Oh dear. Seems like the BBC have decided that Mitt Romney is a waycist! There was an absolutely DISGRACEFUL interview on Today this morning with   Stacy Hilliard, who worked on Mitt Romney’s campaign to become a Governor in Massachusetts.  With Billy Bunter look-alike Mark Mardell also putting in his pro Obama tuppence worth, this was a pure attack piece and I felt sorry for Stacy who at one point seemed to want to stop the “interview”.  Justin Webb was suggesting that Romney was playing the race card against Obama by referencing Anglo-Saxon heritage and when Stacy said that Romney hoped to rebuild the traditional alliances that Obama has chilled, again Justin launched into attack mode. The interview took place @7.21am but there is no link to it. However this was a pure hatchet job and as pro Obama as anyone could imagine. The BBC should be utterly ashamed of themselves for this. I hope Team Romney remember it.

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60 Responses to ROMNEY – THE MILD RACIST…

  1. John Anderson says:

    Yes – I hope Stacy Hilliard reports back in detail to the Romney campaign managers. Avoid the BBC like the plague, freeze Mardell out – tell him the Today interview showed ridiculous bias as well as the sheer stupidity and childishness of Justin Webb’s racism attack.

    I wish she had walked off – Webb was behaving like a total idiot.


    • John Anderson says:

      but then …. attacking Romney for mentioning the Anglo-Saxon heritage shared by the UK and the US is all part of the BBC pattern of denigrating our island history.


      • Pah says:

        Of course they hate our Anglo-Saxon heritage – they are after all the decendants of the Normans …


    • John Elliott says:

      The interview was hostile and biased. Webb tried to give the impression that anyone supporting Romney was unfit to be given air space. I thought Hilliard did well and stood her ground well. We all know that the B-BBC worship Obahma and obviously see no need to be objective and unbiased when talking about his opponents. to think we are forced to pay for this garbage.


    • Alex says:

      It’s aright for black-Americans/British, Asians, the Scots, Welsh and the Irish to assert their nationalism and heritage but when we English do it we’re racist! I’m F$£%*@g sick of it!


  2. Barry says:

    For God’s sake. Rightly or wrongly, people closer to home often refer to England as Anglo-Saxon, just as Scandinavian countries are Nordic, France is Gallic etc. It’s a shorthand. And if he’s confusing England with the UK, he isn’t the first.


  3. Bob says:

    They never pick up on Obama’s dog whistle racism.
    Pretty rich coming from the hideously white BBC.


    • LondonCalling says:

      BBC news trainees exam question

      “96% of blacks voted Obama, 54% of whites”

      Use your bBC news training to identify the racists.

      Thats right. The 46% of whitey. You get the job.


      • dez says:

        “96% of blacks voted Obama, 54% of whites”…
        In 2000 – 90% of blacks voted Gore, 42% of whites.
        Do you think that was because Al Gore was black, you dribbling buffoon?


        • Reed says:

          If you’re suggesting that race played absolutely NO part in the 2008 presidential election then you’ve got a very steep hill to climb. I don’t think you’ll be able to make it.


          • dez says:

            If you’re suggesting that race played absolutely NO part in the 2008 presidential election then you’ve got a very steep hill to climb.
            If I was then I would but I’m not so I haven’t. See?


        • LondonCalling says:

          Bufoon maybe but dribbling? Thats offensive to people who dribble. It’s dribblist.

          Gore was buying the ethnic vote in the same way all Democrat racehustlers do. It just so happens Gore was a white black man, where as Obama is a half white man.


        • David Preiser (USA) says:

          I agree with dez. Blacks in the US are stuck on the Democrat plantation.


          • LondonCalling says:

            When you know you don’t deserve something, you are always going to go the way of the Party that will carry on giving you what you dont deserve. Everyone votes with their wallet, not just rich whitey.
            In the US ethnics gave victory to Obama. In France, Muslims did the same to Socialist Francois Hollande. In the UK I expect they tried it for Labour., better luck next time. Democracy has fallen victim to immigration to skewer the voting system. How much proof do you need?


          • Ian Hills says:

            Obama did play the race card in his election campaign though.

            Like the “plantation” bit.


  4. Harold Hill says:

    So, according to the BBC, it’s wrong to suggest that two countries who share the same language; have a similar legal system; share a common history- even the US declaration of Independence makes reference to ‘the free system of English laws’-might have common interests and make reliable allies (as opposed to fair weather friends.)

