

            These people are all into each others business, they are all related to each other pretty well. They go back to the same village. Of course they bloody well all knew


    • Barry says:

      And now back to Doreen Lawrence, who said …..


  6. noggin says:

    it is clear that the bbc media blanket is willing to go to any lengths, to protect, paedostanis, muslims, the most abhorrent, disgusting of crimes, child gang rape …
    and mandated islamic practice, including, child murder, abduction, rabid jew hatred, hatred of the gay community, this inherrent ideological mass murder world view … NO MATTER WHAT
    how they have the nerve to criticise the bnp is beyond me, i am no fan of them but, at least they brought this into the public eye more than a decade ago.

    AND then have the gaul to trawl out extended interviews overlong dross ala Breivik, far right – far right – bnp etc etc the very next day.

    there are no words ………….


    • Merlin says:

      Well said mate! The BBC’s trying every old socialist subliminal indoctrination trick in the book. If they juxtapose enough negative right wing news snippets alongside paedostani or extremist Muslim stories then the severity will be diluted and the X Factor deadheads and amoeba-brained sheeple populace will be sufficiently brainwashed and ready for their dose of Communist groupspeak.


    • Barry says:

      “how they have the nerve to criticise the bnp is beyond me, i am no fan of them but, at least they brought this into the public eye more than a decade ago.”

      If my memory serves me right, they spoke up before Ann Cryer. They also predicted the London bombings quite accurately.

      I’m not a fan of the BNP or Ann Cryer, but credit where credit is due.


  7. George R says:

    And, in another context –

    INBBC censors the ‘M’- word here’:-

    “ICRC suspends operations in Peshawar and Karachi ”


  8. Span Ows says:

    “Was race a factor in Rochdale? Despite claims from certain quarters that we’re “not allowed to say that”, most commenters are suggesting exactly that. But on Question Time last night…”

    46 per cent of “grooming” offences in the UK were carried out by Asian men, despite Asians making just 7 per cent of the population.

    That’s all Asians, less than 2% are Pakistani and half of those approx would be men so nearly half grooming offences are by a group that make up 1% of the population. Factor in other Muslim ethnicities and it is probably worse.

    Nothing to do with race or religion though…


  9. Ian says:

    Barnado’s is hardly a reputable organisation when it comes to seeking opinions on child abuse. Any more than the NSPCC is.