The sickness of Mark Mardell

Words fail me. Mardell has done a blog post about the Walker result, opining that, regardless of whether or not it actually means anything for the rest of the country, it’s still a psychological boost the the Republicans. Which it is, although Mardell wants you to think they’re wrong for feeling that way. He then plays the writer’s game of asking a question so he can give his opinion without appearing to do so, wondering if this means that the unions are simply “too big for their boots”, or really are the champions of the downtrodden worker. Then he says this:

The protests that led to the recall election were portrayed by some as the renaissance of union power, and taken alongside Occupy Wall Street as sign of a new dynamism on the left. That did not work so well.

?????? “New dynamism”?

Behold what Mardell views as “new dynamism”:

New Dynamism in Madison: Rage and violence against Tea Party and Walker supporters. The guy at the start of the video urging people to get bloody is a Democratic Party Rep.

New Dynamism in Fon Du Lac, WI: Death threats against Republican pols force them to miss St. Patrick’s Day celebration

New Dynamism around Wisconsin: A comprehensive list of death threats and vandalism by unions, Democrats, and their supporters

New Dynamism from Wisconsin Teachers’ Union: Comparing Scott Walker to Hitler

New Dynamism in Cleveland: Occupiers plot to blow up bridge

New Dynamism in Berkeley: Occupiers seize university farm site and trash it.

New Dynamism in Seattle: Occupiers vandalize several downtown businesses to celebrate May Day

New Dynamism in Washington, DC: Occupy protest turns violent

New Dynamism in Portland: Occupiers bring mortars in glass jars

New Dynamism in Portland again: Occupiers tell women not to report rapes to the police

Even more New Dynamism in Portland: Band sings “F@#& The USA”

New Dynamism in Oakland: Occupiers shut down a Burger King

New Dynamism in Oakland again: A business puts up a sign showing solidarity with the Occupiers. Occupiers smash the window.

New Dynamism in San Diego: Occupiers turn violent when street vendors stop giving them free food

New Dynamism in Boston: Occupiers try to occupy Israeli consulate

New Dynamism in Los Angeles: Occupiers say “Violence will be necessary to achieve our goals”

Total arrests for New Dynamism so far: 7,263

Others are welcome to post more examples. There are many, many more.

Mark Mardell is a very sick man. He must be removed from his position.


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11 Responses to The sickness of Mark Mardell

  1. Earls Court says:

    These events are full of unemployed or underemployed college/university students. The reason most of them are in the situation they because they have worthless degrees, MA’s, PHD’s etc. If you have a degree in 14th century Italian art and can’t get a job or end up stacking shelfs at 2am in Walmart you have no to blame but yourself.
    More money is owned in the US now for student loans than credit cards, its about $1 trillion dollars. If you declare yourself bankrupt you still have to pay it. You don’t get social security, or healthcare if you still owe money. With people like these occupy losers no wonder america is in the state it is.


  2. hippiepooter says:

    I think proto revolutionary violence is what Mardell means by ‘new dynamism’.

    Of course, he’s come across the odd Tea Partier whose a bit “angry”, which makes them far more of a threat to a movement with a 7,000+ arrest record, but then again the Tea Party is almost exclusively white, which has to mean something bad and racist, otherwise Mardell and his BBC chums wouldn’t be so fond of pointing it out. The fact that the Occupy Movement is almost exclusively white is of course not worthy of comment.


  3. Louis Robinson says:

    David, in the latest open thread I took Jonny Dymond to task for his assertion that Scott Walker won because of “The lopsided campaign spending – 7-to-1 in favour of the Republicans…”.
    I asked if could he justify that statement. I now see that he was repeating claims made on MSNBC and from the Democrat spinners.
    Breitbart’s Ben Shapiro has some real spending figures:
    But the main point you and I are making – and I hope everyone who reads B-BBC should know – is that BBC America is covering for Obama big time. If you want the real story listen to David’s occasional voice pod cast here and read widely.
    Yesterday showed the real feeling in the US. Obama knows there’s a storm coming…he lost moderates a year ago, he never had the Republicans and now he’s losing his base (the unions especially) and has Clinton (Bill) undermining him.
    I LOVE IT!


  4. Earls Court says:

    Obama the worst ever US president by far. He is just a talking head. There was always something strange about him becoming president, he came out no where. A year before he become president he was a nobody. Anyway isn’t January 2013 when there is said to be financial armageddon in the USA. Obama should be relected and have to face this for 4 years. It might shut the left up probably not.


  5. David Preiser (USA) says:

    UPDATE: Sorry, I was so angry I forgot to put in the link to Mardell’s post. It’s at the top and here.

    Remember, when Mardell says “were portrayed by some”, he’s talking about his colleagues at the BBC. When did he ever refer to the Occupiers or the union mobs as “extreme” or even raise an eyebrow at any of the violence?


    • Guest Who says:

      ‘when Mardell says “were portrayed by some”,”.
      Along with ‘Crtics are saying’ to ‘A row is developing’, this past-tense, pretend external for internally-created spin is as tired as it is sadly effective.
      In the rare cases there is a person there to call them on it, few ever do, so it’s an easy first stake to drive in to help pitch a very leaky tent.


  6. Umbongo says:

    It might be that I don’t listen to Today (from about 7:30 onwards each day) assiduously enough but I can’t recall a news or Today item yesterday or today actually reporting the Wisconsin result. Certainly, if it has been reported on the flagship news/current affairs programmes, then it’s already sunk without trace. By contrast, the 2 hour slavery wait atrocity at the Jubilee was the first item on the 10:00 pm BBC1 News last night.


  7. David Preiser (USA) says:

    Funny how Wisconsin was so important before it wasn’t, eh? And then how every Beeboid has the same opinion on it: money made the difference, never mind how Walker was leading the polls before the big ad campaigns hit.


  8. Gladiatrix says:

    I think blog posts are written rather than ‘done’, and also why don’t you ask Mark Mardell directly to respond to the points you have made?

    All BBC journalists use a address so they are easy to contact.


    • David Preiser (USA) says:

      That’s the most asinine bit of pedantry I’ve read in quite some time. Saves you from having to actually address any of the points, I guess.