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  1. George R says:


    Today, INBBC neglects to mention Tunisia as birthplace of ‘Arab Spring’.

    1.) ‘Jihadwatch’

    “Tunisia: Salafis riot, attack cities, soldiers guard presidential palace.”


    2.) INBBC:

    “Tunis declares curfew after ‘Islamist’ rioting.”



  2. As I See It says:

    Roll up, roll up, roll up!
    Calling all presure groups, PC campaigners, and left-wing crackpots everywhere….come along to BBC Radio 5 and take a free hit at our expense….roll up, roll up!

    Rachel Burden this morning is more than welcoming to PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) campaigner Abi Izzard (officialy, we learn, she has changed her name to: ‘StopFortnumAndMasonFoieGrasCruelty.com.’).
    What could be troubling this commited young lady from Malvern?

    Well the BBC wants us to know. Ah it is the Danny Boyle plan for the Olympic opening ceremony. All those cows and geese and sheep are being used for the purposes of entertainment and Abi’s organisation don’t approve of that. Apparently the animals could very well be confused and distressed by the award winning director of Slumdog Millioniares’s take on Britishness.
    (Them and me both, love!).
    I tell you what though, I bet this little segment goes down as airing criticism of the Olympics in the BBC quota. Box ticked!
    Seems it just won’t be their natural surroundings. Back to the farmyard for you animal wannabes!
    From Beeboid Rachel (she must have done some research on this) we learn that the RSPCA have already given the pigs a sick note so they don’t have to take part ‘because they don’t like crowds’. I know, I almost choked on my full English!

    Speaking of which….Nicky ‘Chicken Kiev’ Campbell is still in the Ukraine at the footie. Queue discussion of the 4-4-2? No, thought not.
    Welcome to a spokesperson from Amnesty International for a free hit at the human rights of this co-host nation. Amnesty must – in BBC eyes at least – be saintly and incontradictable because Nicky coos approvingly at each and every allegation. The favoured mantra the ‘far right’ are invoked twice. What better way is there to stir the loins of this loyal Beeboid? Our Dame Nicky just can’t bear not to join in when the subject comes to the LBTGs. He tells us he has been out scouting for what he terms ‘gay culture’ and has been disappointed that although he found it in London, Berlin, Barcelona etc there’s none in Kiev. The conclusion? Need you ask? Ukraine needs more multiculturalism.
    Roll up, roll up! All left wing campaigners welcome at the Beeb! Roll up here for your free hits at our expense!


    • uncle bup says:

      Gameshow Nikki

      ‘… so I went into the classroom and one of the girls said to me, “are you famous?”. I never know how to answer that one’.

      Here’s a hint, Nikki, mate. If you have to run around telling people you’re famous, then you’re not famous.

      Hope this helps.


  3. One of the most despicable of the new BBC narratives is the disgraceful myth that the relentless jihad against christians in Nigeria is simply sectrarian violence from both sides. That vermin Will Ross, based in Nigeria (no doubt in a comfy gated expat community, complete with servants, hey mr rich BBC white man?) continues to propogate this LIE in all his rancid, bias drivel he spouts from the comfort of his gated home and from under the blanket of his hard core liberal ideals. Will and his hateful BBC chums know full well this is a relentless and concerted jihad against christians in that poor country. They are sitting ducks and are attacked almost daily. Yet the BBC continues to pretend, continues to LIE by claiming this is a general episode of sectarian violence committed by both sides.

    The BBC is (I repeat myself, I know) the single most dangerous, corrupt organisation in the UK. The BBC is almost entirely responsible for dicatating and influencing policy which is turning our once great nation into the cesspit it has become. It simply must be stopped.


    • chrisH says:

      This story must not be allowed to wither on the vine.
      I am sick of the BBC and its wilful Cyclops viewing of Islam as beyond reproach.
      If Christians were killing Muslims like this, we`d not hear the end of it.
      Maybe these cringing toadies of the left could tell me why it is that wherever in the world there is an interface where Islam rubs up against anybody else…Christian(Nigeria, Indonesia etc, etc) Sikh/Hindu(India) Han/Confucian(China), Judaism(need I say?)., Zoroastrian/Sufi(Iran)…oh for Gods ake, even the Buddhists( Afghanistan etc)…wherever Islam comes to a border…it`s a warzone!
      Yet the BBC see no common factor-wilful cringing toadies and cowardly lickspittles…as pounce says…the traitors in our midst.
      Well worth a laser inscription for the thought pods of Salford…


  4. noggin says:

    El BBC, traitorous and instigated, willing deceit, to keep FROM the public instead of reporting too them.

    Biggest traitors to the (still) majority, in this country, the white english population.
    Traitors too, to the geniune “Asian” population, lumped in to aid the SHAMEFUL protection of islamic interests, and various muslim communities complicit in the most abhorrent of crimes right here. They abhor this as was shown only the other week .
    Traitors to the Jewish community, to Israel, still the only democracy, the shining light, surrounded by murderous
    intent, both political/physical, choosing to aid propaganda, over fact.
    Traitors to the gay community, wllingly, deliberately non-reporting on the biggest continuing threat to them,
    and no its not access to “gay” marriages, still … choosing to cut off, a “gay” … rights campaigner as soon as islam/mosques are mentioned.
    Traitorous contempt for Christianity, which has insilled the values that shaped this country, time and time again.
    I think most treacherous, to the children the burgeoning minds in this country, drip drip feeding, the failed multi culti ideal, blatantly false cultural relativism, deceit in history, world affairs etc etc …
    worst of all, promoting this frankly disgusting, “watch with Allah! ” mentality.

    grrrrrr ….. i m out …. blood pressure


    • Earls Court says:

      I won’t like to be any of these lefty/cultural marxists freaks when judgement day comes, lake of fire for them and eternal damnation.


