Here is an incident which the BBC, along with other liberal media bastions like CBS,  refuses to report.  Based on the BBC’s record of selectively biased reporting, one can be certain that if those evil Jewish “obstacle-to-peace” settlers had carried out such an act, the BBC would make it their lead story!

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14 Responses to OF NO INTEREST..?

  1. Pounce_uk says:

    Oh come on what do you expect from the leftwing wankers at the bBC? To actually admit that Islam (That faith they promote as the most peaceful one going) is the most ugly,racist, bigoted and sexist one around.
    Much more PC to continue to promote the view that Non-Muslims are the problem.


    • If you wish to have your commenting rights on CiF removed, the easy way to do it is, in any Mehdi Hasson Al-Buffoon article, to link to the YouTuve videos of him going Muslamic on our asses. You will be removed sine diem, pronto. Works every time. Facts are sacred, after all…


      • The other way is, in any Climate Change article, to post links to simple graphs etc. showing it to be a bag of shite. Immediate expulsion from Eden takes place. O we of little faith.


      • NotaSheep says:

        Apparently Mehdi Hasan’s remarks were taken out of context. I have asked what the context was that made them acceptable but have not received a reply… odd!


        • Guest Who says:

          Wherever this ‘context’ is, that things get taken out of, it seems a wondrous, if mysterious place.
          Mr. Hasan, Ms. Abbott, etc all seem to have set up camp there.
          Oddly, and one has to wonder why our most trusted national ‘we see no ships’ investigative news entity seems to have noticed, this sanctuary of watertight oversight seems almost exclusively populated by those of a more golden, Eloi-hue from the politico infirmament, whilst Morlocks such as Carole Thatcher or any Conservative appear to be fair game for a ‘sources say’ allegation and public flogging no matter what.
          Plus, questions won’t be answered, of course.


      • Dysgwr_Cymraeg says:

        err…i dunno what CiF is? can you believe that: no prize for first reply!


        • Demon says:

          It’s the Guardian’s ironically named “Comment is Free”. It’s free as long as you subscribe to the same poison as them and their broadcast arm (BBC). They don’t like giving people the freedom to have a different viewpoint I believe. It’s where you can often find the BBC’s next topic of attack. I don’t read it often myself as it would negate the benefits of these blood-pressure tablets I take, but many here report on it.


          • Dysgwr_Cymraeg says:

            Oh I see, well thank you Demon, but I also believe I’m better off staying away too. many thanks
            Diolch yn fawr iawn!


  2. john in cheshire says:

    The bbc’s attitude to Christianity makes me sick. The only thing to look forward to is the mass destruction of the bbc dhimmis when the muslims feel that they have sufficient presence in our country that they can kill all the socialists with impunity. Because that’s certainly what they’ll do. And, just as there is currently a bbc reporter in captivity in some godforesaken part of the world, I couldn’t care less.


    • Teddy Bear says:

      I must admit, reading of Frank Gardner’s problems boarding a flight with Kenya Air because of his disabled status, after being shot in Saudi Arabia in 2004, I felt no sympathy for him. The way the BBC justifies the actions of Islamic terrorists and extremists, causing the deaths and suffering of many innocents, I’m glad when one of them is on the losing end of it.


    • johnnythefish says:

      As London lies in smoking ruins and fortress Broadcasting house is finally stormed, the Al-Beeboids huddle together for comfort in the shock realisation that the invading hordes do not share their values of equality, diversity, multiculturalism, global warming or any other cause they have been relentlessly pushing down the nations’ throats (Asian Network excepted) for the past 40 years.
      I was going to add ‘then the beheadings begin…..’, but that seems a bit extreme.


  3. Teddy Bear says:

    When I look at the last article posted July 2011 by the BBC on Taybeh, the Christian village referred to in the article that David linked to, I find this:
    Palestinian brewery to expand abroad
    It is the only brewery in the Palestinian territories but, against an uncertain economic and political backdrop, Taybeh beer is still going strong.

    The West Bank company sells its bottles as far apart as London to Tokyo.

    But getting its product to the international market requires negotiating time-consuming Israeli checkpoints.

    So, the company is looking to overcome the barriers by expanding its business abroad.

    Howard Johnson reports.

    It suits the BBC narrative perfectly – any problem in the Palestinian territories are due to Israel, and anything that contradicts this will be avoided if at all possible.


  4. George R says:

    INBBC’s ‘TODAY’: its political subservience to LSE and to Islam.

    Who does ‘Today’ get this morning to propagandise on Syria, but one Fawaz Gerges, of the politically infamous Middle East Centre of ‘London School of Islamic Economics’.

    Of course, INBBC provided no warning as the political orientation of this outfit, nor of its anti-Israel stance.

    Melanie Phillips (Feb 2011):-

    “The debauching of the LSE”


    “The Times (£) reports that half the board of the Middle East Centre at the London School of Economics, which has received money from Libya among other Arab dictatorships, has called for a boycott of Israel, the one democracy in the Middle East.

    It figures.”


    “Thus not just the LSE but swathes of the British academy have debauched the very notion of education, having lent themselves to libelling, delegitimising and demonising the victim of genocidal aggression in the Middle East while pocketing funding from the Arab world from which this poison unremittingly pours. This gross corruption of academic standards, and with it the mindset of the intelligentsia, sits at the very heart of the British derangement over Israel. It is truly a disgusting spectacle.”