Do have a read of these two reports of the brutal murder of a 25 year old football fan in London at the weekend.

There is this one, the there is this one.

Can you spot the difference? Something seems MISSING from the BBC report, can you guess what it was?Sshhhh…I think the BBC think they got away with it.

Hat-tip to the eagle eyed B-BBC reader who pointed this out to me.

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  1. Old Goat says:

    Erm, is it something to do with tint?


  2. DJ says:

    Yep, that’s Al-Beeb.

    Conservatives can’t order a pizza without the BBC claiming to detect a secret racist agenda, but a racially-pure lynch mob can seize a young white guy and hack him to death, and the BBC will samba round the elephant in the room like a finalist on Strictly Come Denying.


  3. Pah says:

    So, according to the BBC, two people were stabbed due to a ruck in a pub caused by Chelsea fans. Not, it must be said, an unheard of thing.

    No ‘fight’ outside, no disturbance in the shop next door, no heroic father shielding his son, no barbarians lynching an innocent man.

    And here’s a few stories from organisations with less money than the BBC to enable them to get the ‘whole’ story …

    Well the Kilburn Times (not the most notable rag) has a similar level of detail to the BBC but omits the footie angle.

    ITV has even less.

    This lot take the same cue as the BBC.
    In Harrow the youths were fighting because they weren’t allowed into the pub!

    Of course the Eenie Stannit could be lying and made the whole thing up but their story has a sad ring of truth about it.

    The BBC could even be telling the truth. Yeah. Right. Hands up for that option.


    • David Preiser (USA) says:

      If it turns out that a group of blacks weren’t allowed into the pub by the white patrons, and the blacks came back with violence, the ethnicity of all involved is relevant to the story. Otherwise it’s hard to tell if it’s worth reporting or not.


      • Pah says:

        Ethnicity? Well ho hum. Maybe it’s relevant, maybe not. I don’t know Dollis Hill so I can’t say if it has any racial tensions. Chelsea fans (pardon my use of the c-word) are not known for their forbareance and tolerance it’s true but enough of the team is black to suggest they aren’t that bothered by such things overly these days.

        My point was not about race anyway it was more about how little there was to the story in tupp’ney rags and how the BBC matched them. It’s almost as if one copied the other – well worth the £3B I’m sure.

        Plus, where the local papers were short on facts there was little editorialising unlike the BBC who immediately labelled the fans and said it all turned ‘rowdy and nasty’. A clear implication that the trouble started in the pub with the fans.
        Yet one or two of the little guys mentioned that there was an outside influence and the Harrow edition eludes to baseball bats.

        If the Standard is corrrect then there is far more to the story than a pub brawl and if the Standard can report it why not the BBC?


        • David Preiser (USA) says:

          Surely the point is not that the BBC is wrong for saying that the scene turned “rowdy and nasty” but whether or not it was due to race.


          • Pah says:

            Well its one of those perception things. They make it sound like the usual Head Hunter thuggery which ends with people turning their heads away.
            Move along. Nothing to see here!
            If it was a gang of white lads the stabbing is still tragic and the father still heroic surely ?
            But no, its football fans so they are rowdy and nasty. Remember they infer that the fans inside the pub were to blame – they don’t even mention any outside group, let alone their colour.

            We can guess the motives of the barbarians at the gate but they could have been just as equally been West Ham fans. The BBC don’t let us know either way.


            • David Preiser (USA) says:

              So the BBC found an easy scapegoat as a way to avoid getting into unhelpful details.


              • Pah says:

                Pretty much. But don’t under estimate their unwillingness to look past the football aspects and not even bother to find out if anything else played a part.


  4. Harry says:

    The reports are almost completely different. The BBC report almost suggests that this was a result of things getting “rowdy and nasty”, you know, typical white football yobs.


    • johnnythefish says:

      Exactly. Nice bit of ‘whitewashing’. Does anyone believe Al-Beeb wouldn’t have investigated the story for the opportunity to report – probably as headline news – a proper racist murder – you know, the sort committed by whites?


  5. Harry says:

    If it was a gang of white youths who dragged an innocent black boy out of a community centre and stabbed him to death there would be 24/7 coverage of this “racist atrocity”, with massive police investigations, laws being changed, public figures making bold statements, QT debates etc etc.


    • johnnythefish says:

      They might even have had to drag some of the 170 officers working on the Leveson Enquiry onto the case.


  6. Robin Rose says:

    In the Beeboid worldview, Britain is a racist society, thus any violence meted out by whites on blacks is racist. It follows from this that blacks are oppressed, and therefore cannot be racist. Thus blacks killing whites is not a race crime. They certainly won’t be making documentaries about this murder in 20 years’ time.


    • Pah says:

      Years ago I remember hearing a local BBC station discussing the Lawrence case. The Police had just spent £1m to not find the right people. You can guess the tone and direction of the ‘discussion’.

      Unfortunately for the BBC they had yet to learn their lesson and the programme was also a phone in.

      A mother rang in.