  5. zemplar says:

    Piece by David P. Goldman on the decline of Islam. I highly reccomend his book also, but this is a good starting point…



  6. Sres says:

    An interesting article on R4 Today about a computer game called Civilisation, it’s all about creating a tribe and moving them through history inventing, creating and conquering other opponents or other computer AI.

    Some bloke has played the game for 10 years (real years) and managed to get advance his community from 4000BC to 3961AD, which is quite a feat as the longer you play for the longer years take to pass (upwards of 30 minutes per year in game).

    It was interesting to hear the BBC presenter (Humf or Naughtie (not sure)), twist this game of risk and human management into a green issue where global warming is a real issue if you over industrialise your world…

    They also led us to believe that politicians are playing this game and foregoing reading history books…


    • Pah says:

      As a big fan and regular player of ‘Civ’ then I would refute the idea that AGW rears its ugly head.

      In the version I play you can ruin land by dropping nukes on it or by polluting through industry. Which is fair enough as you can also clean it and reuse it. Perhaps that is what the Beeboids dislike – the idea that it is a reversible problem?

      BTW It is a very good education in how societies progress through technological change. Maybe they should introduce it into schools …


      • Sres says:

        It wasn’t the game developers who pushed the AGW envelope, it was the R4 presenter.


  7. wallygreeninker says:

    Splendid op ed in the Commentator today:
    “Levenson inquiry will be a farce if it doesn’t deal harshly with BBC bias: the BBC is the most powerful media outlet in Britain. But it is far too big and blatantly left wing.’



  8. Umbongo says:

    For reasons I won’t go into, I was compelled to watch “Silk” last night on BBC1. It pressed all the BBC right-on buttons – well, not all, it was only an hour after all. The basic meme of the show is the contrast between the sterling qualities of women and the weakness, criminality and prejudice of men: white men obviously. Last night’s plots concerned:
    1. Plot 1: black and white women defeated by white male prejudice and echoes of Britain’s imperial past. A heroic black mother of a condemned murderer (I think he was a murderer, he was under threat of execution) in Jamaica comes to London and is represented pro bono (against the wishes of the white, working class clerk of chambers) by the series’ heroine in an appeal to the JCPC to stop the murderer’s execution. Needless to say, the JCPC is a committee of old, white (culturally insensitive) judges. The heroine’s ludicrous argument that lengthy imprisonment prior to execution represents “cruel and unusual punishment” to the murderer’s relatives is dismissed and the thug is executed. Again, almost needless to say, the fact that there is an avenue of appeal which survives from the days of Empire is given a drive-by kicking by the heroine.
    2. Plot 2: a Moslem girl is exonerated by the female defence and prosecution lawyers when it is discovered that the guilty parties are the male members of the girl’s family who happen to be drug dealers under surveillance by the police. The moral: honour killings happen in the Moslem community but, in reality, only genuine criminals get involved and, anyway, women are never complicit but play along through fear. That reason for complicity may be true up to a point but, in the reports on honour killing trials that I’ve read, it seems that the women perps are just as keen to maintain the family’s honour as the men. And, oh yes, the police are irredeemably corrupt.
    3. Plot 3: heroine’s upright refusal to defend a white thug is overridden by nasty (white) solicitor’s provision of the evidence (in plot 2) exonerating the accused girl.
    4. Plot 4: idiot (white male) clerk of chambers is not savvy enough to know that prostate cancer is a male-only condition.
    5. Plot 5: new (female) applicant to chambers (prosecuting counsel in plot 2) is feisty, successful, likes a drink and has arcane knowledge concerning what the (assumably pervy) white older judge (also in plot 2) did or didn’t wear under his gown during a previous case.
    6. Plot 6: the continuing one of the deviousness (curiously ineffectual and continually being discovered by both the heroine and the female solicitor) and frustrated sense of entitlement of the white, public-school, Oxbridge hero.
    And so it goes. At every instance the women are wonderful and the men deplorable (unless they’re black murderers with heroic mothers) or, when not deplorable, are selfless pursuers of justice seeking to save murderers from execution in God-forsaken ex-colonies.
    “Rumpole of the Bailey” this ain’t.


    • As I See It says:

      I’m afraid Silk is not drama as we used to know it but unthinking liberal elite porn. Think of it as a dream day in the life of Mrs Ed Miliband or of Cherie Blair. Girls getting their rocks off on oh so many wrongs to right.


      • jarwill101 says:

        And then going home to their yummy metrosexual men on the 13th floor of a Tower Shamlets sink estate, whose walkways are patrolled by muslim superbeings & young black pacifists singing hymns. Yep, viewers can have too much gritty realism. How about some escapism, beeboids?


    • Richard Pinder says:

      Whether the Queen is head of state of Jamaica is up to Jamaica, and wether that means that the privy council is the ultimate court of appeal for the death penalty in Jamaica is up to the Jamaican Government. As for dramas like this. Political Correctness means that only white male actors have the privilege of playing the full range of acting skills that are possible for acting. A privilege that does not exist for Black or Women actors because they have to compensate for the real world realities that the left are fighting against. They never win because they always take the side of the loser, the person they feel superior too. Even though there feelings of inferiority drive them towards the left, they still think they can win. Well the BBC will always produce fantasy dramas were they win, and if they do not win then that is a controversial and politically incorrect drama even if it is more probable. That is why only factual dramas can be allowed to be politically incorrect to a degree, however there is always politically correct pressures to pervert history, such as the ever growing population of Black people fully integrated into medieval England with not a hint of racism from the white population, which makes you think , whatever went wrong. According to these dramas we had 2,000 years of racial harmony until the race relations industry started in the 1960’s when the race relations board was set up.


    • Deborah says:

      Similarly watched the Inspector Linley repeat on sunday night – each episode based on the premis that Linley (the upperclass earl) is useless without his working class female sidekick.


