I did enjoy this interview with the UNISON representative on Today concerning the success the private sector has made of Hinchingbrooke NHS Trust. Well worth a laugh if you get a moment and a sublime accidental exposure of NHS priorities as seen through the prism of a Trade Unionist.

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  1. Deborah says:

    I heard the horror in Justin’s voice as he considered that somebody might make money from the NHS – just like the drug companies, the people who sell them cleaning products and light bulbs etc. Then I thought about other people who make money from the public purse, the employees of the BBC for example (I think Justin will come into that category) – and some of them are very well rewarded.


  2. David Vance says:


    That was what I took out of it. Unison = self serving Statism and never mind the patients


  3. silky socialist says:

    While on the subject of this am’s toady 4 there was a note of tough sh*t* in the voice of the resident jock’s voice when he was discussing the hit that our private pensions are going to have to take because of directives from the commies in the EUSSR. First Brown in 1997 and now this!!


  4. The General says:

    The Union point of view :-
    ” What’s the point of having a nice clean, well maintained ward if it is at the expense of a load of disinterested bored individuals languidly pushing a brush around for hours without actually cleaning anything ? Why should a patient’s treatment interfere with what the staff consider to be their duties? Surely the whole point of the NHS is to employ lots of people and in the event that the occasional patient might get proper consideration, then that should be deemed to be a bonus.”


  5. Sir Arthur Strebe-Grebling says:

    For once, I didn’t think this showed bias at the BBC. I actually thought that the presenter tried hard to speak up for the new organisation at Hinchingbrooke. His persistence showed that the Unison rep wasn’t interested in the outcomes for patients, only whether her union could control the NHS as they have been used to doing under Labour.


    • johnnythefish says:

      I agree. He did manage to get the union rep to sound begrudging and self-serving through his persistence, though he wasn’t as aggressive with his challenges as is the norm for him and his fellow Toadys when interviewing Tory ministers.

      More, please, BBC!


      • David Preiser (USA) says:

        I agree with the praise for Webb for his resolute taking of a non-Left side when giving a slightly challenging interview with someone who isn’t on the Right of an issue. But even if I agree with the side he’s taking, surely it isn’t his job to, as he said, “persuade” anyone to change their opinion? If he had said “acknowledge” or “admit”, I wouldn’t have raised an eyebrow.

        The vile Unison woman saying that the hospital should “share its success” with the public was the biggest laugh I had all day. The rest of her mewling reminded me a bit of this:


  6. wayne x says:

    I am dumbfounded the union woman sounded as if she had been programmed by a machine. When will these unions, Labour, left wing folks and BBC robots understand that there is a process which has to be undertaken for a successful economy that provides good services to its people?

    1 Someone takes a risk with his own cash and starts a business.
    2 If successful (and only if successful) the business pays its founders and its workers.
    3 Government and councils then collect taxes from the business and its employees (if and only if it is successful).
    4 The elected officials (except in the EU and other dictatorships) of governments and councils then spend the taxes for the good of the country and its people. It’s also quite important not to spend more than is received in taxes, isn’t it Gordon? And by the way Barry, you can’t build roads without getting the taxes in first. Chicken and egg my old son!

    There we are, it’s simple but there is a problem, stage 3 and 4 cost a lot of the taxes collected in administration and it is a waste of tax payer’s cash. It provides nothing, it doesn’t pay a nurses wages it doesn’t pay for food, it’s simply gone down the drain.

    This is a fact that unions, Labour, left wing folks and BBC robots will never get to grips with and will always fight against for very clear reasons. They themselves do not produce anything. They are parasites upon the working man and woman and that very much includes successful working businessmen and women. It is not businesses (or even banks) that are the big bad ogres and bringing the country down, it is the wingers, whiners and hangers on of the unions, Labour, left wing folks and BBC robots.


    • Scrappydoo says:

      The left does not want our money for the good of the people, it wants our money to persue political ambitions, The UN,EU,BBC, Unions, etc. have a stranglehold. Only an Eu/Euro inspired economic meltdown will push them off course. We have already enterd Peter Mandleson’s post democratic era.