    This situation has only come about because President Obama has been at best ambivalent towards America’s allies-the real friends of America, such as the UK who (rightly or wrongly) send their young men off to fight in wars in Afghanistan etc. Maybe Mitt Romney merely wants to express gratitude for this fact and acknowledge the ties that bind us together.


  5. wallygreeninker says:

    She should just have said that at least Romney would refer to the Falklands by their Anglo-Saxon name -not to mention avoid looking a twerp by getting the Argentinian name wrong and calling them the Maldives.


  6. Framer says:

    Amazing: three references to Romney’s racism from the introduction, Mardell, then the interviewer, then a long series of sneering questions from Justin Webb.
    If the word English had been used instead of Anglo-Saxon, Webb would have gone into more extreme paroxysms of rage.
    So Albanian is the national language of the US?


  7. George R says:

    BBC-OBAMA supports black ‘racism’, opposes white ‘racism’.

    When ROMNEY camp praises Anglo-Saxon connections (and, after all, Romney family ancestors were English), that’s racist
    to Mardell, Obama supplicant.

    When OBAMA camp praises his father’s Mau Mau connections, and the President’s (part) ‘blackness’ (but not, apparently his part ‘whteness’), that’s wonderful ethnicity
    to Mardell, Obama supplicant.


  8. Alex says:

    Who the hell do these BBC journalists think they are? They’ve egos the size of houses. If the License fee were ever to disappear (touch wood!) I would like to see some of these self-styled ‘experts’ on everything, survive in the real world; if their little BBC bubble burst and the likes of Justin Webb lost their jobs I’d wager that they struggle finding work with anything like the salaries they’re currently siphoning off the populace. Our money is keeping afloat this bloated behemoth which has become arrogant, outspoken, biased and out of touch…. very similar to Westminster come to think of it!


    • Aerfen says:

      Indeed, the Guardian and Independent couldn’t employ ALL of them – the Guardian prefers minority ethnics anyway, whatever the quality (or not) of their journalistic skills.


      • William says:

        What are you implying?


        • Merlin says:

          ALex, surely you’re not implying that the BBC, like Westminster, is full to the brim with Left-wing, self-serving and lying prigs? You’re in danger of being correct!


        • LondonCalling says:

          But where does the BBC find its staff? The BBC spend on recruitment advertising we know and love:
          Guardian £275,412.
          Guardian URL £6,590.
          among the long list of other orginisation the BBC placed recruitment advertising, we find these:

          Asian Leader £675.00
          Asian Jobsite £480.00
          Ethnic Britain £1,675.00
          Ethnic Media Package £990.00
          Ethnic Jobsite £360.00

          I was unable to find any organisations specializing in jobs for white people in the list but perhaps I missed them.



  9. Mice Height says:

    I expect the licence fee payer is footing the bill for Mardell’s hair piece as well!


  10. Leftie-Loather says:

    Easily one of the biggest and clearest examples of racism in modern times was when a truly whopping 95% of black American voters voted for Obama to be President!
    And now Justin Webb dares to suggest Romney (no way as good as McCain was) is “playing the race card”?!!…..What a convenient difference four years makes to the American-honky hating BritishBrainwashingCorporation. Just too bloody hilarious for words!


    • dez says:

      “Easily one of the biggest and clearest examples of racism in modern times”
      Like when 88% of black American voters supported Kerry in 2004, or 90% for Mondale in 1984, or when 94% of black Americans voted for Johnson in 1964?
      Is that what you mean?


      • Reed says:

        Let’s suppose that 95% of white Americans voted for McCain in 2008. Do you think, in the years since then, that the media would never have suggested that there might have been a degree of racism involved?


      • wallygreeninker says:

        So 96% is a record – even for a population group that often votes en bloc. It’s an even higher percentage than Johnson got at the height of the civil rights struggle.


      • Dez is a tosser says:

        How many black candidates were there to choose from then?


        • Leftie-Loather says:

          He might act an ignoramus, it’s what lefties do best!, but Dez knows full well it was a record breaking racist vote and that the bBC, along with other broadasters, has remained too pathetically cowardly to address it.
          Not meaning McCain should’ve won, but how on earth could a truly whopping 95% of black Americans have voted against (although I know one who didn’t) such an American as this..