    • Millie Tant says:

      I don’t watch it and know nothing about it or the characters in it but from your account of Plot 1, an alternative reading is that the women are corralled into what someone perceives as their proper role of bleeding heart, protecting, saving and elevating black man even if he is a criminal lowlife while the men enjoy the autonomy to sit in judgement, arrive at an objective and proper assessment of his conduct and award him his just deserts. It is pretty much like that at the Bar and in the judiciary anyway. It is one saving grace, I suppose, in a soapy-sounding drama like this, that a woman in the plot, possibly the lawyer, was not required to fall in love and possibly even marry him. How the media, including the Beeboids and the film and TV industry, love to promote mixed couples, almost always with the male half of the couple being black. Women are the soft target and as with the authorship of most of this type of agenda, the writer of the plot is likely male.


  9. zemplar says:


    Did any of the white male characters say to their black manservant at any time “Midnight, could you get my coat for me please…”?

    I’d like to think they did, otherwise it would be incomplete…


    • Umbongo says:

      The line, had it been used, would probably have been something like “Cassius! My coat! And sharpish!”.


  10. Earls Court says:

    What is it with these white british metro trendy leftys who wanted to insult their culture at every opportunity


  11. Guest Who says:

    As some may know/recall, I on occasion have exchanges with the BBC CECUTT labyrinth of lost causes that often falter on their dependence on ‘beliefs’, ‘wot I finks’ and ‘beliefs’.
    They do not appear to like it when I persist in holding them to account because, interesting as these all might be to insights as to their internal self-esteem, in dealing with facts on actual issues they matter, well, diddly-squat.
    Hence I was interested in this, from the nation’s favourite and most trusted PM:
    ‘I have decided not to refer Jeremy Hunt to you as I am satisfied that the relevant information about this issue has been established and I am content that he did not break the ministerial code.’
    Now, am I to presume the BBC and its staff of interrogators will be totally ‘satisfied’ and/or ‘content’ with this, and hence be dropping their terrier-like obsessions on the whole thing?
    Or will they view this as ‘different’, powerfully-holding-to-account wise, possibly to a ‘unique’ extent?


  12. zemplar says:

    Just spotted…

    Talking about hosepipe ban.

    Kay Burley: “what’s winter rain?”
    Reporter: “it’s rain when it’s not so warm”.

    Beautiful…just beautiful.


  13. Jeff Waters says:

    The BBC’s Left-wing bias isn’t in its news coverage; it’s in everything else that it does – http://blogs.telegraph.co.uk/news/edwest/100164971/the-bbcs-left-wing-bias-isnt-in-its-news-coverage-its-in-everything-else-that-it-does/

    Very true…

    When did you ever hear Judge John Deed say anything politically incorrect, for example?


    • Guest Who says:

      Ever get the impression that folk are starting to twig that something is ‘not right’?


    • Guest Who says:

      Sinister, even.


    • Earls Court says:

      There right about the BBC, they are the main cause of this countries problems.


    • Guest Who says:

      Meanwhile in other ‘questions won’t be asked’ news…
      ConHome ConservativeHome
      Donna Edmunds: The mysterious silence of Ed Miliband on the BBC’s big media stake bit.ly/MF3oqF

      Only fair I guess. When he stuffs up or caught in the full glare of hypocrisy, the BBC seems to get rendered mute too.


    • George R says:

      Yes; BBC-NUJ left-wing political bias pervades its fictional output too.



  14. Nicked emus says:

    Off topic as it is not about the BBC but I wondered what people made of this (it is about the US)

    Conservatism as a Mental Illness
    1) Denial: humans did not evolve; Obama is not a native-born American Christian
    2) Delusion: climate is not changing
    3) Hallucination: God ordained me to be President
    4) Disordered Thinking: being for small government that’s huge in the bedroom; being anti-contraception and anti-abortion
    5) Anger: Newt Gingrich’s perpetual scowl
    6) Anti-social Behavior: toward women, gays, minorities, anyone without an umbilical cord or trust fund
    7) Sexual Preoccupation: a fervent compulsion to control when we can mate, with whom we can mate, and precisely how we are allowed to mate (which I lampoon in Why Do Politicians Want to Police Dick and Jane’s Private Parts?)
    8) Grandiosity: even Rick Santorum recognizes Gingrich’s “over the moon” grandiosity
    9) General Oddness: Ron Paul
    10) Paranoia: pretty much all of them, all of the time

    Guessing it won’t be the most “liked” post on this thread …



    • jarwill101 says:

      And the other side of the coin: from the jacket of The Liberal Mind-The Psychological Causes of Political Madness: ‘Modern liberalism’s irrationality can only be understood as the product of psychopathology. So extravagant are the patterns of thinking, emoting, behaving & relating that characterise the liberal mind that its relentless protests & demands become understandable only as disorders of the psyche. The Liberal Mind reveals the madness of the modern liberal for what it is: a massive transference neurosis acted out in the world’s political arenas, with devastating effects on the institutions of liberty.’
      Others will no doubt provide an avalanche of examples, but I’ll start the ball rolling with 13 years of the New Labour, Left-Liberal, School of Frankfurt catastrophe, that left this country fiscally, culturally, socially & morally bankrupt. Gordon Brown, Blair, Harriet Harman, Straw, John Prescott, Mandelson…the freak show ad nauseam.


      • Earls Court says:

        The left seems to be driven by a jealously of anyone more successful than them. Or have chip on their shoulder about their own past failures in life. Polly Toynbee is a classic example of this a failure in education, failed her 11+ and wasn’t good enough for Oxbridge, so has a grudge against anything she imagines is elitlism in education.


        • JAG says:

          Polly Toynbee got a scholarship to Oxford despite only getting 1 A level!

          Obviously nothing to do with who daddy was………

          She did drop out in her second year, but was then given a job on the Guardian, which led inexorably to a post in the BBC! Again nothing to do with who daddy was………..


