This rather interesting take on BBC reluctance to say anything critical of Obama was brought to my attention by one of our regular readers;

“Another failure by the Obama administration which is causing outrage over The Pond, yet the name of Ali Musa Daqduq cannot be found on the BBC News search engine.

and a video of Alan West appears here:

It’s as if the BBC conceals things which show Obama in a poor light. But that couldn’t be…right?

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  1. chrisH says:

    I guess this one will go into the long grass, much as the scandal involving the arming of Mexican drug dealers, just so the anti-gun lobby could make political capital out of it.
    The Democrats come from the same box of snakes as our Labour Party…so why expect any different?
    Still-both these stories are valid surely to God….so why no Beeb coverage.
    Todays Mail on Sunday gives details of the David Painter case-a British bloke fitted up by the FBI as Obama looked on.
    Now maybe if he`d leaked a few memos, he`d be plastered all over the BBC…but because Nancy Soderberg is implicated, the BBC will say nothing.
    The Clinton Charisma Con continues-hell,even his shambles of an event in London last week got no publicity either…the guy could never do wrong could he?


  2. john in cheshire says:

    I wish the leveson enquiry would focus some of its attention on our national broadcaster.


    • Steve says:

      Well, I’m sad to inform you that the moron QC, Robert Jay had his chance with Jeremy Dickhead…sorry Dickson Paxman & adulterer Andrew Marr last week and it was pathetic. Not 1 question about the conduct of the BBC. So, please don’t expect Leveson to look at the fucking BBC.


  3. chrisH says:

    The 10pm news on Radio4 tonight led with the atrocities in Syria, then Leveson and Warsi popped up.
    Once the headlines had been read ,the World Tonight Beeboid somehow raised Syria and Hague…then before I could wipe the sink, she had segued effortlessly into ten minutes of Hunt, Leveson, Warsi and-but of course-gay marriage.
    I`m still wondering how she did this-how the hell can Leveson be linked to what happened in Syria?…and it`s all too clear which story thrills the BBC…and which goes into the expendable file under “Millie Dowler”.
    Let`s hope the poor folk of Houla get the message…if it can`t be linked to getting Mandelson back into a limousine, then it ain`t worth a damn.


  4. Teddy Bear says:

    Doctor Shakil Afridi, the man who positively identified Osama Bin Laden to the USA at the time he was living in Pakistan, making it possible for the CIA to launch his assassination, has been sentenced by the Pakistani authorities for 33 years. According to Republican Peter King, the name of the doctor was given to Pakistan by the Obama administration.

    Melanie Phillips is seething about the way this doctor has been betrayed by them. If they didn’t trust the Pakistanis enough to announce their plans before the assassination, why do they give them the name of their informant afterwards?

    There is no doubt that is it would have been Bush that committed this insanity the BBC would have been all over it, making it leading news every chance they got.

    Since it concerns Obama however, and would put him into a truer light than the BBC likes to show, they decided to avoid mentioning this little snippet.

    They do mention that Hilary Clinton ‘regretted his sentence’ but didn’t say why this ‘regret’ was expressed, making it appear that it is a kind of grammatical error, where ‘deplore’ might have been a more appropriate word. It’s only because the attached video clip has her saying this word that they use it.


  5. David Preiser (USA) says:

    Unfortunately, this will go nowhere. He got Bin Laden, after all, which in certain circles is supposed to trump everything else. Ask Mark Mardell.


  6. Reed says:

    Whilst Mardell remains wide-eyed and credulous in regard to all of Obama’s historical achievements, even some of the US MSM are beginning to tire of the hyperbole…


  7. hippiepooter says:

    Let’s see if I understand this right. This isn’t news because the ‘impartial’ MSM isn’t running with it. It’s a ‘partisan’ story because Fox is running with it.

    It’s not just releasing this terrorist that is an obscenity on legs, its the way the Obama media put a news blackout on it.


    • David Preiser (USA) says:

      Exactly, hippie. It’s a story if the US MSM is reporting it, and a non-story when they’re not, and the BBC is fully justified in following suit. Except, you know, when they don’t. Like with Cory Booker or the two books about the President, or Michelle Obama’s Marie Antionette-style vacations, or the Maldives/Malvinas gaffe, and any number of other stories the US MSM covers but the BBC censors. In those cases the BBC has no excuse.