Keeping The Welfare Gravy Train On Track


A classic example of the BBC editing out voices that do not parrot the desired narrative….in this report the BBC give the floor to a disabled charity, Scope, to make claims which are completely unsubstantiated by any objective standards, and whilst in a very early morning radio report we heard a dissenting voice, that voice has been noticeable by its absence from any other reports as have any other people challenging Scope’s claims.

‘Many disabled people in Britain feel media coverage about benefit cheats has negatively affected attitudes towards them, a survey suggests.

Almost half of the 500 disabled people and carers polled for charity Scope said attitudes to them had worsened.

It comes after ministers released data suggesting 55% of sickness benefit claimants were no longer eligible for it.’

This is 5Live’s early report  (17 mins 40 secs) from ‘Morning Reports’ in which Ellis Cashmore, Professor of culture, media and sport at Staffordshire University pours cold water on the central claim.

He states that the survey result merely reveals disabled people’s thoughts about other people’s attitudes towards them… their own feelings with no objectivity.

He says that claiming media coverage of ‘disabled’ fraudsters makes people more distrusting and abusive towards disabled people is to make a dodgy link between the Media and their coverage of fraudsters…it is a leap of faith…. there is nothing in the research to make the link.

I would say that is pretty clear from him……the ‘survey’ isn’t based on any objective research and purely reproduces disabled people’s own feelings and perceptions about what they think other people are thinking rather than investigating whether there really has been an increase in negative impressions of genuinely disabled people.

Prof. Cashmore’s comments have not been repeated….the only side to this story we hear is Scope’s.

I might suggest, purely based my own subjective feeling, that the BBC are happy to give Scope free rein and publicise its claims because firstly, they amount to an attack on the government and its policies, so happy days there, and secondly, are intended to keep the welfare gravy train running by forcing the government to back down on its welfare rationalizations.

Once again the BBC is interfering in the politics of government and are aiding and abetting pressure groups in their own vested interests, i.e. shilling the government out of as much money as possible by making claims that are intended to pull at heart strings and generate guilt.

Any rational or objective analysis of the situation is unwelcome as it would detract from the response to the emotional blackmail that this ‘survey’ is designed to elicit….therefore no dissent is brooked.

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  1. London Calling says:

    The BBC Heirarchy of Morality

    Charitably-funded (chuger in your face) = Saintly
    Publicly funded (compulsory license fee) = Worthy
    Debt funded (government borrowing) = Stimulating
    Capitalist funded (success through free choice) = Evil


  2. Neil Turner says:

    Half the story all the time

    You know what to do about it …..

    Sign here


  3. Sir Arthur Strebe-Grebling says:

    And keeping the thought police in business.

    “… whilst we already have laws in place to ensure equality, we need to work together and do more to change negative attitudes.”


  4. Lawrence says:

    I know something about benefits for people with learning disabilities living in what is called the ‘Supported Living’ model.

    An individual in usually a small home of three or less will get income support at £56.25 per week plus a disability premium of £30.35 per week making £86.60 per week. Now on top of this will come Disability Living Allowance with invariably all adults qualifying.

    DLA is paid in two components Care and Mobility.

    If paid the upper mobility rate of £54.05 per week and if paid either middle rat care at 51.85 pw or higher rate care at £77.45 pw. Now if awarded middle rate care that then pays a sever disability premium of £58.20 and if you get that the upper rate you then get an enhanced premium of £14.80. So lets add all that up

    Income Support £86.60
    DLA HRM £54.05
    DLA HRC £77.45
    SDP £58.20
    EDP £14.80

    Total £291.00 per week

    Now that’s not a lot of income some may say but it’s higher than say a Sainsbury’s worker after tax. But and a big but the individual adult with learning disabilities will be exempt from council tax and HB will meet all the rent payments. So that Sainsbury’s worker living in a flat will have to find full council with only the option of a 25% discount. In addition that same worker would have to pay full rent or mortgage.

    So for the BBC or any idiot who blabs on about poor this and poor that really don’t know what they are talking about. I wouldn’t call practically £291.00 disposable income every week, poor. Of course you then have to add on care costs which can run into hundreds of thousands per year.

    But finally

    Now HB payments for rents for adults with learning disabilities have been claimed at outrageous levels with one Registered Social Land lord I know off charging £400 per week per individual in a three bedroom house. Now in the Supported Living model tenants are responsible for decorating their own bedrooms and their own fittings. So this particular HA makes £63.000 per year on three bedroom semi in Croydon and just supplies housing maintenance . Money for old rope eh?

