A truly disgusting tale emerged at Burnley Crown Court yesterday concerning the alleged sexual exploitation of a 14 year old girl by a group of “men”. Here’s the link. As ever, the BBC seem petrified of pointing out that this was yet ANOTHER Muslim grooming gang. In demonstrating such wanton cowardice, they do a great disservice to all. If roving gangs of Presbyterians or Roman Catholics were engaging in such depravity the BBC would be ALL over it – but because it’s the Religion of Peace the mute button is swiftly pressed and all we hear about is “men” – most of whom seem to be called Mohammed.

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  1. Dysgwr_Cymraeg says:

    Am I being cynical to wonder what it is that connects all these guys called “mohammed” ?
    Surely not, after all isn’t it now the most common name registered?


    • Leftie-Loather says:

      Has it knocked Jesus off the top spot then?


    • noggin says:

      jihad terrorism, attempts at mass murder?
      bombing buddhists … no wait.
      alarming rise in antisemitic threat/violence?
      pesky presbyterians … no wait.
      over 95% of all abductions, forced marriages?
      crafty Krishnas … no wait.
      continuing “aggressive” association against neighbouring communities?
      combative christodelphians … no wait
      98% of so called “honour” murder/violence?
      shifty sikhs … no wait.
      ideology protected, mandated gang rape of children?
      jumpy jians … no wait
      mandated murder of gays/so called “apostates/ anyone who draws islams hitler?
      conniving church of england … no wait
      etc etc etc etc

      what is at all beneficial, to our communities, our society, to our country, in having this aggressive militant political ideology have any sway at all here? …. what?


  2. Fred says:

    Isn’t there a musical version of this called “Five guys named Moh” ?


  3. noggin says:

    El BBC, traitorous and instigated, willing deceit, to keep FROM the public instead of reporting too them.

    Biggest traitors to the (still) majority, in this country, the white english population.
    Traitors too, to the geniune “Asian” population, lumped in to aid the SHAMEFUL protection of islamic interests, and various muslim communities complicit in the most abhorrent of crimes right here. They abhor this as was shown only the other week .
    Traitors to the Jewish community, to Israel, still the only democracy, the shining light, surrounded by murderous
    intent, both political/physical, choosing to aid propaganda, over fact.
    Traitors to the gay community, wllingly, deliberately non-reporting on the biggest continuing threat to them,
    and no its not access to “gay” marriages, still … choosing to cut off, a “gay” … rights campaigner as soon as islam/mosques are mentioned.
    Traitorous contempt for Christianity, which has insilled the values that shaped this country, time and time again.
    I think most treacherous, to the children the burgeoning minds in this country, drip drip feeding, the failed multi culti ideal, blatantly false cultural relativism, deceit in history, world affairs etc etc …
    worst of all, promoting this frankly disgusting, “watch with Allah! ” mentality.

    grrrrrr ….. i m out …. blood pressure


  4. Stan Arnold says:

    A lady reporter on Sky News mentioned the word ‘Muslim’ and I suspect, ended her career. The main thrust on Sky was a woman in front of the Commons Committee saying this was a problem across all communities. If the committee challenged her, it wasn’t shown. The point that ‘everyone is doing it’ was parroted immediately by the news anchor. I was so incensed, I couldn’t bear to check how the BBC were spinning this. I’m so glad I took my family out of the UK.


    • Alfie Pacino says:

      At least Adam Boulton used the words Pakistan, Muslim and Islamic when he took up this story on Sky. The trouble was someone found the statistic that a higher number of sexual offenders were white and indigenous.
      Now hold on just a second… That stat doesn’t surprise me, but why use it to kill,the story here…
      We’re talking about a group,of connected muslim men ‘culturally’ grooming white underage girls for mas rape, over and over. passing from one tomthe other ad nauseum
      Why rope in every other pervert to muddy that story?


  5. Daphne Anson says:

    The BBC is so very concerned about instances of prejudice in society, but will not face the reality that these crimes are based on an abhorrent, primitive prejudice against the female, a prejudice against the female far more deeply entrenched and damaging than all the sexist prejudices of which the ’70s women’s libbers and their present-day sistahs accuse/d western men.


    • Dysgwr_Cymraeg says:

      yes but just Where are the feminists?…


      • Earls Court says:

        Somewhere where they can’t cause any trouble


      • Aerfen says:

        The point is that for Gloablists and lefties ‘racism’ trumps every other concern, homophobia, gender equality, animal welfare, Green issues such as overpopualtion and organic farming methods, EVERYTHING can be pushed aside in the name of ‘anti-racism’. Absolutley nothing gives the hair shirters such a cosmic organism as the feeling of being one of the angels in the vanguard of the fight against this most eveil of all sins.


  6. Earls Court says:

    The BBC are typical leftys pick on people who don’t fight back or won’t. Talk a good fight but when it comes to crunch are spineless cowards. The religion of peace and its radical followers will one day turn on them and then they will regret what they have done.


  7. wallygreeninker says:

    Don’t worry about the safety of vulnerable young girls: the House of Commons Home Affairs Committee (chairman, Keith Vaz) is on their case and will fearlessly get right to the heart of the matter.
    “Announcement: the committee took evidence on child grooming and exploitation in its last session. The transcript will be online on Monday 18 June. ”

    The BBC has already reported some of the evidence given to this committee and guess how they headlined it:

    “Rochdale grooming case ‘not a specific Asian crime’ ”



    • Earls Court says:

      So when radical muslims start killing gay people in this country will the BBC say its not a asian crime?


    • Daphne Anson says:

      Of course, the catch-all “Asian” label suggests that Hindus, Sikhs, Jains, etc are implicated, instead of Muslims from backward tribal areas of Pakistan where girls and women are regarded as trash (and routinely beaten for bearing daughters instead of sons – if the BBC really wants to do some good with its World Service it should be broadcasting a few biology lessons regarding by which parent’s input the gender of offspring is determined).
      Shamefully, the BBC does not seem to care that its description “Asian” is likely to arouse prejudice against all Asian groups.


    • bodo says:

      From the link, I see Colin Lambert the leader of Rochdale Council provides a perfect example of why Muslim gangs have been able to get away with child abuse for so long. At every opportunity he seeks to divert attention away from the perpetrators and their motives.The police were just as bad in this case, refusing to accept there was a racial motive – even after the judge in the case said he was in no doubt there was.
      When police and social services – the two organisations with the most responsibility for protecting people, especially children, from abuse – are so wilfully blind to the realities what hope is there?

      The BBC is still running with the false story (lies?) that the girl victims were all in care, (note the incongruous passage about how many children’s homes there are in Rochdale). Its simply not true. The main witness in the Rochdale case, abused from the age of 13, was from a stable respectable middle-class home. The BBC wants you to believe that “nice respectable families” don’t have anything to fear, and that somehow the girls themselves are partly to blame.

      The phrase “political correctness gone mad” has been overused to the point of mockery. But much of the blame for the authorities allowing this abuse to continue (and they have) is due to fear of offending Muslims. Political correctness gone what? Evil? Insane? Psychopathic?


  8. bodo says:

    If the BBC was to admit the real nature of these crimes then it would bring much of the left/Liberal dogma about the “massive benefits” of immigration, diversity and multiculturalism crashing down.

    Another BBC news story today is a classic example of how the BBC ignores the elephant in the room. It mentions child grooming (but no mention of Asian or Muslim), and also the increasingly prevalent but rarely reported problem of gang rapes of children in London – a crime almost exclusive to black youth gangs.

    MPs are to investigate the sexual exploitation of children, after an expert warned abuse was taking place “all over the country”.

    England’s Deputy Children’s Commissioner Sue Berelowitz said girls as young as 11 were being expected to perform sex acts on “line-ups of boys”.

    Much BBC reporting is like that of the Soviet news agency Pravda in the days of the USSR. Facts which do not fit the BBC political agenda are simply omitted from news stories. But just as the Soviet public used to do, the alert viewer recognises when he is being lied to, and can read between the lines and simply insert the omitted “facts”. Thus you can pretty much right your own description of the suspects when a crime is reported; a “group of men” involved in child abuse in Bradford means they are Muslim men of Pakistani descent, aged between 18 and 40. Similarly “youths” seen running away from a stabbing in London are in reality black youths, aged between 15 and 22.

    The BBC cannot supply you with these details, not for fear of damaging “cohesion”, but to reported accurately would be to admit that immigration policy of the last few decades has imported these problems thus destroying much prevalent left-wing orthodoxy about immigration. So as is the way with the left, when reality rudely demolishes their beliefs, they simply ignore reality – and try to make sure you do too.


    • Earls Court says:

      One day the radical muslims will turn against the left in this country like they did in Iran after the revolution. After the revolution the muslims hung every lefty in the country.
      The left should remember what goes around comes around. The vast majority of people in this country hate what the left has done to it. That includes our ethnic countrymen as well.


  9. Leftie-Loather says:

    BBC – British Brainwashing COWARDS!!
    Sick to the back teeth of completely undemocratically having to fund the ever craftily indoctrinating and pathetically pussy footing leftie stuffed outfit!


  10. Merlin says:

    Mr Vance makes an excellent point above; if this were any other faith-group or community the BBC would be in overkill mode. There would be endless swathes of Panorama programs, ‘Big’ Questions debates and Today analyses. But, instead, we have obscure regional links on the website, conveniently hidden away. If ever there were reason for the abolition of the unjust TV License, this be it.


  11. Earls Court says:

    The BBC is to Great Britain, what Judas was to Jesus Christ


  12. Pounce_uk says:

    Newsnight Wednesday 13th June 2012.
    Paxman is leading the charge in deflecting the spotlight from Islamic paedophiles who prey on white girls to councils not sending children to care home in their areas.
    Disgusting doesn’t even describe how the bBC whitewashes the truth about Islamic sex gangs in the UK.

    The bBC, the traitors in our Midst


    • Merlin says:

      The cowardly BBC are doing everything they can to take the heat off these revolting paedo scum through trying to spread the blame across society. They are complicit in this heinous crime; they care more for the welfare of Muslims than our young, vulnerable youth.


      • Earls Court says:

        Just think we have to pay a compulsary tax for the BBC to broadcast this filth. Makes me sick. These BBC vile freaks will be going to lake of fire for all eternity for what they have done.


      • noggin says:

        it is absolutely gaulling.
        i hope stephen lennon takes note, you have the feeling, they ll clash again …
        or in fact anyone who ll tell the truth.
        they are accomplices along with the police, (did you hear their excusery drivel … sheesh!), in protecting the most vile of criminals.
        there are again, literally no words


  13. Aerfen says:

    Much as I agree with most of what has been posted, lets get one fact right, these vile men are not strictly speaking ‘paedophiles’ they are hebophiles i.e. attracted to young pubescent girls, not pre pubertal children. And no I am not in any way excusing them, but lets use the right terminology.


    • noggin says:

      “being passed between the men to be used for their own sexual gratification [and] was treated with indignity and contempt by them.”

      Mr Imran Amjad, 25, denied abducting a CHILD, rape, engaging in sexual activity with a CHILD, aiding and abetting rape, and witness intimidation.

      Mr Mahmood, 22, and Mr Zishan Amjad, 24, denied rape and engaging in sexual activity with a CHILD.

      Mr Farooq, 22, denied sexual assault, engaging in sexual activity with a CHILD and witness intimidation.”


  14. George R says:

    “Pamela GELLER on the Michael COREN Show:

    Forced marriage and the mistreatment of women in Islam”

    (inc 7 min video clip)


    “Is Britain finally inching away from its warmly positive stance toward Sharia? Possibly.
    In any case, the new stance there against forced marriage is welcome.”



  15. George R says:

    Is pro-Muslim Brotherhood INBBC Cairo Bureau aware of/ interested in, the following website?:-




  16. Henry says:

    ‘the mute button is swiftly pressed and all we hear about is “men”’

    I think you’ve hit the nail on the head there.

    My guess is that the Beeb news departments were looking on what their “take” (read ‘spin’)on the grooming scandal was going to be. Then some chap in the equal opportunities commission stupidly said that the issue was not Asians, but “men”.

    I strongly suspect they took that and used it as their line


    • Henry says:

      Although it is of course a bit unfair to use the word “Asians”. Maybe ‘a subsection of Pakistani men’ would be fairer.

      I understand it is usually recent immigrants rather than families that have been here for several generations