Here are a further couple of examples of the aberrant behaviour that seems to be so closely associated with Islam in the UK.  A former Imam up in Court for molesting young girls and a ‘Sexual predator’ who attacked two women in a nightclub and also a young mother. I’m sure the BBC will be covering these stories in detail…..

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  1. Deborah says:

    The Today programme this morning at 7.10 was talking about violence against women and girls – just once, when talking about the numbers, was mentioned genital mutilation and (I think it was) ‘honour killings’ – just the sort of thing that a CofE man does when he goes home from the pub.


  2. John Anderson says:

    The appalling thing is that the families of the little girls abused by the Bengali Imam are being ostracised in their own community.

    The BBC pussyfoots its way round all these issues – or ignores them, obscures them. And the practical effect of this is to appear to condone the bad behaviour within the Muslim communities.

    On a related matter – if there is any terrorism at the Olympics, we can guess where it would come from. There is a significant risk that there could be a terror attack – or several. Why isn’t the Muslim community making it clear to everyone that any such attack would be totally wrong ? There would be little point speaking out after the event. .


    • noggin says:

      because it is not a religion, never has been
      that is simply the “get out of jail free” card.
      especially now, especially in the west.
      It is a socio – political totalitarian,(and i MEAN totalitarian) system.
      It has a book, but so does my toaster, but if it went wrong, and kept blowing up, i d change the book or scrap it. 😀
      it hides like a virus in religious rights, human rights, minority rights etc … anything, any lie that helps it continue unimpeded.


    • Dysgwr_Cymraeg says:

      So just where are the feminsists hiding?

      What is so pre-occupying those female warriors these days?

      Well….who knows.


  3. Alex says:

    If that were a Catholic priest it would be frontline news (as it should be!) The Muslim community has the British MSM and Westminster wrapped around its little bloody finger; what a position it finds itself in… what power they have! Very worrying when you consider the extent to which our craven and spineless media/political class censor, placate and appease the Islamic community at every opportunity. Realistically, Muslims could do pretty much anything they wish to and get away with it… they’re untouchable in the eyes of the BBC and Westminster. Muslims can groom, blow trains up, burn poppies, stick two fingers up to women’s and gay rights, protest with placards saying ‘behead those who insult Islam’, openly support the Taliban whilst claiming benefits here BUT what do our authorities do? Arrest a few EDL supporters and Nick Griffin for inciting religious ‘hatred’! We could be in a wee spot of bother a few years down the line.


    • michael mckane says:

      It’s not going to be a wee spot of bother we will be well and truly stuffed, and we wont be able to do anything about it look to sweden,holland,france,infact every country that has let islam into its borders is in trouble spain kept them out for 800 years until spineless leaders you care more about seeming to be p/correct than looking after the people who pay their wages


    • Dysgwr_Cymraeg says:

      But don’t you understand alex, this collection of intellectual giants knows so much better than the average joe in the street. It allows them to sleep soundly in their well protected enclaves safe in the knowledge they are so superior to you. They regard you and your ilk as the problem. It’s your islamophobic, xenophobic, racist trait that they so deplore.
      Until that sharp blade makes contact (as witnessed in too many videos these sweet folk post on the net) or the crane jib gets lowered with a noose dangling, until that day they live in a dream world of total superiority over you.
      Just saying that’s all.


  4. RCE says:

    I tell you what, being a Kurdish/Bengali/Urdu interpreter is the way ahead in poly-monocultural Britain!

    Good comment under the second link; absolutely spot-on.

    And the families of the first story will be now doubtless suspected of having whores as daughters.

    I need some moral equivalence of Dez to cheer me up after that lunchtime reading…


  5. Scott says:

    Aren’t we lucky that no Christian priest has ever abused their authority to molest young people? Oh, wait…

    Seriously, this sort of behaviour is abhorrent whatever the faith of the perpetrator. What I object to is suggesting that it’s allied to one faith more than another. To do so suggests that Vance and his ilk are more concerned about point scoring and reaffirming their own prejudices than they are the welfare of victims.


    • Alex says:

      Scott, that is a cheap shot and you know it – yet again, you willfully avoid the crux of the point. Commentators here are simply highlighting that the BBC is, for some very strange and sinister reason, refusing to report news of Muslim groomers and sexual predators with the same level of intensity it does with Catholics/whites, or when it does report these stories the features are peppered with value judgements, obscurations and umbrella terms such as Asian, the latter being utterly offensive to other Asian communities who integrate fully with Western culture. This is a religious and cultural problem not a race issue, Scott.
      Nick Griffin, you’ll recall, was persecuted and ostracized for highlighting the abuse, by Muslim groomers, on white children years back… and for what? For being right! The Left-wing are petrified of Islam, and have shown more concern for the ‘welfare’ of certain communities as opposed to the safety of our children. You’re a disgrace mate!


      • RCE says:

        Alex – absolutely spot on and way above the quality of response deserved by that cretin.


