Another day on the BBC, another opportunity to put the boot into the Coalition using the most spurious “news”.  Oh look, “Homelessness” is soaring. Guess what?  Disposable Incomes are at a nine year low. You know what you have to do? Yes, vote Labour.

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  1. Durotrigan says:

    Might not both of these facts be linked to mass immigration and a soaring population instead?


  2. Alex says:

    I utterly despise Liebour for their repugnant and despicable lies, hypocrisy and rank opportunism in trying to score the cheapest political points; they’ve caused utter mayhem to this county and yet the BBC give these communist filth a platform? It’s utterly disgusting! They’ve caused untold destruction to ancient communities with their open doors immigration, and Harriet Harmen’s execrable Equality and Human Rights tyranny I dare not mention for fear of launching fellow readers’ blood pressure in to orbit. To be honest, I’m not sure it’s doing my health any good these days moaning about the parasitical socialist scum and their abhorrent political correctness because judging on how inept (and equally as left-wing) the Coalition is, we will be right back to square one, as it were, in 2015.
    I’m only 33 and the direction of British politics is making me too angry! I think I shall take up Zen meditation and classical guitar instead 🙂


    • wayne x says:

      With you all the way Alex, it’s as if the BBC has a drawn a veil over its eyes which stops the truth getting through. Unfortunately the disease is contagious due to the incestuous interaction between media people and particularly those that have been brain-washed at the BBC and then move on to ITV and Sky etc.

      Like you my blood pressure rises at the thought of the damage caused to this country by dumbed down celebrity driven television and childish politicians with no experience of life or business, and like you I fear it is not helping my health (and I am twice your age, plus a bit), but I do get a lot of pleasure from this site and knowing I am not alone.

      This blog and many others like it are growing and I know that you have something to contribute. Zen meditation and classical guitar may be OK but your passion is needed here and there is strength in numbers. The Labour/BBC trolls will lose in the end. They do not speak the truth.


      • Alex says:

        Thanks for that Wayne… I too, really enjoy this site and the discussions with like-minded, intelligent people. It’s also improving my writing and critical analysis skills – I feel that I’m mixing with people who are have much more experience of life, politics and economics than I. But, I learn fast and feel that I definitely have something to contribute, even if it is a little over the top, at times!. Cheers Wayne 🙂


    • Aerfen says:

      Zen meditation and classical guitar

      That’s what the BBC would like you to do.


  3. michael holloway says:

    The BBC has got to go we the people have got to get rid of it, you must find the courage to stand against the license when they knock your door say NO CONTRACT and shut the door FIGHT.