I suspect this may not bother some readers as much as it  bothers me but I was sickened by the way in which the BBC headlines the utterly loathsome PR spin from IRA commander Martin McGuinness re the Claudy atrocity. The fact is that the BBC has been to the fore in promoting a “peace process” which has enabled a man like McGuinness to reach the highest level of Government. For anyone who is interested, here is a view that you will NOT here on the BBC on this terrible terrible atrocity. I wrote it a few years ago.

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  1. RCE says:

    A couple of weeks ago there was a programme about cricket on R4. The commentator referred to the ‘widely respected’ Martin McGuinness when introducing the mass-murdering scumbag.

    Still, I reckon MI5 had him in the bag. Or Adams. Or both.


  2. David Vance says:



  3. Jeff says:

    It seems incredible to me that McGuiness and Adams are now at the forefront of Irish politics. Both these terrorists are up to their armpits in blood.
    We are living through very strange times. A Tory MP “tweets” an opinion about the Olympic ceremony and is widely condemned; even by his own party.
    Mass murdering terrorists get to meet and shake hands with The Queen.
    Have I missed something?


  4. Sir Arthur Strebe-Grebling says:

    I wonder if McGuinness is behind today’s BBC Olympic news showing the medals table with ‘Great Britain and N. Ireland’ instead of the previous (geographical and political mistake) of ‘Great Britain’ or even the wretched ‘Team GB’.


    • David Preiser (USA) says:

      Nothing to do with the recent discussion on the Nolan show, surely…..


  5. Justin Casey says:

    My family is from Claudy, although myself i live in England. The bombings killed a little girl who used to help my Grandfather in the garden. It was her death that upset him the most and within a few months he too died simply becouse he no longer wanted to live in a world where such things happened. This same man fought in the first world war for the British at the somme and survived to tell the tale. One of the bombs went off less than 50 yards away from the house and no thought was given to the simple fact that the bombings in the village made no sense whatsoever. It has been said that claudy was a `soft target`… TBH it was a bit more than that, Claudy was and still is one of those N.Irish villages where it didn`t matter what religion you were, catholic or protestant it held no consequence. My mother and my Uncles and Aunts were educated in a protestant school and were never singled out for being catholic… it just didn`t matter… As for that so called `Priest` who knew in advance of the attack, all I can say is that if there is a Hell, then I hope he is there… there should definitely be some kind of further investigation as the village is one where strangers would stand out, so it follows that any starangers parking cars would instantly spark peoples attention, making it plausable that it was not only that Priest who knew about it and enabled the bombings to take place. In my honest opinion I think that the Preist sheltered those who did it immediately prior and did not as percieved simply `forget` to make the warning call in time… In a village of that size a stranger could not have simply left the cars parked for hours in advance, no way… The people who performed the attacks knew that innocent people who had no interest in sectarianism would be killed and i honestly cannot think of any reason why such a small quiet village should have been targetted. Of all the violent deeds during the troubles, this one sickens me more than most, not just becouse it happens to be the part of Ireland I refer to as my second home, but becouse of the pure evil and spitefulness of picking a target that was nothing to do with what was at that time going on in the city of Derry. to this day Claudy has the highest ratio of deaths in N.Ireland, even more than Belfast and Derry due to the fact it had a population of just over 400 on the day in question. The likes of Macguinness and the Bishop of Derry make me sick… And for Macguinness to brazenly make statements regarding it is bewyond unbelievable… Only myself and my older brother still live in England now, my mother moved back to Claudy a few years back when the ceasefire was declared around the same time as the rest of my family who lived in England moved back as well… TBH Macguinness and Sinn Fien have no idea what the catholics of N.Ireland actually want politically, if they did then they would realise that thier kind of reasoning has no place in N.Ireland. The same goes for the Unionists too, people have had enough of the hatred and false promises of these idiots, and that is why each year they garner less votes for thier candidates… Most catholics in N.Ireland do not wish to be reunited with the South as the Dublin Government allows the Catholic church to meddle in secular administration, and also allow the faceless EU Eurocrats to do the same. As for the Unionists, they need to realise that after 400 years of living and breeding in the province3, that they are f**king Irish too!!! Not English, not Scottish but Irish!!! They also need to stop marching about like prixe pillocks every year through predominantly catholic enclaves each year just to get a reaction… Nowadays most of Storemonts power still rests with factions of the most extreme political troublecausers from both sides and until they are thrown out of Government there will always be a chance for the problems of the past to return to haunt the people of the province again…. After 400 years it is time to move on… and it is also time for some kind of referendum regarding re-unification to be given to the Catholics of N.Ireland…. I honestly think that the result would be a resounding `NO` from the majority of the catholics…. and this might go someway to disprove the myth fed to the protestants by odious MPs such as Ian Paisley that the enemy as it the door, it honestly isn`t.. It is now 2012 and it`s time to accept they are no more important than any other section of the population of the six counties…. Kick all pro sectarianists out of Government in Storemont and any future problems will be halved in an instant, next reform all laws to implement equality in all aspects of current administrative bodies and a permanant peace will surely ensue… To finish, recall any ex prisoners to finish thier sentences and prosecute any members of the public who promote any kind of sectarian behaviour (this would include marching bands and also political rallies by both sides) Lastly FFS let the people of the six counties plan a future without hatred based on outdated beliefs and let them decide what the next steps should be for themselves… The N.Irish are a wonderful people and don`t want any more deaths or troubles….