    So the BBC are talking out of their arses when they and others jump on bandwagons that weep and cry how there is no money for disabled people. Strangely I never see them gnashing and a wailing about someone who has worked hard all their lives , done all the right things who then have to sell what was hoped to be for their children, their homes to pay for care if needed. Meanwhile some adult with learning disabilities through no fault of their gets nearly £300.00 per week in their pockets , pays no council tax and the rent or in some cases mortgages is paid for by housing benefit.

    Oh one last thing: in many cases that Housing Benefit that pays the rent also supplies a budget for white goods, furniture in communal areas, cleaning and decorating, which really does mean that £291.00 per week is for food and personal spending. However this all gets even worse but I’ve said enough already.

    Now don’t get me wrong I’m not attacking adults with learning disabilities but when you hear their middle class lefty advocates bleating about poverty most of the public really doesn’t quite get the fact that they are talking bollocks


    • John Anderson says:

      Excellent detail, thanks


    • It's all too much says:

      Excellent, deserves to be on the front pages of the papers. It is worth exploring the welfare payments across all sectors. For example imagine one of the hundreds of thousands of low skill non EU arrivals in the UK with a wife and family. X establishes himself and family in a London Borough, because he has a family he gets social housing or housing benefit. “X” is genuienly hard working and finds a job as an office cleaner at minimum wage, which frankly in London is not enough to pay for his oyster card. How does he pay his rent and bills – how does he support his family?

      Housing benefit – under labour no ceiling
      Income support – he has a crap wage so I subsidise both him, his employer and the office company that has contracted out the cleaning service to give him a decent living wage.
      Child benefit -£20.30 per week for first child, £13.40 per additional child I think that this is paid up to 16 and in special cases up to the age of 20. Undocumented overseas children sometimes feature. 3 school age kids = £2450 PA net
      pension credit – I add to his pension
      Council tax credit
      He needs to keep his house well heated – enegry efficiency grants.
      Plus ??

      In addition there is free health and education.

      I do not have a full list but It seems to me that this unskilled worker who provides office cleaning ends up with an aggregate income well in excess of someone like an accountant or engineer. If you have the actual data perhaps we could have a model showing just how much subsidy is payed to the low wage earners of central London under some different scenarios?


      • Aerfen says:

        Indeed it is shocking that minimum wage earners can afford to live in prime real estate in central London Boroughs – sites which averagely well off well off British family, say a teacher with a wife working part time
        in an office, can only dream about. Most of these lucky people are now foreign or the chidlren of foreigners already lucky enough to be privileged to live in central London.

        People like this Little Miss Scrounger

        Well done Cameron for brining in a cap I only wish it was much much lower! Most are going to remain unaffected.


        • It's all too much says:

          Does the left not understand the irony of this…
          “the capital will become a more profoundly divided city, with lower-income families pushed out of the expensive areas into the cheaper, more deprived regions at the edges.”

          The working population of London was forced out by prices decades ago. Does the left think that people actually like commuting 3hrs a day to get in to work?

          As for the whining self pity of the woman in that article’ how about some recognition that she has been given gratis £17,420 PA to house her and her offspring (any sign of paternal financial support?) – money that has been taken from me and other tax payers (I would have to earn £29,000 before tax to net that amount). I appreciate that she has housing needs but she wants rather than needs to live centrally…..Wants? I Want a flat in Belgravia but I cannot afford it; should the state cough up – it would make my commute very easy….

          If this woman wanted a flat and a family then perhaps she should have taken personal financial responsibility for this life plan rather than sticking her hand into my pocket and whining that she cannot afford to live in central London. neither can I, neither can millions of people who pay taxes all their lives and than have their assets sequestered by the state in their old age.

          The worst of this is that the BBC is wilfully blind to the massive iniquity that is being perpetrated on the working population of this land. When will they represent the views of the genuine workers? Don’t get me wrong, I do not want starving beggars on the street (that role has enough professionals who commute from their palaces in Cludj) but I do not think that it is reasonable for people to be provided with a life-style with free housing, no need to work – ever -and a healthy cash sum each week – this is something that I can never ever aspire to even when I retire at 68 – 69 – 70.