      • Louis Robinson says:

        “The Left-wing are petrified of Islam” -and if they are the only two ideologies left standing, Radical Islam will eat the Champagne Left for breakfast.


        • Earls Court says:

          The sooner the better. Once the cancer of the left has been removed. Then we can deal with Islam.


      • Scott says:

        If David Vance really was concerned with what you describe as “a sad an sinister reason” for no coverage, he would not have led with:

        the aberrant behaviour that seems to be so closely associated with Islam in the UK

        Face it – David Vance is a deluded bigot. He attempts to hide his bigotry in the guise attacks on bias in the BBC. But he’s not very good at doing so.


        • RCE says:

          The fact that your ilk are currently averaging about one valid point per month would suggest that he’s actually very good at it.

          I say this, as – yet again – you have not engaged on the substance of the post; specifically, that the BBC favourably skews its reportage of Islam and Muslims to maximise the positive and minimise the negative.

          You have no answer to this. You are bang to rights. It is game, set and match to David Vance.


          • hippiepooter says:

            Personally, I would say that DV stated things too strongly, but the whole tenor on this this thread is if it was a Catholic priest it would be all over the news.

            Now that is game, set and match.

            Also, what is worth doing a post on, is the proclivity of so many in the militant secular and homosexual lobbies (often very overlapping) towards paedophilia..


        • Alex says:

          If you’re going to quote me then please do so correctly.


          • Scott says:

            Sorry, I was typing quickly. I don’t think accurately quoting your “strange and sinister reason” gets round the fact that David Vance was placing far more emphasis on his prejudice against all Muslims than he was on the BBC.

            And that’s because he’s a bigot, plain and simple.


            • Demon says:

              So judging by your early comment, you are now admitting that you are an anti-Christian bigot. I couldn’t argue with you there on that point.


              • Scott says:

                “you are now admitting that you are an anti-Christian bigot.”

                What truly bizarre logic. Care to explain in a way that makes sense?


                • Demon says:

                  For those of limited intellect I will use smaller words. You may then understand it Scott.

                  David Vance attacked the BBC downplaying a Muslim Imam molesting children, which they never do with Catholic Priests. You then made the following comment “Aren’t we lucky that no Christian priest has ever abused their authority to molest young people? Oh, wait…” and follow it up with accusing David of being a bigot for daring to criticise a Muslim. As you have criticised Christians, both here and in other threads, you are therefore accusing yourself of being a bigot using the same logic of accusing David of being one.

                  You are right once and wrong once, but not right on the accusation against David.


                • Scott says:


                  If I had created a post to slur the whole of Catholicism on the basis of a minority of priests, you might have a point.

                  However, what I did was counter Vance’s grubby linkage of sexual offences to Islam with a well-known situation where other, similarly abhorrent, acts had occurred in other faiths.

                  If you can’t see the difference, I’m sorry for you, I truly am.


                • Demon says:

                  Don’t be sorry for me. I pity bigots like you, and am relieved that I am not one myself.

                  However, the point you are trying to make (badly) is actually David’s point: He wants the BBC to treat Islam like any other religion, in this case Catholicism, but finds that they do not. The amount of so-called “comedians” that castigate the whole of the Catholic Priesthood as perverts is legion, and is often seen on the BBC. But do any of these Beboids attack the Islamic Imamhood in the same way? What do you think?

                  Many also attacked the Pope’s visit using the disgraceful antics of a minority of the clergy as a reason that he should not be allowed to come.
                  David’s point is that no one religion should be singled out for that treatment if others are ignored for the same offence.


                • Scott says:

                  However, the point you are trying to make (badly) is actually David’s point:

                  No, no it isn’t. Try reading and engaging your brain instead of making assumptions.

                  When Vance talks about “aberrant behaviour that seems to be so closely associated with Islam in the UK”, he’s not saying anything about the BBC, or any perceived differences in approach to faiths. He’s making links between Islam and sexual abuse.

                  If you’re still having problems with that, say so. Don’t say I’m making a different point altogether.


        • Pounce_uk says:

          Scott wrote:
          the aberrant behaviour that seems to be so closely associated with Islam in the UK…Face it – David Vance is a deluded bigot. He attempts to hide his bigotry in the guise attacks on bias in the BBC. But he’s not very good at doing so.

          Well Scott, I am an apostate from Islam and not only do I echo what DV has to say I am more than willing to openly state that Islam has no place in the UK due to its intolerant nature.

          Want to call me a bigot as well.


          • Scott says:

            Want to call me a bigot as well

            I think your multiple previous posts on various topics do that job for me, to be honest.


    • geyza says:

      Scott, when the Catholics are STILL being ostracised and dragged through the media for every transgression of every pervert priest, for offenses committed decades ago, we wonder why those perverts of other “faiths” are not accorded the same, equal level of scrutiny and disgust.

      When the Catholic church is the only world faith to even admit there is a problem and take real steps to clean their act up and take action against perverts in their faith, they should receive a little credit.

