Did you see this?

The threat of industrial action by BBC journalists and technicians during the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee weekend in June has been withdrawn. Unions had balloted for a strike over a “derisory” pay deal. But the NUJ, Bectu and Unite unions have now released a joint statement with the BBC saying they had agreed to “key principles” on pay, performance ratings and redeployment.

I wonder why UNITE get such an easy ride on the BBC…..?

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6 Responses to COMRADES UNITED

  1. As I See It says:

    Go on Beeboids, do your worst and go on strike!
    Be my guest.
    Then I can watch the Jubilee on ITV or Sky News and Britons who wish to can celebrate in peace without Bon Pensant BBC nourished 4th form debating society champions banging the drum of republicanism.


    • Mat says:

      Oh now be fair all 6 of the the 4th form debating society champions need all the help they can get for their dead dull utterly ignored rants !
      Still as they all work for the Beeb I assume they get payed for bank holiday class war!!


    • johnyork says:

      The BBC will do it’s worst :
      Simply by not going on strike.


  2. George R says:

    Even BBC ARABIC (of Mecca-facing, East Wing of Broadcasting House, London) is not on strike at moment.

    “BBC Arabic staff continue strike.” (2011)


  3. Merlin says:

    It’s about time the British public went on strike from paying the TV License fee. Cheeky buggers!


  4. Leha says:

    Pity, It might have included the olympics too.

    (peoples games my arse)