With the London Olympics consuming more and more BBC coverage as we approach the start of the Games, I though this was an interesting set of observations from a B-BBC reader;

“This is a slightly different complaint from what is normal, in that the BBC hasn’t yet deployed its bias and general idiocy.  It’s more of a plea to counter it.

A lot has been said of the BBC’s woeful coverage of the Golden Jubilee and rightly so, but their ‘Olympics’ coverage is an area ripe for even greater national embarrassment, giving the BBC, as it does, greater scope for pushing its Left-wing agenda…on an international scale.  It’s a rare opportunity Beeboids are sure to grasp with every fibre of their being.  I hope we can go some way to stopping it.

Although there must be numerous ways the BBC could embarrass us during the Olympics (I hope everyone will list them), I think I’ve found one that hasn’t been widely recognised.

Over the years, I’ve spotted a way that dear old Auntie films women, that doesn’t ever seem to apply to men, suggesting that something is going on.  Particularly at sporting events, women are filmed more often than not from the waist up and sometimes positioned awkwardly in the camera frame – not in the golden position: one third from the top of the frame and one third from the left or right.  Often, the producer cuts to a close-up or wide shot, out of sequence with the events, so behaving differently from when men are the focus. I don’t watch much T.V. any more and certainly not that from the BBC, but I’ve seen this on numerous occasions and in non-sport broadcasts, too.   It may even have been present in the BBC’s Crystal Palace athletics coverage, but I didn’t watch it.  Be on the look out for this and you will certainly spot it.  The rest of the MSM is just as guilty; the advertising industry, included.

Thinking logically, it would be sensible to infer that, if women are the target, the Beeboids behave this way to ‘protect’ them from what they view as ‘objectification’. I guess it is thought that a female athlete’s tumble onto a mat or into the sand, bending over to stretch or leaning forward, reveals too much (On a side note: there is a scary amount of ‘Muslim’ thinking, enveloping this feminist attitude).  It is staggeringly ironic, though, that in countering the normalisation of the ‘objectification’, with anti-voyeuristic camera-work, they draw attention to what they try to conceal.  It escapes the average Leftie that there is a vast difference between one of Berlusconi’s notorious game-shows and a woman demonstrating her athletic prowess.  It creates an unhealthy atmosphere to sexualise something that isn’t.  They’ve finally learned this regarding the depiction of children, but not yet with adults.

To be fair to the BBC [shudder], its execrable Jubilee coverage was an example of uncommon incompetence, albeit mixed with its daily obsession with yoof and anti-intellectualism, but I look on with horror at the thought of it using the Olympics to spread every tenet of politically-correct thought that it can inject in to a sporting event.  God knows how bad the opening and closing ceremonies will be.”

My thanks to the contributor!

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22 Responses to OLYMPIC SIZED BIAS?

  1. As I See It says:

    The only soccer-playing-girl in the village?

    BBC Radio Grievance (5 Live) are banging on about no Welsh women being picked for the Team GB Olympic football squad.

    Apparently, according to the Beeboids, it is shame that there is no Welsh ‘representation’ in the team.

    What are they suggesting? Oh for a system of racial and gender quotas in sport!

    Just to confirm that the Beeboids are a liberal elite of bien pensants who live in a rarified world of lofty ideals from which they sneer down their noses on we poor ignorant mortals…..

    Nicky Campbell this morning and his own personal take on the London Olympic Park ‘….McDonalds beside the Olympic venues……a brothel beside a Cathedral….’

    Pompous prig!


    • uncle bup says:

      yes, to the shag ran of the droid interviewer one athlete pointed out last week that,

      ‘MacDonalds is the most popular outlet, there’s always loads of people there’.

      Yeah, fancy, a service so well done that people actually pay for it. Voluntarily. And without the threat of prison hanging over their heads.

      Cuts right to the dead heart of everything the droids believe in.

      Anyway, worrooyoothinkjohnfromgravesend.


  2. Demon says:

    I think we can rest assured that the opening and closing ceremonies will be paeans to multi-culti, which will be pathetic and unnecessary as one of the best examples of good integration is the GB team itself. Danny Boyle is organising the opening ceremony, need one say more!


    • Scrappydoo says:

      I like your Idea of the god “multi-culti” . if anyone remebers the original Star trek series, I see a typical plot unfolding. If we are able to return to earth in 1000 years time, there will be little remaining of civilisation. The original meaning of Multi cultural will have long been forgotten, we will return to a world where the God Multiculti must be prayed to at fixed times each day, sacrifices to Multiculti must be made or the climate will change and the sky fall in. Captain kirk, Dr. Mcoy and Spock will beam down, slay Multiculti and set us on a course to civilisation.


  3. As I See It says:

    No the BBC won’t treat the Olympics in the same shoddy way that they treated the Jubilee.

    For example : ‘Olympic Sick Bags’


    Remember this?


    I bet my licence fee that Fearne Cotton and Paloma Faith who found Jubilee sick bags so amusing won’t go near these Olympic items!


    • #88 says:

      The BBC won’t be able to assault the senses and promote Olympic© Sick Bags, given the IOC / LOCOG ban on unauthorised marketing or use of their symbols.

      On reflection, their ban seems quite sensible now, if it stops Faith and Cotton’s crap in its tracks.


  4. TrueToo says:

    Interesting articles from a new publication, The Times of Israel, on the BBC, including its ducking and diving to avoid naming Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, while proudly naming East Jerusalem as the capital of ‘Palestine,’ making Israel the only country to have a profile without a capital.


