BBC also in overdrive this morning to highlight the mistake made in Glasgow last night when the South Korean flag was flown by mistake at a Ladies football game featuring North Korea. I think the BBC reaction to this has been entirely disproportionate and if ever there was a Nation that we should not be apologising to it is the tinpot but nuclear armed despots of North Korea. Far too much hype afforded to this small incident and one trusts that when the BBC makes mistakes in the days ahead, as we all do in life, these too will be given headline prominence by the State Broadcaster.

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  1. johnnythefish says:

    Another great opportunity for the Today presenters to carp at the Olympics. No suggestion from them that the team stomping off in a hissy fit and leaving the crowd waiting for an hour whilst some hapless official whined a grovelling apology might have been a slight overreaction.

    The general tone of carping, sneering and sniggering at the Games on this morning’s programme was shameful. It’s as if they really want this country to fail.


    • Regag says:

      They planned to throw their party in company with Gordon Brown and fellow comrades – now they’re throwing their rattles out of the playpen!


  2. noggin says:

    too much hype? … “not arf”, before Today went off air today on R4, a frankly absurd and
    elongated piece, on a sign in Arabic, that was incorrect
    that had been put up in Newham.
    Al BBC is of course truly mortified, and proceeded to (yawn), snoot and tut about not being multicultural enough.
    … is it maybe because, it didn t say … welcome to “Londonistan”? … or Sharia compliant area?

    more out of touch, tiresome pap.


  3. Richard D says:

    Hilariously, the newsperson-du-jour, and unfortunately I can’t remember which Beeboid it was, having carped on for ages as to how this amazingly insulting ‘blooper’ could have been made……. then went on to comment that the ENGLAND (i.e. not the UK) ladies football team had won yesterday evening, and to cap that, went on to get the next guest’s particulars wrong as well.

    See, it’s not so hard to make a simple mistake, is it , you plonker ?

    (Mind you….. I have to say that mixing up North Korea and South Korea, given the fragile state of their relationship, sort of clearly illustrates what our education system has brought us to these days.)


  4. lillian says:

    The BBC is negative to its very DNA, they hate having to be cheerful and are looking for anything, no matter how small to blow up out of all proportion. They cannot really fault it so far, traffic flowing fine, thanks to help from the British Public and then a very cynical remark to a smiling Olympic ‘greeter’ was are you told to smile as if they can’t bear the smiling faces everywhere as they noted.


  5. Nibor says:

    No surprise that the BBC would know the North Korean flag , or any socilist workers paradise flag , but not know which way up the UK flag is .
    (If its hung upside down it`s a distress signal , so it coud be some hapless employee distessed by the BBC`s editorial policy )


  6. I have to say on this one, I think it’s something of a disgrace but I wouldn’t leave it at that unlike the BBC. I’ve got no love for a tinpot dictatorship that prefers to let millions starve to maintain the illusion it’s a superpower.

    For me however the story here (and one the BBC wouldn’t pursue) is how such a cretinous error is an outward display of the socilaist utopia which institutions have pursued for decades now. A key part of that has been the pursuit of mediocrity and one where it’s been entirely permissable to aspire to nothing more than ignorance.

    Their chickens have come home to roost and the likes of the BBC cannot (or will not) see it.


  7. Pah says:

    Of all the countries to mix up North and South Korea are probably the worst. Israel and Syria comes a close second.

    So it makes me wonder whether this was a deliberate ‘error’. One of Labours placemen up to their usual dirty tricks.

    After all this is a database error which one would thought had been checked prior to the match …


  8. AsISeeIt says:

    It was an odd mistake to make. One flag has the yin-yang symbol and the other has a big red star. You do have to wonder either at the lack of common sense – or our education system.


  9. AsISeeIt says:

    Oh by the way, that opening ceremony : the scenes of British rural idyll will be followed by….oh, I wonder…. Bolywood dancers, by any chance?


    • Reed says:

      That’s been my worry from day one – an opening ceremony entirely full of Bollywood, bhangra, calypso, junkanoo, reggae…a multi-culti Notting Hill carnival cavalcade to arouse Ken Livingstone – so that everyone watching from around the world asks “This IS coming from England, right?! Where’s the English stuff?”.

      I’m hoping to be proven wrong.


  10. Alex says:

    Ahh, the good old SNP-supporting, Scottish-obsessed and parochial BBC Reporting Scotland blaming England as usual I see:



  11. Richard D says:

    ….. and then we have today’s ‘Today’. A lady Olympian (from the UK rowing/sculling team) said she had been pleasantly surprised, having received a personal letter of encouragement from Theresa May.

    And could the BBC just leave it at that ? Oh, no, the beeboid of the day just HAD to comment as the interview concluded that he was …” sure that a Labour Home Secretary would have sent a similar letter”.

    Hmmmm…. if that’s the case, there was absolutely nothing to prevent any Shadow Home Secretary from sending such a letter as well, but the Olympian didn’t mention having received one and, of course, the BBC staff didn’t bother to find out any facts as to whether this had happened (might have given the ‘wrong’ impression if it turns out that – as is probably true – this gesture had not actually been duplicated by Yvette Cooper, Labour’s Shadow Home Secretary). Much better, by far, to simply dismiss Theresa May’s action as nothing special.

    They just can’t let anything pass which might reflect well on the current government. It’s insidious, ingrained, and really quite obvious that the BBC is effectively the broadcast wing of the Labour Party…. and still the left thinks that because there is the odd, and very infrequent, occasion where the BBC have accidentally slighted or tested the Labour Party in an interview, this clearly ‘balances the books’ and that the BBC is obviously an impartial medium. Institutional prejudice…. something the BBC abhors in any other organisation.


    • Oliver J says:

      We had some thing similar last night on radio 5 – someone said how great Boris’ speech had been, and one of he lefty beeboids was quite to jump in and say something along the lines of “it’s just as much because of Ken Livingstone etc etc”…it’s lucky my car radio is anchored into position, as otherwise it would have been ripped out and thrown through the window on many an occaison…


  12. Asherpat says:

    There is a very “good” reason why BBC hypes this incident, it came like a saviour. They know that there will be political incidents directed at ONE particular country, for example, Iranian athletes refusing to compete, protests, etc. BBC does not want to that the haters of Israel be on the unpopular side of the public, spoiling the Olympic hullabaloo, so by hyping other incidents, they want to dilute the anti-Israeli ones that will surely come. Ahh, y’know, just another boring politics…