          • Earls Court says:

            Polly Toynbee comes from a family of premier league academics, people that admired over 100 years later. Must really bother her that she was a failure in life and only got where she did though her family and her daddy. If it wasn’t for her father she would still be working in a chip van.


          • Daphne Anson says:

            I told a Cambridge-educated female friend about the fact that I’d read that Ms Toynbee had been accepted by Oxford (on a scholarship, no less) despite having only one A Level. My friend, who recalls the fierce competition for places at the few Oxbridge women’s colleges there were at the time, insisted that I must have misread!


    • Pah says:


      Socialism as a Mental Illness

      1) Denial: All humans are equal, the ‘tabla rasa’ mentality that is so obviously untrue
      The inability to see that despite their policies failing around the world, time after time, still insisting on ‘one more go.’

      2) Delusion: climate is changing because of rising CO2, despite the proven fact that CO2 volume changes with temperature not the other way around.

      The very phrase ‘climate change’ is an oxymoron anyway. Climates do nothing but change.

      3) Hallucination: That any of them are fit to be a politician never mind President.

      4) Disordered Thinking: being for big government; being anti-death penalty but pro-abortion. Its fine to kill babies but not rapists.

      The belief that the state, which is incompetant at best, makes a good parent.

      5) Anger: The sheer hate that the name ‘Thatcher’ invokes.

      6) Anti-social Behavior: toward women, gays, minorities, or anyone that doesn’t agree with them.

      By ghettoising minorities they set them up as targets just so they can point the finger. Bugger the lives they wreck as a consequence.

      7) Sexual Preoccupation: a fervent compulsion to control when we can mate, with whom we can mate, and precisely how we are allowed to mate.

      The sexualisation of pre-pubescent children, the constant outing of people who wish to keep their sexuality to themselves.

      the inability to keep their own sexuality to themselves.
      Put it away dear we don’t need to see it now.

      8) Grandiosity: erm Gordon ‘Gibbo the Clown’ Brown’s claim to have saved the world economy.

      9) General Oddness: Take your pick really, but Tony Benn anyone?

      10) Paranoia: pretty much all of them, all of the time

      11) In fighting. Brown v Blair and now Hollande v Royale.

      12) Betrayal. The very people they purport to support, the British Working Class are the constant butt of jokes, smears, lies and destructive policies.

      They claim to want to educate them but restrict them to comprehensive schools where they fail miserably.

      13) Stupidity. Introducing the minimum wage and then flooding the country with cheap labour.
      This then leads on to foriegn work gangs which leads on to illegal foreign work gangs that are tantamout to slavery.

      15) Venality. 45 Minutes?

      16) Troughing. Expense claims.

      I could go on for a further 20 or so but I’m getting sick to the stomach of it all. I need a lie down.


      • #88 says:

        I am afraid that you missed the signle most defining ‘condition’, one that aflicts all ‘socialists’; Hypocracy.

        As someone once said, ‘show me a socialist and I’ll show you a hypocrite’. Try it, test out the hypothesis;


        I could go on…and on…and on…


  15. Guest Who says:

    Trying to get a fix on where the impartial BBC Newsnight Political Editor’s tribal heart may really lie…
    Allegra Stratton ‏@BBCAllegra
    The problem for Tory airport opponents is that guillotine will be left dangling above both west London and Kent MPs…


  16. George R says:

    UKIP’s FARAGE, criticising the E.U/Euro, which is so uncriticised by Con-Lib Dem-Labour (inc BBC-NUJ) political class.

    Glenn BECK’s ‘The Blaze’ (inc video clip)

    “‘Total & Utter Failure’: Watch This British Politician Mercilessly Berate EU Leaders”



  17. Israel on the BBC – got to be bad hasn’t it?

    Israel is in the news again over the Mavi Marmara incident yet again:


    Old Bibi getting it in the neck from the State Comptroller for poor decision making.

    It is however a strangely worded report that left me scratching my head as to what he was getting slammed for. After a few re-reads I had to conclude the whole thing was just kind of left hanging as though something was missing. The only thing the beeb point to can be found in this quote:

    Mr Lindenstrauss criticised the prime minister for consulting only with his defence and foreign ministers, rather than a wider circle of officials with a view to formulating a policy about what to do. .

    That and the flow of the rest of the report about the excessive force, dead people and other such things paint a picture of Prime Minister and the IDF itching to strafe the place with bullets.

    But that’s not quite the story. In other new sources including Haaretz of all places, there’s something a little more telling. It’s around that anodyne quote about :

    exceptional nature of the Turkish flotilla compared to previous flotillas,” the reports said.

    You see it wasn’t that he wasn’t just listening to the need for more diplomatic efforts – it was what else was being said that isn’t in the BBC report. What the Israeli PM was being criticised for was failing to pick up on the advice coming from anyone who had looked at this flotilla found evidence that they had come looking for trouble and that violence was likely.

    This finding also chimes with the findings of the UN report linked to in the BBC report as they too noted that the make up of the Mavi Marmara passenger list did not point to a group of people whose primary concern was the plight of the people of Gaza.


  18. pounce_uk says:

    The bBC, investigative journalism and a lack of questions asked
    Iraq death doctor is a ‘criminal’
    An army medic accused of a cover-up over the death of Iraqi detainee Baha Mousa has been branded a “criminal”.Dr Derek Keilloh, of Aberdeen, was serving as a medical officer with the Queen’s Lancashire Regiment in Basra in 2003.Mr Mousa died with 93 injuries in British army custody.Witness Ahmed Al Matairi told the Medical Practitioners Tribunal Service that Dr Keilloh ignored the cries of men who were being tortured.
    The bBC proclaims a British army doctor is a criminal and who made this statement:
    A court judge
    A policeman
    No it was a former prisoner. ‘Ahmed al-Matairi’
    The bBC then reports
    “Mr Al Matairi, speaking through an interpreter, described how he and staff from the Basra hotel he co-owned were detained and tortured by British soldiers.”
    Which they follow up by:
    “Mr Al Matairi said the doctor warned the soldiers not to hit him any more or he could die.He said: “He just had a look at my hernia, leg, kidney and said to them don’t hit me.”
    Hang on I am not saying Ahmed is lying, but can somebody please explain to me how somebody who is at deaths door who can’t speak or understand English and requires an interpreter in court understood what the doctor was saying. You’d think any half decent bBC hack would be asking that question. Instead the bBC promote the view that the doctor is guilty in which to promote their anti-british and pro Islam stance.