    Following complaints, the BBC decided to name Jerusalem was Israel’s “seat of government,” still stubbornly refusing to give it capital status. Reminds me of the frantic haste with which the BBC apologised to the Palestinians for the unpardonable error of naming Jerusalem as Israel’s capital a while back.


  5. Lloyd Reith says:

    No mention of a minutes silence either. Murder of Israeli’s (Jew’s) count for nothing in their olympic ethos.


  6. George R says:

    INBBC on Islamic jihad threat to Olympics:

    “London 2012: British extremists ‘main threat’ to Games”


    INBBC reporter, Asad Ahmed, predominantly turns to Muslims to dictate how non-Muslims should behave, including:-

    1.) need for non-Muslims to adapt to Muslim sensitivities over Ramadan (NOT for Muslims to recognise sensitivities of host population’s predominantly non-Muslims over intrusion of Muslims’ Ramadan actions).

    2.) deferring to –
    ” Noman Benotman, a former extremist who knew Osama Bin Laden, said terrorists think it is taking place during a ‘sacred time’.”

    3.) deferring to Nabil Ahmed of Federation of Student Islamic Societies.

    Although INBBC has to accept that ‘British Muslim extremists’ represent the biggest security threat to the London Olympics, the way INBBC reports this is to defer to predominantly Muslims for their advice on how non-Muslims should behave.

    Alternative ‘Daily Mail’ report:-
    “Olympics’ most wanted: Terror police fear suspect hunted after Bulgarian bus bomb could be on his way to London 2012”

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2177160/Bulgarian-bus-bomb-attack-Terrorist-target-security-officials-Olympics-fear-strike-again.html#ixzz21cnP3MN7


  7. Mice Height says:

    There was a short piece on News24 last night where they interviewed various second generation immigrants who live in London. Their support seemed to be primarily for ‘Da Muddaland’.


  8. Alex says:

    From what I can see so far in the Olympic coverage, the BBC are beginning to show (predictable) signs that they are more interested in celebrating multiculturalism in the UK and different ‘ethnic communities’ than they are the games and British patriotism. I’ve got my vomit bag at the ready.


  9. HiHat says:

    I wouldnt worry too much about how the BBC will film the women competitors. The coverage will be 80% talking heads in a studio and just the occasional glimpse of a plucky brit trying their best out on the field. Its all about personalities and how they feel about competing/the race/losing etc for the BBC. Personally I prefer a channel where there are no studio interviews and they just show the whole competition. Eurosport seem quite good at this.


    • Reed says:

      Eurosport do some excellent winter olympics coverage. I’ve never seen any of their summer games coverage, but it will be worth having a look to see what’s on offer.


  10. GCooper says:

    I want to know why the BBC has been taken over almost entirely by this miserable ‘spectacle’. I note that both HD channels are solid with coverage, as is BBC 3 (no loss) along with most of BBC 1.

    Have they any idea how many of us hate sport in general and the Olympics in particular? Do we get a refund on our licence fees?


  11. velvel says:

    Really, you should get a life! This stuff about females and camera angles? Methinks you read far too much into some of the crappy nonsense you come up with. I hate the beeboids, too, but let’s get a sense of balance — they are just not that clever or devious.
    Why do you do all this anyway? They are still there spouting their awful rubbish and taking our money.


  12. Beness says:

    Nice of the BBC (yesterday lunchtime on 5 live) to concentrate on the Jamaican team who have been housed in Birmingham.
    Nice also of them to interupt the German Grand Prix when Button was going for the lead, to Bring us tiger woods, Was he on a green with a put to put in him in the lead? No, was he about to get an Eagle or Birdie, No. He was on the first tee about to take his first shot. But Hey hes our heroe (despite everything that he has done) right?


  13. Frank says:

    The head zoom, waist up and long distance shot – all to avoid showing wimmins bits is very obvious and very annoying as it distorts the correct perspective and impression. Just look at the contortions they will get into with the 100m dash. A similar “modesty policing” goes on when there is live boxing and they avoid showing the round card girls. Pathetic PC facism.


  14. Jim Dandy says:

    Facism is the only word for it. I for one will not pay my licence fee until the Beeb shoots women’s nipsies in the proper manner.


  15. fitzfitz says:

    Countering the objectification of the woman … let’s try that on Horse Guards for the beach ball . Mixed with the compliant islamification of the image of woman … what price the male gaze, about which leftists are so obsessed ?


  16. Earls Court says:

    People who are left-wing are mentally ill. It wants to destroy western civilisation and with it the leftys.


  17. Dave666 says:

    Why is the BBC news being broadcast from the olympic venue? Is it my imagination or did they not all just move to Salford?


  18. Guest Who says:


    In a story on its website, the BBC proclaims that “the capital has come alive with the spirit of the Olympics.” Apart from reading like it was copied from a London 2012 press release, it’s just not true.

    You can’t buy Trust like that. Except, maybe, uniquely.
    I fear even BBC World has now bitten the dust here, as a BBC dusky moppet ‘interviewing’ some British lovelies on which Bangladeshi athletes they’d be egging on in varying degrees of ‘innit patois was a level of multi-culti hands across the borders celebration too far.
    And I am unsure Mr. Boyle’s apparent pean to the glories of the Welfare State and the NHS via the medium of dance and fireworks is what I feel fielding with the in-laws either.
    Here they fly a honkin’ great Singapore flag up and down the coast off a Chinook.
    Try that with the Union Jack and there’ll by Baron von Vaz and his flying media circus swooping down before you can say ‘I’m offended’, which may stir the Newsnight Anger and Protests Editor from his Kraken’s lair if suitably ticking all the correct BBC boxes for such things.