          • Andy S. says:

            So Dez, so-called “celebs” like Morgan Freeman, who has admitted that he voted for Obama because he was black, although – probably through disillusionment- is now referring to “the Great One” as America’s first mixed-race president, didn’t use ethnicity as the main reason for voting? What about the black American comedienne, doing her schtick at Obama’s inauguration dinner saying that if Obama fouled up in the Presidency black people would be saying “What’s up with that half-white guy?”

            It’s true that American ethnic minorities tend to support the Democratic Party as a matter of routine, but Obama’s ethnicity WAS used by his campaign team in the 2008 elections, and, like the current campaign, imply that by opposing him, you must be a racist. This is outright race hustling of the lowest order.

            Dez, take heed of the adage, ” It’s better to be thought a fool than opening your mouth and remove all doubt”.

            Time after time you show yourself to be a cherry-picking left wing shill,using specially selected facts- not ALL of the facts- as the sum total of your “arguments”.


  11. Don’t suppose Justin Webb will go ask Kenneth Gladney for any counterbalance after his appearance was covered on Bill Whittle’s “The Narrative”


  12. William Bradley says:

    The interview was only biased if you disagreed with it.


    • Louis Robinson says:

      Interviews do not simply happen. They are a piece carved out of a very large pie. The person who cuts the pie sets the agenda. On this occasion the Today programme chose to cut the slice that said “Anglo-Saxon” means “racist”. But then in Beebland, everything is racist. Soon, I shall be in danger of sounding racist for using the word “the”.
      Re The interview: don’t you get the impression that Today interviews are not carried out to elicit information or even play Devil’s advocate – but to promote a point of view – THEIRS. They pound away day after day, smirking their way through three hours – my goodness, even past and present BBC types I know can’t stand it.
      One expressed their frustration with a word: “schoolboys”.
      I gave up on them years ago and never listen – except when instructed by David Vance. (Thanks, David!?!*!)


    • Reed says:

      “The interview was only biased if you disagreed with it.”

      Well, that attitude gives the BBC complete and permanent immunity from accusations of bias, doesn’t it. A charter for partiality.


  13. William says:

    It was only biased if you disagreed with what he was saying.


  14. Louis Robinson says:

    I try to keep a clear head, a sunny disposition and a sense of humour. But Mark Mardell? I’m sorry, I usually keep away from personal comments on this (or any) blog, but I really dislike Mardell. It’s not just what he says but the way he says it. His tone of voice when saying the words “Anglo-Saxon” seem to express a disdain he feels for anyone who does not share his high level of erudition. His off-hand comment, calling the US/UK special relationship as “old hat”, is another example of a supercilious attitude. And who is he to make a judgment like that? He, is when all said and done, “a transient here-today, gone-tomorrow” reporter, the poster boy for the BBC’s ‘better than you’, ‘holier than thou’ identity.
    Phew! There, that’s over! Breathe. Breathe. Hom.
    By the way the phrase “transient here-today, gone-tomorrow” is a quote from another too-big-for-his-boots “personality” Robin Day talking to conservative politician John Nott.


  15. An Interested Reader says:

    The gross Mardell was useless even when he ‘worked’ on local radio, LBC iiirc!


  16. Reed says:

    Anyone who’s ever watched Dateline London on the BBC will have heard the phrase ‘Anglo-Saxon model’ used in a condemnatory fashion in relation to the English speaking world’s brand of free-market capitalism. I don’t recall any of the regular hosts of this programme questioning the use of this phrase as inappropriately racist, but then it was used to express a negative view of our culture of business and finance, so it gets a pass.

    …and of course, Obama and the Democrats NEVER play the race card to their advantage. Perish the thought.


    • Craig says:

      Yes, it will be interesting to see how Gavin Esler reacts the next time Marc Roche does his party piece attack on the “Anglo-Saxon model”…

      Incidentally, another ‘Dateline’ regular, the strongly anti-Republican Michael Goldfarb, used the very same term in a recent article for the BBC magazine:

      “Supporters of European integration have always been keen on the idea of “solidarity” between nations. It’s not a word heard so much in the Anglo-Saxon world – but at this time of crisis, perhaps examples from American history hold useful lessons?”

      If Goldfarb appears this Saturday (as is quite likely. given how regular he is), will he be bared-faced enough to attack Romney over it?


      • Reed says:

        Marc Roche was the chap I had in mind. It seems he can’t get through the half-hour programme without using that phrase at least once, along with lecturing us about being ‘good Europeans’.