      She asked why the Police had not spent £1m finding her son’s killer(s)? Was it because they were black. Cue dead air and ‘oh we seem to have lost that caller’ …


  7. George R says:

    And BBC-NUJ crime agenda priorities in America today:

    -its top story is about homosexuality apparently –

    “Dharun Ravi faces sentencing in webcam hate crime”

    But BBC-NUJ censors out any report of the following crime story which FOX NEWS reports):-

    “Trial starting for Fort Hood bomb plot suspect”

    Read more:


  8. As I See It says:

    Ah, but you see you have all fallen into the trap of believing that the primary function of the BBC these days is to give us the news.
    No, no no!
    You have to understand that the Beeb is there to give us a substitute for the weekly sermon we used to receive from the local vicar.
    Ok it is all about the new religion of PC Multiculturalism but it is a religion nonetheless and the BBC want us to believe in it.
    News? Pah!


  9. bodo says:

    Nothing new about this. Goes on all the time. In December 18-year-old Danny O’Shea was chased through London by a mob of 30 black youths. He made to his front door but couldn’t open it quickly enough. They caught him and slashed his throat. He bled to death on the doorstep.

    No media outcry, the BBC couldn’t move on quick enough. All the police seemed concerned about was to say that it wasn’t racially motivated – not that they had any evidence to support such a claim.

    Still, at least police the police are investigating. They might ignore gangs of Pakistani child-rapists, but perhaps a murder is a bit harder to sweep under the carpet. Dead bodies lying around in the street are just too damned noticeable what.
    A teenager has been stabbed to death in east London after being by chased by a group.


  10. George R says:

    From USA –

    “The Rise of Black-on-White Violence”

    by ALAN CARUBA .

    Read more: Family Security Matters
    Under Creative Commons License: Attribution


  11. wally greeninker says:

    It’s the same with this Shafilea Ahmed case – the honour killing in Cumbria in 2003 that only came to court last year.
    The BBC has three entries about the story on their website: when the parents were arrested, when they pleaded not guilty and now, when the trial has commenced.

    In connection with this story the term ‘honour killing is used on only one occasion, and even then they use the phrase ‘so-called honour killing’ (this could mean that the killing has nothing to do with honour as any westerner would understand it, which is probably what the beeboid meant. It is, however, ambiguous and could mean that ‘honour killing’ is a meaningless term and that in reality there is no such phenomenon. Otherwise the impression is given that a particularly traditionalist mother and father went over the top when hey found they couldn’t force their westernised daughter to stop acting in a way that they believed brought shame on the family.

    According to Nonie Darwish, each year, 5000 girls are murdered throughout the Muslim world by their own families in ‘honour killings’ – these are the recorded cases – she believes as many again go unreported. Every Muslim girl is aware that it goes on (and is, indeed, permitted by sharia law) and usually modifies her behaviour accordingly.

    The institution arrived in this country with Islamic immigration but the BBC thinks that this tool for coercing the younger generation of the female sex through violence , in connection with this case, only worth a casual, half-hearted mention. Heaven forfend that they should connect it to other similar cases.

    Also, look for the word ‘Muslim’ in any of the articles and I’m afraid you will be disappointed.


  12. wally greeninker says:

    link for above:

    (previous entries given on web page)


    • RCE says:

      Just now copied the link but you beat me to it. ‘Spot the Missing Word’ isn’t very exciting whe. It comes to BBC reporting.


  13. Merlin says:

    YET another reason on the list (which is growing at an exponential rate) to get rid of the censoring, politically correct BBC.


  14. john in cheshire says:

    It sounds to me like a case of blacks killing and injuring whites and getting away with it. Where’s chakrabati? where’s diane abbott? where’s rowan williams? where are the people who normally cry out loud about racist attacks? We’re on our own and we’d better start to protect ourselves on that basis. If the police don’t arrest the blacks who did this, if the courts don’t convict the blacks who did this, if the judge doesn’t sentence the blacks who did this, then we have no justice in our land and we’ll have to make our own justice.


    • bodo says:

      John, can I respectfully suggest that your post might be seen as a tad provocative?


      • John Pierre says:

        Maybe, but he has a point.


      • dez says:

        bodo, can I respectfully suggest that “john in cheshire” doesn’t deserve any sort of “respect”.

        This is what he said on a blog post about Baroness Uddin:

        “Yet another wog given power by the socialsts shit of this country. Mrs. Wog shit. fuck off because if you don’t we, the indigenous peoples of this country will surely fuck you up. you and your immigrant shitstock will be extirpated without mercy. You fucking wog shit. you are not fit to live in a civilised society. Long live the anglo-saxon, celtic gene pool.goddamn the ethnic contamination.”

        Sound familiar?


        • ltwf 1964 says:

          and dezzie likes his own post



        • Dysgwr_Cymraeg says:

          Thank you Dez, I didn’t know about that blog. But I do now.


          • Wayne X says:

            So ‘John In Cheshire’ was provocative was he?
            And he was rude (allegedly) on another blog!
            Well bless my soul it just will not do will it Dez?
            I would have thought a black gang dragging a young white guy out of a pub and stabbing him to death was just a tad more provocative but not in your mind eh Dez? Your very first comment on this thread was to criticise someone who says we will have to start defending ourselves.
            John might be offensive, not be able to use his spell checker and his grammar may not be to your liking but this country is in a nasty place and I know who I would want fighting in my corner if the authorities and the media, with the BBC at his head, continue to ignore the problems of racism and murder against the indigenous white population.


  15. Merlin says:

    It was the same with the mealy mouthed censored reporting of the HIV epidemic in London in the late ’90s. Everyone, with more than one brain cell, knew the reasons behind the surge BUT no one would dare mention immigration for fear of being branded racist and incompatible with the multicultural LIE (which has now infested this once great country). The MSM are largely to blame for this mass-censorship that blights our culture. At present, the only ethnic group profile that the BBC openly associates with a suspected crime is ‘White British’ – the ethnicity of Blacks (and those of a certain sensitive religion discussed here regularly) are curiously omitted from the most serious of reports for fear of offending minorities; disgraceful!
    What more evidence does one need that we are living in an extremist left wing state the onset of which has been subtle and incremental thus passing the populace at large quietly by. And, I must say, the subliminal indoctrination has been executed with skill by the left – thus we now have a ridiculous situation where you can’t tell the truth for fear of offending someone’s feelings. It would be quite laughable if only the situation didn’t possess such oppressive ramifications for the indigenous people of this country.


  16. peter says:

    I have only opened my eyes to the bias since the riots. It was so obvious then, that it was impossible to deny. I found this page by googling the crime and adding the word “biased” as i also immediately saw that the bbc ommited race and wanted to make it sound like a rowdy football hooligan brawl with whites being the perps. Nowerdays i google every crimminals name the bbc give sketchy details of and again and again they are a minority. The white crimminals have huge mug shots next to the victim. The bias is not paranoia it is real. So real it has to be deliberate. My country sickens me with its lies.


  17. peter says:

    I have lost faith in my country. The people who should be protesting ie us cannot as we are enslaved by our jobs. We can’t camp out for months and still pay a mortgage. My children will go to a school similar to the scenes in “kidulthood” and my culture that is thousands of years old will be diluted and then finally destroyed in around 50 years time due to birthrates and immigration. To complain is to be labelled racist. Racist! It is now racist to be patriotic, to care about your nation, to be proud of the countless inventions and rules of law we gave the world. To want anything but a mixed culture means i am a racist nazi just for wanting to feel like i am at home when i come back from holiday abroad. Not to mention the spiraling crime that is now just the norm. I remember when things were different. My children won’t.


    • George R says:

      And Britain is being colonised, with public broadcasting connivance, by a violent, alien ‘culture’.


  18. peter says:

    No report in londons free metro paper. No repprt website. Bbc now has a video. No details of ethnicity of perps. All interviewed were white. Closes out with long parting shot of a black police officer. Also the bbc only has this article under regional london page with zero reporting on its main page. You would not find it simply by checking the main news page on the bbc even under the “england” section. They have a big article with a nice big picture detailing the effors of a black mother who is setting up a charity to combat gang culture. She is in manchester but that is not regionalised and hidden.


  19. George R says:

    More ‘compare and contrast’ showing how BBC Democrat manipulates its political propaganda news in USA.


    1.) it still leads on a case about homosexuality:

    “Rutgers webcam spy Dharun Ravi sentenced to 30 days”

    2.) it calls violent ‘Occupy’ in Chicago, merely ‘activists’.


    1.) it censors out reporting this:

    “Ohio: Muslim pleads guilty to misunderstanding Islam, plotting to fund Hizballah, gets six years of prison dawah”

    2.) it censors out reporting this:

    “Would-be Fort Hood jihad mass murderer wears mask in court to prevent him from biting his lip and spitting blood on jailers”


  20. Shevva says:

    I know, I know it’s right wing but reading this :-

    it seems that someone form the pub popped out at half time for a packet of fags, got abused and probably said something back to one/some of these yoofs so they went and got all there mates.


  21. Jeff says:

    Only a few short years ago such an unspeakable act of wicked barbarism would have been headline news for weeks.
    Nowadays it seems almost common place.
    The BBC are the enemy within, fifth columnists embeded in our culture.
    Just imagine twenty armed white thugs smashing into a black club and dragging out a young black man and hacking him to death. We would never hear the last of it. They would have the saintly Mrs Lawrence, Shami, Trevor Phillips, Diane Abbot and if we got really lucky Rosie Boycott and Billy Bragg would put in an appearance.


  22. peter says:

    6 men have now been arrested. Bbc updated when it became 4 from 3. They seem to have lost interest…….


  23. peter says:

    The BBC seem to have forgotten to report about 6 gang related stabbings in Hackney within 24 hours.. Odd… They did report about a cracked ceiling in the MPs cafe…