    • Justin Casey says:

      I forgot to add the BBC when i referred to the banning of all pro sectarian speeches. Also when I used the term equality, I didn`t mean the kind of `Equality` currently in use here on the mainland…. y`know the kind where the ethnic minority gets over represented in all aspects of everyday life to the consternation of the majorities….. Although i would love to see how the extremist views of Sinn fien and the DUP would tackle muslim hate speeches…..


  6. John in Manila says:

    If you watched the BBC coverage of the Queen’s day in Enniskillen, (which I got from youtube) on her jubilee tour of the United Kingdom, you’d think the only person involved in the peace process had been McGuinness. I got sick of hearing his name without others being mentioned, not a single Unionist.


    • Justin Casey says:

      TBH I never bothered watching any of the reports of the queens` visit to the six counties….. I knew it would involve odious creatures such as macguiness and other notable proponents of violence and misery now involved in the revised powersharing Storemont government…. All of them would be there, making false apologies and excuses for the excesses of thier provo pasts… Although I come from the catholic side, I find the very idea of Macguiness in Enniskillen abhorrant… How many innocents died on that day??? how many of them were actually `active` members of the military?? None!! The only reason Gerry Adams apologised for it was due to the loss of half the Sinn Fien seats in the Fermanagh elections… I can`t stand Macguiness… In 1993 my uncle John Moyne was killed in the Greysteele shootings… Macguiness himself went round to my Aunts` house in the following days and actually tried to persuade our family to allow Sinn Fein to organise his funeral so it would benefit thier cause politically…. He got told quite bluntly to “F*ck Off!” … He was also informed that whilst my uncle was indeed a catholic, he was not in any way a Sinn Fein voter whilst he was alive… He had always voter for the Unionist candidates as like the rest of our family he had been sickened by the bombings in Claudy and also the close proximity of the bombs to his mothers and fathers home and the effect it had on my Grandfather and his will to live.. My Grandfather literally refused to eat in the end and eventually it took his life… And this was a man who had seen death first hand in 1916 and watched his mates die around him in the senseless waste of the somme offensive. But to him the death of that poor little girl was harder to bear, especially becouse he knew her and her family personally…. as I said before…. NO members of any terrorist groups should be involved in Governing N.Ireland, and those murderers who were freed in the peace process should be back in jail… Both the Provos and the Loyalists desrve no freedom… And the political bodies which support them and represent thier views should not be allowed to decide the direction of the provinces future under any circumstances…. Lastly it didn`t surprise me that the Queen shook hands with Macguiness, afterall she also invited the current Pope round for tea and it`s common knowledge he was a Hitler Youth member…. The BBC censor the news from N.Ireland even now…. Just becouse there aren`t as many bombs going off, it doesn`t mean that the violence has stopped, it`s still there still going on and allowing terrorsts into Government is surely going to lead to them all taking up arms again…. Such a shame, for all who live in N.Ireland… It`s time for both sides to stop living in the past, in my opinion they`re all Irish now…. F*ck religion…. and f*ck Martin MacGuiness too!!!


      • Joe Bloggs says:

        Agree with Justin.

        I’m was born in London but I grew up in Derry and went to school in the bogside during the 1980s when it was a lot of fun (especially with my London accent). I met McGuinness and family once. A shifty, creepy looking bastard. They were leeches on the arse of the troubles and his role in bloody sunday was one of agitator and he has blood on his hands over that. The shame is that catholics had an overwhelming case for fair treatment after 50 years of disgraceful protestant misrule. The IRA hijacked it and twisted it and caused the deaths of thousands. It saddens me that he has become a hero while people of moderation like Hume were sidelined. But that’s politics for you.


  7. Justin Casey says:

    Joe …. Living on the Bogside with a London accent?? You are a very bravce man…. Last year my Mom sent me over to get some cheap fags etc… I have never been so scared in my life… As soon as i walked into a Portakabin (I kid you not!!) A picture directly behind the counter made me freeze… a mini mural of Bobby Sands with all the trimmings… y`know … Armalite equipped balaclava wearing volunteers giving the Headstone a ten gun salute etc…. This is yet another reason why MacGuinness must be removed from his position in the new security force ministry in the six counties… Proof in itself that the IRA was never about a genuine cause, but merely a smokescreen for the many blatantly illegal criminal operations the troubles enabled to happen… All that was missing was a sign on the building saying “Bootleg Booze and Fags”!!! One question… I`ll bet you didn`t dare to sport a crewcut whilst you had that accent did you??? 🙂