    • johnnythefish says:

      Plus there’s the Motability scheme which is the cheapest way on earth to get yourself a new car every three years (BMWs and Audis included).


    • Dembones says:

      Unfortunately, to get some of the disability payments listed, the person needs to be very severely disabled and the payments received will hardly cover any of the related disability costs. Sure no-one wants people taking advantage of the system but we still need compassion for those that are severely disabled. Not all recipients of the allowances are taking the p*ss, some need full time carers and incontinent pads.


      • johnnythefish says:

        I have a very close relative in exactly the position Lawrence describes and he has to spend his money on whatever he can otherwise if it piled up (and it would) some of his benefits would stop – that is the ‘ethos’ his carers have been instructed to follow. New car every 3 years, villa holiday with pool in the Med every year plus another week in the UK – this is what happens when you have a very powerful disability lobby and a government scared of taking action becaue they’ll be instantly labelled as uncaring. It is an incredible situation.


    • Lawrence says:

      Correction on my Income Support figure, its actually higher if over 25 single its £71.00 plus disability £30.35-so that’s £101.35. The remainder of my figures are correct.

      Remember the severe disability is payable upon being awarded Disablity Living Allowance middle rate care and if one gets the highest DKA care payment there is then another enhanced disability in payment. Of course no all will hit every button but most do.


  5. London Calling says:

    Concern for the poor is standard left-wing narcissism. They claim a monopoly of “concern for the poor” (buying Northern and Ethnic votes with Southern English taxes) , whilst the Tories are painted as “selfish, just worry about themselves”and “greedy” despite being the people who have to support their own families as well as those of the poor.
    Meanwhile the medialuvvies gather around their Islington dinner parties to heap praise on Danny Boyle’s 20 minute advert for the Labour Party cross-dressed as nurses ( replaced by cheaper ethnic Health Care Assistants long ago, Danny)
    I feel sorry for the working poor, who get up every day to do crap jobs for crap wages They deserve to be better off than anyone on benefits for whatever reason.


    • Lawrence says:

      London Calling-now I don’t want to Clash 😉

      Okay poor joke, Yep okay : Poverty? It’s strang how this is judged now as the old working classes who if they tended to be out of work was really due to recession nad job vagaries, now there is still a ‘workinging class’ who are those that actually go to work, pay their taxes, mortgages and rents , generally don’t get involved in violent crime, drugs and so on who seem to pay for those that don’t work and do get involved in drugs , crime ect whilst living on income support and receiving housing benefit.

      Just tonight for example I popped out to the front of the house and someones dumped a shopping trolley. Now I’m not a betting man but I would wager the person that did that was on JSA/IS and HB. I have to pay nearly two grand Council Tax to Bromley who in turn threaten me with court proceedings if its late-however the person who dumped that trolley pays sod all and I now have to see my CT money wasted on the Council collecting that very trolley.

      My sister and her two daughters have typically like tens of thousands of others have decided to live on the state and this is maintained because all three try and have a child evry several years. My sister 50 now but she’s been on benefits since the age of eighteen and has had four children by three different men one a junk long term criminal in and out of prison all his miserable life and the last out of prison on license in the mid nineties . The middle one did work but fiddled the fire brigade to retire early with a pension. None have provided for their children and their children now all adults bar the last one also got pregnant and are on the third child and live in okay HA or council accomodation yet again on income support and HB . In fact my two nieces both run cars!!!!

      The other thing these lefty twats lie about or don’t want hear or understand is many sink estate mothers have pretty much intellectually starved and ill disciplined children who can watch what they like on free view and computers all night long and eventually get diagnosed with AttentionDeficit Disorder. That in turn can get the child Disability Living Allowance . If the kid is awarde to mobility tjhe for 52 quid a week you get a motability car which is renewed every three years with tax, insurance, maintenance, servicing and road side help al free or for the DLA £52 quid per week. I would love to know how many kids involved in last years riots were on DLA due to so called autistic traces or ADD.


      • noggin says:

        just leave it out for the pikeys, who seem to be around every morning, cruising about for what they can thieve or take away … if you want a laugh ask how much they ll give you for it.

        yep! theres no deterent, annoying and unsettling in equal measure.


      • john pierre says:

        Great story, it’s pretty much the same where I am.

        Why should I continue in forking out thousands in rates every year never mind the plenty of other taxes I’m forced to pay whilst the scum bags who live above my business do nothing except piss my money up the wall.

        Hard times ahead bit I’m looking forward to it.


      • 1327 says:

        I to have an entire side of the family captured by the Welfare system. The younger members are now approaching 16 so they to will be producing the 3rd generation that has never worked. Its amusing when I do see them how they moan about immigrants “taking their jobs” despite none of them having done a days work since 1980.

        What’s really frightening though is the level of dependence they have on the state. If the benefits system collapsed they would starve to death while waiting for the giro to arrive as all the gumption has been bred out of them. The country has got itself in a truly frightening mess and I don’t know how it can get itself out of it.


  6. The Old Bloke says:

    Hi I’ve been lurking for over 12 months now and thought I just had to write on this thread. Radio Devon lunchtime phone in started off with this. They gave it a good 45 minutes and yes, it was nothing more than a party political broadcast on behalf of the Labour party and was nothing more than a constant bash at the present coalition. It made me puke.


  7. Framer says:

    I wonder what happened to the BBC researcher who decided to ask the Professor to interview?
    Career over I presume.
    Push polls are notorious news fillers for the Beeb and they are rarely challenged, particularly if commissioned by a ‘charity’.


  8. Ian Hills says:

    Of course the disabled are less well off, thanks to Scope, which sold off their schools and homes so that it could concentrate on campaigning.

    Scope’s unaccountable “trustees” are a lot better off though, because under a charity law loophole a trustee can also be a consultant – like, on campaigning issues.

    But of course, that’s not good anti-Tory propaganda.


  9. Sir Arther Grebe-Streebling says:

    Quite !


  10. DJ says:

    This is all great stuff, and it rams home the larger point: now of this stuff is classified, it’s all there for anyone interested in carrying out actual journalism to find out and report on, but the BBC don’t want to know.

    They’re not educating or informing, they’re just rewriting the press release du jour from some lefty charidee, and charging you a chunk of cash for doing it.


    • 1327 says:

      I don’t think they even know they should be the ones digging up stories. For instance this town has a University with a large journalism course. Year round the various local internet forums are infested with student journalists who post endlessly asking people to give them stories. It really doesn’t seem to occur to them that “they” should be hunting for stories by going to community meetings or council hearings. They must have watched a version of “All the Presidents Men” where Woodward and Bernstein were emailed their story by Deep Throat who also spell checked it.

      I am a helpful soul though and do try to suggest stories including one about criminality and the local gypsy site and how a city “yoof” who was shot dead might not have really been an A* star student destined to be a Barrister the initial media reports said he was. Oddly they didn’t seem interested 🙂


    • Lawrence says:

      Trouble with benefits DJ is you have to be in certain postions to understand and see the whole hwo one thing impacts on another. I dn’t think many ministers Tory especially quite get it.
      But tax credit was another one where again if you punch all the right buttons truthfully or not you will get a substantial income for not a lot of hours work by the time all the premiums add up.

      You can look at it two ways. A single parent mother, several kids one is diagnosed ADD and is awarded DLA middle rate care that then affect or negate Council Tax and awards and extra credits.


  11. Fred Sage says:

    My sister plays Bingo. She lives in Central London. The cost of a nights Bingo is around £40 She tells me that there are people there, many with walking sticks, who sometimes forget to limp: who play all day and not just once a week. Where do they get the money?


  12. London Calling says:

    The public purse, who according to Labour,if you try and take it away, consists solely of money for Skools ‘n’ ‘ospitals.


  13. George R says:

    Where’s the ISLAM, INBBC?

    Forthcoming programme:-

    “Forced marriage advice to help victims with learning disabilities”


    “Forced Marriages Dishonour Britain”

    Anything about Muslim marriages to first cousins, INBBC?:

    “‘Bradford is very inbred’: Muslim outrage as professor warns first-cousin marriages increase risk of birth defects” (2011).

    Read more:


    • Aerfen says:

      This latest forced marriage scandal of people (women I suspect) with disabilities forced into marriage was reported earlier on the BBC.
      Auntie was quick to wheel in a tactful apologist who claimed that parents thought they were doing it for the benefit of their child so someone could look after them when they grew older. The brainwashed Beeboids simply believe any old bulls if someone with a foreign sounding name tells them!

      Surprised though that they admitted it was mostly a problem of the Asian subcontinent, Eastern Europe and gypsies. Credit where its due.


  14. Bistoman2013 says:

    gravy boats