    The bBC, the traitors in our Midst.


  19. Jeff Waters says:

    WPP shareholders oppose pay deal – http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-18414152

    Why is this the BBC news website’s lead story at present?!?

    What makes the BBC thinks that the public gives a stuff about the executive remuneration arrangements of a private company?



    • zemplar says:

      Quite – it’s nobody’s business but the shareholders. But the BBC loves to report on what they see as The Downtrodden Workers sticking it to The Evil Patriarchal White Man…next stop, REVOLUTION! COME COMRADES, COME FELLOW TRAVELLERS!


    • Beeboidal says:

      Not only is it lead story on the BBC’s website, it lead on BBC1’s 10 O’ Clock news last night.


  20. +james says:

    Farage is at it again. Will this be on the BBC


    • johnyork says:


      No, I don’t think the BBC will use it.
      Loved the music at the end, I would have gone with Fauré’s requiem myself, good find anyhow !


      • noggin says:

        the funeral march, perhaps


        • johnyork says:

          Indeed, a celebration of the dead.
          Stephanie Flanders as Soprano
          Dez and Scott on the Bongo’s
          Witlessman as the sacrificial lamb
          What could possibly go wrong ?


  21. James says:

    I notice the latest ‘Shareholder spring incident’ was top headline on BBC News at Ten, quickly turned over to ITV News at Ten and I’m still waiting for them to mention it. But then again it isn’t really newsworthy unless form the looney left…


  22. Reed says:

    Curiously, Newsnight on Wednesday decided to make no mention whatsoever of Leveson or any related issues, on a day when there had been a new ‘revelation’ about the possibility of a newspaper being involved in hacking into a bank account of a prominent politician. They’re usually on to this kind of thing like files to you-know-what, but as we all know, this story is all about Murdoch and the Tories. The Observer doesn’t count, clearly – it’s part of the Guardian Group…they’re the good guys, so nothing to see here.

    They’ll surely make up for this gap in coverage on Thursday – it’s Cameron’s turn – so we can probably expect a special dedicated edition.


    • Reed says:

      …or ‘flies’ – programmer’s typo 🙁


    • Guest Who says:

      ‘Curiously, Newsnight on Wednesday decided to make no mention…’
      Happens a lot these days as they panic as much for what not to go near as cast about for what to fill the dead air space that is their ‘news’ magazine running order.
      If it’s a Labour obsession/PR talking point… wall to wall, with Allegra on set up and Kirsty in the Green Room bubbling hot tub (not noticing it hasn’t been switched on yet) with Lord Creosote of Hypocrisy ‘analysing’ the latest of his outrage punts that won’t get challenged on zero facts or highlighted in face of actual massive contradiction elsewhere.
      Something dire for the ‘home’ team, and they suddenly decide to go arty and do a full show piece on retired punks or revolutionary art in Havana.
      Newsnight is a shadow of what it was, and as much a joke as the ‘guests’ it has left to wheel on.
      Its tweets are partisan drivel poorly disguised as ‘reporting’, and its FaceBook page is now a backwater, mainly occupied by a few hardy souls trying to discuss actual issues and the BBC kapo squads shutting them down with goebbelsdegook.


      • Guest Who says:

        More on (read that as you will) Newsnight:
        BBC Newsnight ‏@BBCNewsnight
        #newsnight on #BBC2 in a few minutes. We talk to Martin Amis, John McCain, Caroline Lucas and a few select others

        Interesting admission. Because one might hazard these folk were indeed ‘selected’ for their views, which by sheer coincidence appear to all equate to the BBC stance on the various issues being ‘anaylsed’.
        And yes, after radio silence following various Labour grandees’ ongoing ‘sanity’ malfunction in and around Leveson, and Ed M’s rather open goal on monoply media power, one supposes it will be all hands back to the pump again now the coast is clear(ish) and a juicy Cameronian galleon presents ripe for plunder.


    • noggin says:

      did you see the first report, ahem! … “men” and “criminals” … “predatory gang”, paxo now fully complicit, in the code of silence.


  23. Jeff Waters says:

    Oxford University offers £22,000 to Scottish students – http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-18432453

    Two people who are in favour of this policy are quoted in the article. However, there are no quotes from people who disagree with it.

    The article ends with a quote from the NUJ Scotland president, in which he refers to ‘eye wateringly high fees imposed by the Westminster government’. Nice.



    • Pah says:

      The whole fees thing is a shambles.

      I wanted to do a Classics degree (for my own edification) with the OU. Until I found out how much it cost: £2500 per year for six years – thats £15000 for a distance learning qualification!

      £15 Grand! FFS.

      Sure, the same degree at a University would cost £27000 full time, or £50,000 if you include living costs. But £15k for a few seminars and exams – most of the materiel you have to buy yourself.

      There is an option for those who earn less than £25k but the whole point of the OU was that it was an affordable option for those with other commitments. Not anymore!

      Strangle that, from the broadcaster of a number of OU programmes, there has been no mention of this price hike. Funny that.


      • John Anderson says:

        I too had heard nothing about the massive increase in Open University fees. I did an OU degree (mostly science and economics) when it first started, the fee each year over 4 years was just £250 per year. Like you, I was recently thinking of doing another degree with the OU, classics and history – but was horrified to find they wanted so much – for so little.
        Yes the average OU course costs a lot in its initial set-up – the capital cost. But this cost is then spread over ,many thousands of people over the succeeding years. There is no way they can justify charging so much for a few markings of papers. Much of the marking was electronic anyway.
        I never wanted to see any tutors, didn’t watch any TV, just wanted the basic course texts and the reading lists.