      Instead the whole media treats the whole church as filled with perverted priests, almost as if it were compulsory. At the same time, they actually excuse violent, repeated child rape and contradict the Judge in the Rochdale case, who clearly said that their was a cultural/religious element to those abhorrent crimes.

      It is the cultural, anti-British left and their cheerleaders in the BBC who are “more concerned about point scoring and reaffirming their own prejudices than they are the welfare of victims. ”

      If it were not for the left wing political correctness imposed on society by the BBC and their acolytes in the police, courts, judiciary, social services, et al, then the original complaints to the police, by these young white victims of Pakistani Islamic Perverts, would have been taken seriously, investigated and the perverts cought and imprisoned a lot sooner, thus saving many other victims from being brutally and violently, repeatedly gang raped!

      It is the left who have placed racist and cultural political correctness above the real and tragic needs of real victims.

      Scott, Alex is right, you ARE a disgrace!


  6. noggin says:

    ahh! the smell of clouds of righteousness,( or maybe B/S)

    Are there more” honour killings”, more rapes, more paedophile gangs, more fgm, more associated infavour”bias”,more associated threat, more associated violence, more associated murder – mass murder – attempted mass murder -by force “imposition” – aggressive association agenda.
    Against ethnic minorities, sexual minorities, religious minorities, jews, non adherrents, women, even different creed of its own ideology, etc etc etc etc
    by ONE ideology, more than other faiths? ……… well?
    is this not truth/fact, is it prejudice to report it …
    would it be at all prejudiced toward the victims not to?.

    The media is so biased the other way, it might go a small way to balance,


    • Dysgwr_Cymraeg says:

      A plague of catholic honour killings?
      Some presbyterian suicide bombers?
      Methodist apostates executed
      Pentecostal rape victim jailed and beaten.
      C of E condemned woman raped before execution as matter of policy.
      Calvinistic family performs FGM ?

      Not in your local newspaper?


  7. jimbola says:

    I’m prejudiced against bespectacled lefty apologists for islam.


  8. dez says:

    Let’s see if I can get the hang of this.
    1) Search websites for a story that hasn’t made it into the national media.
    2) Make sure it’s about sexual abuse.
    3) Make sure it’s about a muslim. This is absolutely vital: IT MUST ONLY EVER BE ABOUT A MUSLIM.
    So here goes…
    Teenage boy from Salford locked up after grooming young girls he met on Facebook for sex NOT REPORTED BY THE BBC!
    Oh hold on, this is about religion not ethnicity (that’s reserved for other crimes like stabbing and stuff).
    Clergyman who sexually assaulted a parishioner found guilty at Court NOT REPORTED BY THE BBC!
    Ah, well, perhaps it is about ethnicity sometimes and religion.
    Taunton priest jailed for sex offences NOT REPORTED BY THE BBC!
    It’s a scandal. Why is the BBC refusing to report news of Christian groomers and sexual predators? Something sinister perhaps??


    • Dysgwr_Cymraeg says:

      Scott your research team at the beeb is doing you proud: Well done!


    • wallygreeninker says:

      Why do we concentrate on Pakistani/Muslim involvement in street grooming of teenage girls?
      Because we read the Grauniad
      In an article on their disproportionate involvement we find that

      “At present, the closest we have to a national estimate comes from CEOP’s 2011 scoping study into “localised grooming”, roughly synonymous with on-street grooming. Response rates to the researchers request for data from police, children’s services and the third sector, were low. Based on these patchy data, CEOP suggest there are over 2,000 “potential offenders” in the UK. Most of these, however, will never have been formally identified, let alone arrested, charged or prosecuted. Ethnicity data were available for just one-third. Of these, 49% were white and 46% Asian: the proportion of Pakistani Asians remains unknown. However, in a country where Asians constitute 7% of the general population, this is a striking figure. ”
      “There are Asian offenders, many of whom are of Pakistani origin. They seem much more likely to offend in groups, lending their abuse a curiously social dimension. In our research, which focuses on large offending groups, we analysed police data from five major on-street grooming investigations. Of the 52 suspects charged, 83% were Asian Pakistani, 11% Asian other and 6% white British. These are shocking statistics and the over-representation of Asian offenders within this dataset certainly merits attention. There may be important factors that explain why the bigger networks have been largely Asian. ”


      Derby, Leeds, Blackpool, Blackburn, Rotherham, Sheffield, Rochdale, Oldham and Birmingham, Telford: at some point one is entitled to ask if there is a town where they are not at it.

      Why do we focus on Muslims. Because unlike hose on the left, who tend to be hypocritical ignoramuses regarding Islam, some of us are aware that its canonical texts contain many disturbing statements and examples that make this kind of behaviour practically predictable.

      You can see what I mean if you can bear to read a page on a website run by those evil, Islamophobic non-people, to the left i.e. ex-Muslims, which satirises on an East London case exemplifying what I’m talking about: