In one way, Cameron deserves all gets for foolishly agreeing to set up the Leveson Inquiry. As predicted this has turned into a leftist Star Chamber with the twin objectives of  damaging the Government whilst undermining the Murdoch Empire. The BBC salivate over the daily farce and I notice that the BBC have elevated the vote of whether Hunt should “be investigated” over how he handled the News Corp’s BSkyB bid to be the  lead UK story. In their little media village perhaps this is the biggest news of the day but I don’t meet too many people who are agitated about what Hunt did when and to whom, do you?

I also think there is a more sinister edge to the issue than merely the sustained baiting of Cameron and Murdoch. Miliband gave the game away yesterday when he suggested a cap on media ownership saying he had   “no worries” about a company owning 20% of the British market but said there was a “question of between 20-30%”.  Alright then, Ed, the BBC falls into the area that you seek to question so I presume you will show consistency of principle and demand that it’s dominance be broken up, right? Thought not. It’s my view that Leveson is all about restricting our choice of media provision and in that regard one can FULLY understand why the BBC is so enthusiastic about magnifying it at every opportunity.

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9 Responses to THE STAR CHAMBER

  1. George R says:

    Tim Worstall makes a logical comment on Ed Miliband’s ‘principles’ on media ownership:-

    “Ed Miliband insists on BBC break up.”


  2. Roland Deschain says:

    It’s time those on the right in this country realised that this is all about preserving the current left-wing BBC monopoly from challenge and made a concerted fight back against it. Unless the likes of the Mail, Express & Telegraph (as well as the Tory Party generally) realise that there’s more at stake than taking down their rival Rupert, they are doomed to be small players with little influence in a sea of left-dominated news. Particularly as the influence of newspapers declines.

    It’s time to stand together and say that yes, Murdoch has his faults but so does the holier-than-thou BBC and you’re only forced to fund one of them.


  3. David Vance says:


    That’s the point, exactly. The BBC want to retain their hegemony uber alles.


  4. MD says:

    Ed Milliband actually said he was uncomfotable with an individual owning 20-30%. I noticed in the bit I heard that he specifically used the word individual, thereby ruling out any implied criticism of the BBC.


    • Demon says:

      Well that rules out the Murdochs as well. Rupe will own 25%, James 25%, Rupe’s missus of the right jab 25% and the other 25% split around other interested parties. See, two can play at that game.


  5. geyza says:

    The BBC have turned their coverage of Leveson into a blatant and overt vendetta against one of their commercial rivals. The BBC clearly are opposed to competition in media, and want a state funded monopoly.

    Have the BBC ever actually admitted their own massive conflict of interest in any of their reports about Leveson?


  6. Wild says:

    The fact that the BBC completely eliminates any discussion of the elephant in the room [its overwhelming media dominance] tells us all we need to know about its “neutrality”.

    Thanks to the Leftist establishment (of which the BBC is the chief media operation) England (never mind the Leftist establishment in Scotland or Wales) has long ago ceased to be a free country.

    Any view which does not support the beliefs or further the ends of the Leftist establishment is systematically attacked.

    That is what the taxation debate is all about [another issue by the way which the BBC seeks to eliminate] namely who decides? In a Leftist State you are a serf whose freedom of action is gradually taken away by the State.

    I am reminded of the behavior of my local (arrogant and incompetent] GP towards my frail and ailing mother – he can do what the **** he likes and I still have to pay this ****’s wages. Indeed her death will be an obvious bonus for him. One less old person to ignore.

    The reason why inheritance tax is so beloved by Stalinists is that it destroys independence of action. I can guarantee that the BBC will never discuss the great damage which inheritance tax does to the to the social capital of a free country.

    I am surprised they still even allow Wills. Maybe to give people the illusion of choice? Discussing tax cuts with Leftists (essentially letting people keep their own money) is viewed by them as akin to discussing how to cut their throats.

    They have nationalized healthcare and education and now the Leftist establishment are attacking a free press, just in case somebody might read something that contradicts what their nationalized television broadcaster is telling them to think.

    The Leftist BBC failed to report the corrupt and greedy behavior of members of the establishment. Now it enthusiastically supports their payback time on the free press.

    Remind me again why I am forced to pay for them?


  7. Roland Deschain says:


    I guess they’ve got to report it today, but I bet the fact that “Alex Salmond says Observer accessed bank account” will be brushed under the carpet very quickly chez Beeb.

    Will he be on as frequently as Lard Prescott to tell us all about this?


  8. chrisH says:

    Not been following the news these last few days, but did note in my weekend paper that Harriet Harman would be appearing at Leveson this week.
    This would have been yesterday-yet no mention of it on the news as all as far as I could tell.
    Miliband there too-but very little said about that as well.
    Can`t be arsed to check-but suspect a few bedpans in danger of getting tipped over, and so the BBC won`t give us too much detail about the roles of their like in “creating this awful culture”.
    So unlike the BBC and its fearless seeking after the truth