        If the BBC was really on the side of the average worker they should have been exposing all this price inflation.


  24. John says:

    I see the BBC have started the coverage of Cameron’s appearance at Leveson in precisley the way they intend to go about things all day :-

    0937: Mr Cameron arrived at the Royal Courts of Justice at just after 09:15 BST. His questioner, Robert Jay QC, arrived for work at 07:00.

    Ah right, so Cameron is a workshy, lazy, dosser than can’t get up as early as the QC.

    Not a single opportunity is ever wasted by those poisonous Beeboids to try and smear this government in any way possible.

    I really do loathe their political “reporters”.


    • Millie Tant says:

      I expect it’s a lying smear as well as snide and nasty. The PM is probably up and working on his red boxes from about 6 am.


    • Guest Who says:

      Who came up with this? Out of context it is hard to decide just how stark-raving bollux it may well be.
      A BBC ‘reporter’ has really decided the way to frame things now is how early people wake up, go to work and attend meetings elsewhere.
      What is he, six?
      Beyond the facile, factually vague nature of the temporal comparison, who freakin’ cares so long as the agreed appointment time was met?
      There’s also the small matter of the many and varied aspects of running a country, vs. running a small witch-hunt to suit a fellow employee’s spouse, and the obsessions of his tame PR agency.
      Not to mention what gets done in the hours spent at work, vs. looking like you’re doing something.
      Most important, there’s the end result of such work.
      I presume the BBC will now be investing in a ‘special’ on the output President Obama has managed in all his time on the golf course, etc?


  25. George R says:

    Oh dear, Mitt ROMNEY’s English heritage: another excuse for
    BBC-Democrat to propagandise for Obama, of uncertain birthplace.

    “Mitt Romney’s Mormon roots in northern England”



  26. As I See It says:

    BBC Radio 5 Live is a none too subtle mix of sport and leftwing opinion.
    So English football enthusiast (sic) Dame Nicky of the Clan Campbell is holidaying at our expense out in the Ukraine fulfilling at least half the brief.
    It was inevitable I guess, and sure enough this morning he got round to interviewing a campaigner from Femen.

    (Warning : This link is not for the faint hearted)


    Femen are female protesters against the sex trade and they like to popularise their cause with topless publicity stunts.

    Our Nicky tells us ‘They are all very beautiful, as well’. Goodness but he is going to have to do some feminist penance when he gets back to the girls in the office at Salford. Here’s a thought Nicky, next time the BBC come up with an all male sports personality of the year shortlist, how about you make a big fuss about it?

    Oh, of course you did that before. Well I’m sure you will think of something.

    Meanwhile back in Kiev his interviewee reckons UEFA selected the Ukraine as a host nation because of the unregulated sex trade there. (Actually that sounds almost plausible). As usual with such leftist campaigners our Beeboid helps the cause along by telling us something to back up their claims – afterall his hotel tourist information guide leaflet tells him all about the local ‘adult services’ and ‘escort agencies’. Steady, Nicky! Wonder where he is staying? It can’t be some low dive – nothing but the best for Beeboids!

    As a general rule I have nothing against leftwing campaigners having some airtime on the BBC – proportionate to their minority status. I do however find the sports/PC mix on Radio 5 a difficult one to accept.
    Also I find the Beeboids to be far too accommedating in their demeanor towards these campaign groups. Too often the Beeboids seem to fall into an attitude of “I’m a good person and I want everyone to love me – so I’m going to be sympathetic to these causes”.

    Here is a suggestion : how about the BBC start up a new radio channel specifically designed for campaigning groups (call it Radio 7). The groups may even want to fund it themselves? Relieve Radio 5 of the resposibilty for current affairs and let it concentrate on sport. Also let Radio 4 concentrate on mainstream arts and literature. Just put TV’s BBC News 24 on a separate radio channel (Radio 8).
    Then just like most normal people in the UK we can ignore the two new channels and get on with our lives.
    Too much to ask?


    • Pah says:

      What a pity we don’t have groups so dedicated to similar protests here!

      Its definately NSFW BTW!


      • Buggy says:

        Be careful. You know how it is that the most enthusiastic nudists are the very ones who should be forced to keep their clothes on under all circumstances (enforced by an electric cattle prod if necessary) ?

        Well, I’m pretty sure that much the same applies to agitprop chickas, too.


        • Buggy says:

          Oh dear. I just looked at the link and lo! my predictions are heartwarmingly proved correct.

          BTW, why has the big ‘un got a tattoo of Clement Atlee on her back ?


  27. deegee says:

    Gaza water too contaminated to drink, say charities I was last in Gaza in 1995. Even then, before the blockade and the Gaza war we were told under no circumstances to drink the water.

    Even though this is a highly biased account (or should we say their agenda is clear and transparent) this report from EWASH (Emergency Water, Sanitation and Hygiene in the occupied Palestinian territory) makes it clear their are long standing structural problems far older than the blockade. It’s embarassing when Palestinian NGOs are more balanced than the BBC.

    For decades the Gaza Strip has been plagued by extremely poor water quality. The sole source of fresh water for the Gaza Strip is the Coastal Aquifer, a water resource shared with Israel. This water source is deteriorating and contaminated. With more water being abstracted (pumped) from the aquifer annually than natural recharge rates; seawater and surrounding saline aquifers intrude into this fresh water source causing salination.

    Or in other words the war hasn’t helped but the problem is mostly Gazan water use above the ability of the source to sustain it.


  28. Guest Who says:

    ‘He knew there would be questions not just for the press and the police but for politicians too….
    For hour after hour, day after day, David Cameron’s aides have been forced to focus on what he might be asked…

    Sooo… nearly no admission that this has even touched Labour, or that the word ‘press’ is a heck of a useful stick to use when avoiding the true broadcast monopoly Proboscine medium in the room.