        I think everyone sensible knows exactly what is meant by this phrase. It’s a general term to describe a particular cultural/economic heritage, in the same way the people refer to ‘Tiger economies’. This kind of term may refer to an area that has a common ethnic heritage, but that is incidental. These are not racial descriptions. Anyone who suggests otherwise is being an opportunist.


  17. George R says:

    “What’s wrong with America having Anglo-Saxon heritage?”

    by Ed West.


  18. Jim Dandy says:

    Now that the Romneyshambles is upon us, and all parts of the political spectrum are united in viewing Romney as an oaf and an Arse, does the interview still count as politically biased I wonder.


    • Reed says:

      So says you. Where is this supposed consensus?

      I could (and do) argue that the majority regard Ed Miliband as ‘an oaf and an arse’. Can I expect to see BBC interviews conducted under this assumption?


    • David Preiser (USA) says:

      So, Jim, because you agree with Webb’s political opinion – which he expressed at every opportunity – the interview was not biased? Try again.


  19. DavidLamb says:

    But addressing Kim Jong Millibond as Mr Leader was priceless. I hope the name sticks.


    • Andy S. says:

      Do you think Obama knows who Ed Miliband is? Even some of our own people don’t know him. Remember his televised visit to a local shop and the proprietor asked him who he was?

      If our own people don’t know him, it’s likely someone from across the pond would have difficulty knowing his name.


  20. David Preiser (USA) says:

    Nice egregious sneer from ol’ Justin that Romney is meeting with Blair because most of us United Statesians think he’s still PM.

    No bias there, then. His scolding and interruptions of the Republican woman was clear evidence of a biased interview. Webb already had his mind made up and attacked every statement, criticized her every answer. “He’s not going to do anything differently, is he?” Over and over again. Romney hasn’t even been to Israel yet, but ol’ Justin already declares, “So there’s no real change there.” Then later, he says, “We’ve established he’s not going to change America’s foreign policy much.” No, Justin, the interview has established no such thing. You made your mind up already, came in with a preconceived notion, and stuck with it, refusing to allow anything different to come through. This was a very hostile interview.

    “That’s the line that some people are going down.” Yes, the President’s supporters in the media are crying “racism”.

    Only in the twisted world of biased Beeboids can “neck-neck-and-neck” equal a poor performance in the polls. When ol’ Justin then explains that Romney should be doing much, much better if he’s as wonderful as advertised. Who’s been saying Romney is so awesome, Justin? No, Webb is just trying to force this to be viewed through the prism of the unique situation we had in 2008, when he and the media presented The Obamessiah as this wonderful thing and He had a better lead in the polls than this a month away from the election. It’s a biased viewpoint.

    I also like the dripping sarcasm from Mardell. Bringing up the racism attack on Romney is the White House talking point, and something that’s being agreed with only in certain Left-wing media outlets. Others are talking about it, but are only saying that the President’s supporters are saying that. There is certainly no widespread agreement, as both Mardell and Webb seem to allege, that the statement from Romney’s adviser was racist and is meant to appeal to all of us racists.

    If nothing else, it’s clear from both ol’ Justin’s hostile interview to Mardell’s sarcastic comments that both of them believe the US to still be full of racists. It was also very clear that Webb has already made his mind up about Romney and was just pushing his opinion during his segment rather than impartially interviewing the Romney supporter.


  21. George R says:

    MARDELL, Obama supplicant, using our licence money on both sides of the Atlantic on behalf of his Obammessiah by trying to political embroider an Olympian case against Romney.


  22. Godhatesfags says:

    Here’s the interview from 1:21:30


  23. George R says:

    It’s getting like this:

    Mardell: (to Romney)

    ‘Are you, or have you ever been an Anglo-Saxon’?


    ‘I don’t know’.


    ‘Are you, together with other Anglo-Saxons, conspiring to destroy the West’s vital ‘Multicultural Project’?

    ‘Are you, together with other Anglo-Saxons conspiring to destroy the West’s vital ally, ‘The Muslim Brotherhood?’


    • George R says:

      Is Mardell going to to politically harry Romney (on our pound) all the way across Poland and Israel for Obamessiah too?


  24. George R says:

    “Mitt Romney’s staffer is right: whatever their family origins, Britons and Americans are joint heirs to Anglo-Saxon liberties”

    By Daniel Hannan


  25. David Preiser (USA) says: