Bless the BBC, They have finally found an “Iron Lady” that they like. No, not Thatcher, they hate her. But rather, Angela Merkel.  The BBC’s Stephen Evans was eulogising her on Today @ 8.38 and the consensus is that her quest to control the EU is a good thing. Following that, as a nod in the direction of..cough… Euroscepticism, they trooped on ..David Owen. Yes, him. His big theme was… getting Turkey to join the EU. Unbelievable. This  is Arkham Asylum on the license fee.

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6 Responses to IRON LADY FOUND!

  1. chrisH says:

    Great to see Paul Mason on Newsnight and back from sunny Seville.
    Great too that Franco still gets the blame for not getting the country ready for the Euro….as if Zapatero and other associated socialist clods and graspers had not actually been in power these last thirty years since joining the EU.
    Bloody Gaitskell eh?…failing to regulate the Banks and all.
    Besides, aren`t the socialists in power there again now?…life`s too short to check.
    Anyway-in all of Spain and with the likes of Zapatero now rumbled as the creeps that they are…trust our Paul to find his Pablo de Masono to advocate…yes, more spending, more growth and more money trees if you`d be so kind.
    His was the only game in town, apart from some pots being rattled-which somehow made more sense to me that all of Masons tropes.
    Why ban bull fighting and then let the likes of Mason talk it?…no comprendo!


  2. chrisH says:

    And as Cameron meets her in Berlin, I`ll be interested to see why Cameron has no voice at the top table…vetoes, outside the Euro etc…but Obama does…well known lover of Britain and its interests, and fearless Europhile.
    Let the BBC tease this one out for us…for that`ll be the line I`m sure.


  3. Umbongo says:

    You can see what’s happening here. Owen – a EU nutter par excellence – has been trundled on to “offer” a referendum. However, the referendum so graciously offered by the political class is not “in or out”: it’s a “choice” between the USE and a “looser” trading bloc.
    Were there to be a referendum on those terms, we’d probably opt for the trading bloc. However, it defies belief that such a bloc would not rapidly morph into an adjunct and then fully-fledged part of the EU (cf 1975 referendum approving the EEC morphing into “approval” of the EU).
    There’d be plenty of solemn reassurances and “cast iron” commitments about “so far and no further” but if you trust the political class on this (or anything else for that matter) you’ll be disappointed.


  4. chrisH says:

    Not followed Owens thinking at all-but the fact that the BBC are so quick to invite him to discuss it all further,ensures that it`ll be dodgy.
    Owen is European to his core as far as I know, so if Dragi and Ashdown aren`t pulling his strings here< I`d be surprised.
    The LibDems/SDP are unprincipled clots and have been throughout their history-from Jeremy Thorpe through to today…so "Lord Owen" can sling his hook for the moment…


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