    Lucky no comments allowed. They’d have to close early.


    • #88 says:

      I see Norman Smith is at it again – half time in today’s Leveson witch trial and he is once again tenuously trying to make a direct link between Cameron and hacking.

      He seems determined to damage Cameron (a bit like Bryant losing all sense of proportion yesterday. Time for Smith to be investigated


  29. Roland Deschain says:

    The BBC gets accused of bias from both sides, so it must be impartial, right?

    Of course there’s more Government MPs on Today, they’re needed to cancel out the Beeb’s pro-Labour bias. 🙂

    More seriously, I wonder how the ratio of Government to Opposition MPs works out most of the time. I’m sure the BBC keep statistics to monitor their impartiality.

    Don’t they?


    • Earls Court says:

      What bias?
      Probably some trots complaining. Trots think the Guardian is right wing


  30. matthew says:

    Story here on forced abortion in china.


    BBC choose to lead with

    “A photo showing a foetus whose mother was forced to have an abortion has shocked China web users.

    Feng Jiamei, from Shaanxi province, was made to undergo the procedure in the seventh month of pregnancy, local officials said after investigating.”

    ‘A foetus whose mother’. That’s rather odd use of language about a late-term forced abortion. Surely ‘baby’ would be normal, unless perhaps you are the BBC with an agenda in respect of abortion….

    CNN for example tells us

    “Graphic photos taken after the abortion showing a bloody baby lying next to Feng in a hospital bed have been circulating online and shocked Chinese netizens, “


  31. James says:

    How can trying to get people off benefits and into work be a bad thing? I’m just wondering how, because those nice folk at the Today programme think it can: http://news.bbc.co.uk/today/hi/today/newsid_9728000/9728442.stm


  32. Neil Turner says:

    My ePetition is now up on the Government’s website

    100,000 signatures and we may get a vote on it. Early days, but please put the message out there on social media

    “Do you want to keep BBC’s Licence Fee ? Yes or No “http://epetitions.direct.gov.uk/petitions/34655


  33. Guest Who says:

    Questions are being asked…
    However, certain powers seem less keen to be held to account.
    And… are they really sending out their counter-kapos armed only with ‘Well, you don’t have to own a broadcast enabled device in the 21st Century’, which always works well.


  34. noggin says:

    Anyone notice el bbc blanket coverage, in depth reports
    bulletins every 10 mins or so, of arrests of paedo gangs
    caught through the internet, i suppose this will ramp up
    with 5live drive radio 4 news etc after 4pm.

    “A retired teacher, members of the armed forces and a scout leader are among 78 people arrested in raids targeting online paedophiles. ”
    hmmm goodness, seems to be no problem with reporting facts at all.

    “Those arrested include a pathologist, a firefighter, an activities instructor, government employees, and a referee.”
    yep! no shortage of facts
    “Known offenders who had breached the conditions of the sex offenders register were also held.”
    “officers seized laptop computers, USB storage devices, and digital cameras, according to Ceop’s deputy chief executive, pictures would be scrutinised to see identify victims using clues in the background.

    “Every image is a crime scene,” , hmmm of course it is

    hmmm what a difference a day makes

    “It had already been investigating the child protection failings seen in Rochdale, Greater Manchester, where nine erm … “men” 😀 … were convicted last month of sexually abusing white girls in the area. They had plied girls as young as 13 with drink and drugs.
    But Ms Berelowitz said ahem … “all” 😀 … communities and ethnic groups were affected by sexual abuse, citing cases in Derby, Rotherham, Birmingham and Dewsbury that she had heard about during her research for a report due out in September.
    The committee’s chairman, Labour MP Keith Vaz, said that, given this evidence, its investigation should be erm … “widened” 😀 … to look at the national picture.

    is there a degree of ambiguity here?


  35. Number 7 says:

    Has anybody picked up on this yet:-


    Rogue Traders is a very appropriate name it would appear.


    • TPO says:

      Just duplicated your post.


    • Millie Tant says:

      How interesting. Another immigrant – courtesy of the EU – ripping off the English taxpayer. Nice how he managed to wangle a double helping of our money: the income from the publicly funded Beeboid Corporation and the fraudulently claimed benefits, while working as a private investigator.
      I see he is described as being from Bournemouth, although anybody who has watched the programme probably knows that he’s from Portugal and isn’t exactly a clear or fluent speaker of English. However, you have to read several paragraphs further before it mentions that he is Portuguese born. He doesn’t seem to be from Bournemouth at the moment, except possibly in the sense “absent from Bournemouth”; perhaps he just happens to be on his holidays!


  36. TPO says:

    Arrest warrant issued for BBC employee for fraud.

    BBC Rogue Traders’ presenter Dan Penteado charged with benefit fraud

    And not a peep from the BBC.
    Now if it had been Boris Johnson riding his bike without a helmet mass hysteria would have broken out in the beeb corridors.


  37. TPO says:

    Having been in Western Canada for the past five years, I don’t have much to say about the beeb these days, but looking to see if they had put anything on their website about an arrest warrant being issued for one of their presenters (not a peep) I came across this

    “Cougars make a comeback after a century of decline”

    The article in true beeb fashion is lazy and deceptive. If you’re inclined read for yourself and then compare to our experiences.
    I now live in Calgary, a city of one and a quarter million on the edge of the prairies butting up onto the Rocky Mountains and I can tell you that cougars are everywhere. Sure you rarely see them, but put out an infrared time lapse and you’ll see them alright.
    One was hit by a car 5 miles from where we live and on the last weekend of skiing we saw two running up a hillside near to the Nakiska ski resort. I’ve also seen their footprints on a number of occasions in the national park areas.
    Not only are these beautiful creatures nowhere near extinct but they are also killing machines and definately not to be approached.

    At the bottom of the article the beeb have put this;
    “Have you seen a cougar? We’d like to hear your experiences and see your photos. Please send us your comments using the form below.”

    They can shove that up their a***


  38. Guest Who says:

    The BBC’s value as a sensible news medium is rather neatly encapsulated by this one tweet…
    BBC Newsnight ‏@BBCNewsnight
    Tonight at 2230 our political panel @dannythefink @greenmiranda and Sally Morgan analyse David Cameron’s performance at #leveson


  39. Pounce_uk says:

    How the bBC reports on the story about a man whose care broke down next to Westminster Abbey and who left a note in the window as he went sightseeing

    London tourist’s illegally parked car blown-up by police
    A London tourist had his car blown up by anti-terrorist officers after it broke down – and he was also given a parking ticket. Nima Hosseini Razi, 32, said his Ford Mondeo had broken down in early hours of Wednesday close to the Houses of Parliament and Westminster Abbey. He said he had left a note on the car to say: “This car is broke. Please do not fine me,” before going sightseeing.But when he returned hours later, “the boot was blown off”.
    So, the bBC report on how a tourist whose car broke down less than 50 metres from Westminster Abbey 20 metres from the Lib dems HQ and in the centre of London, decided not to wait for the breakdown truck and instead went sightseeing and here is how the bBC make this idiot into a victim:
    Mr Razi, who is studying for an MBA at the University of Wales, said he had left a note on his car explaining: “Dear Sir or Madam, this car is broken. I am just waiting for the AA to arrive. Please do not fine! Thank you, yours sincerely.”He said he had gone off to visit some of London’s sights, including Buckingham Palace, but when he returned to the car “the windows were smashed in pieces. I was completely shocked”.
    He added: “The police’s actions were extremely arrogant and unprofessional.”They treated me like a terrorist. They were never interested in listening to my real story.”
    Scotland Yard has not responded to Mr Razi’s comments.

    Yet again the bBC goes well out of its way in defending the idiotic and blaming the people we pay to defend us for the actions of the idiotic. But here’s a question nobody at the bBC aren’t asking, what’s to say this wasn’t an attempt by the members of the religion of peace to see how quick the police are to react to an abandoned car in the centre of London during this time of celebration?
    The bBC, the traitors in our Midst.


    • Pah says:

      Oh don’t be so silly. A terrorist would never think of leaving his car so close to a major target with a note saying it had broke down and he’d be back in a bit. The use of a ruse? Unheard of!


  40. Pounce_uk says:

    The bBC and how it reports on Chinese reactions to British links with a true man of peace
    China halts UK ministerial meetings over Dalai Lama row
    China halts UK ministerial meetings over Dalai Lama row
    China halted ministerial meetings with UK counterparts in May, when Prime Minister David Cameron met the Dalai Lama, British officials have confirmed. China warned earlier that relations would not be restored until the UK “stops supporting anti-Chinese forces”.It has also reportedly threatened to withdraw its Olympic athletes over a scheduled Dalai Lama speech in Leeds.
    So the bBC reports about the hissy fit by the Chinese government about how the Dalai Lama is visiting Leeds. Now imagine you are under the age of 30 and the end product of the British Educational system and you come across this story. Who would you presume to be in the right after reading the following from the bBC:
    This sudden chill is, according to China’s government, entirely the fault of the British side” Damian Grammaticas China correspondent
    But the encounter triggered an angry response from Chinese officials, who described it as an intrusion into its domestic affairs and warned of “serious consequences”.As a result, all high-level meetings with Britain have been suspended since May, including a visit to London by senior leader Wu Bangguo. UK ministers Lord Green and Minister Jeremy Browne, both in Beijing to discuss trade and justice matters, saw their meetings either cancelled or downgraded.“The responsibility lies on the British side,” said the Chinese Foreign Ministry’s Liu Weimin.
    “We demand the British side take immediate measures to remove the Tibetan influence, so as to restore China-UK relations with concrete actions.”
    The bBC end their slant eyed Chinese propaganda piece with:
    The Dalai Lama lives in exile in India, travelling the world to seek support for more rights for Tibetan people
    More rights bBC From whom should I ask. I mean China has only occupied Tibet since 1950 , 70 years ago. But the bBC remains somewhat very silent on that subject. Instead it panders to a totalitarian regime as been the victim. No bBC, the people of Tibet are the real victims.
    The bBC, the traitors in our Midst.


  41. John Anderson says:

    It looks like this website is keeping tabs on how much Richard Black may earn at the Rio “summit” :



  42. George R says:

    GERMANY’s negative experience of Turkish mass immigration won’t influence INBBC to stop its campaign for entry of 80 million Muslim Turks into E.U.

    INBBC, along with three main UK political parties, support Turkey’s E.U entry so as to speed up the Islamisation of Europe, and all that that entails.

    INBBC today:

    “German police in major crackdown on Salafist Muslims”


    Yesterday INBBC report (requires some political decoding):

    “Tanzania arrests man over recent Nairobi attack”



    • Earls Court says:

      I won’t like to our political class on judgement day. Eternal damnation in Hell in the lake of fire awaits them. Never ending, no sleep for them again 24/7, never ending pain.


    • George R says:



      “Germany: 1,000 police in seven states raid organization of Misunderstanders of Islam that calls on Muslims to fight Germany’s ‘constitutional order’.”

      [Opening excerpt]:-

      “The Millatu Ibrahim wants to impose Sharia on Germany. So what? What’s wrong with that? Everybody knows that Sharia is perfectly benign and compatible with Western notions of human rights, and that to oppose it constitutes an unpardonable ‘Islamophobia,’ right? Right? So what if Sharia denies the freedom of speech, the freedom of conscience, and equality of rights for all people! Mustn’t be ‘bigoted,’ now!”



  43. George R says:

    “Jihad in Syria is a Duty for all German Muslims ”



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