    • johnnythefish says:

      Excellent. I would just add to 4 ‘at all times making money work efficiently, ensuring best value for every pound spent’.

      Labour lost all concept of the value of money, treating taxpayers with contempt.


    • David Preiser (USA) says:

      1 Someone takes a risk with his own cash and starts a business.

      According to the President, they didn’t build that business. Not that the BBC will report it, mind. They still want you to think He’s some kind of moderate or centrist.


  7. Alan says:

    Listening to Webb speak to the boss of the private company as she defended her position whilst under attack from Webb’s constant negative questioning it was interesting to hear him suddenly suggest that the cleaners were going to be paid less.

    Where did he get that idea from?

    It seemed to come from nowhere….or rather out of the fervid brain of Webb who presumably has that automatic BBC reaction to any private company that they must be cutting wages.

    Classic BBC tactic…Labour or the Unions make a claim, the BBC present it as fact and the ‘offender’ is then put in the position of having to defend themselves against what is probably a completely false claim but one that the BBC presents prima facie as true….and if the ‘defence’ is not articulate or particulary easy to get across then the perception of wrong doing is left standing in the public mind….win win for BBC, Labour and fellow travellers.


  8. Mike Fowle says:

    I never listen to Today so I don’t know who these people are but the moron interviewing Ali Parsa (?) certainly tried my patience. The inanity and closed mind of the questioner: when will you make a profit? will you take over more of the NHS? Dear God, never mind the poor bloody patients. Well done for the intelligence and patience shown in the replies.


  9. Foxgoose says:

    Had two minor ops at a Circle hospital last year. Friendly staff, brand new theatre & kit, no waiting around, a waiter with a nice menu choice in the recovery room (& no angry fat ladies in sight).

    They can take over the whole NHS next week. as far as I’m concerned


  10. London Calling says:

    The activists and Unison biwigs are still fighting against the dreaded “privatisation of the NHS” – something no party has the stomach for because voters are too frightened by it.
    The real issue is contracting out services where this can be done more cost-effectively by the private sector. Many “hotel services” were contracted out years ago. Every time staff move to a non-NHS employer, after a period of protection, they come on to the new employers terms and conditions, which are often not as generous – one in particular – golden pensions. No-one can afford index-linked final salary unless they can raid the taxpayer.

    This is the biggest consequence of coming off the public teat, yet journalists don’t understand anything so mundane – the large up the only thing they think they understand (wrongly) Private = bad in anything to do with health, because they have to make a profit, you will be left to die. In actual fact the NHS is more likely to leave you to die.


    • Demon says:

      My mother in law, a few years ago was taken to the very hospital, Hinghingbrooke, and almost immediately afterwards developed C Diff. She never shook it off and died. No proof it was connected to Hinchingbrook but I can’t think of how else she got it. We know she often missed out on cups of tea while she was in and suspect she may have also missed out on meals when she was asleep. Unfortunately, she had dementia so was not always right when she said things so we can’t prove she did miss meals. But this claim by the Union Rep that privitisation will lead to more hospital disease (I can’t remember her exact words) is appalling – she shows that she just doesn’t give a stuff for patients!

      All I can say is that Circle cannot be as bad as the previous management – both for patients and the clinical staff. I know of nurses who left that hospital because it was so badly run and their lives were made a misery.


  11. London Calling says:

    No-one seems to ask Staff what it is like working in todays NHS: in many places, an absolute nightmare, impossible job pressures Every RCN poll of Nurses claim morale at lowest ever, 90% thinking of resigning. More and more third world staff filling the gaps.
    “Unlimited” free care is constant increasing demand on a cash-limited service. Result: constant pressure to overspend budgets, hence management constantly cutting to get back in budget, and get blamed by everyone for everything, everyone angry and frustrated.

    Tony Blair increased % GDP on Health to the European average, but it was swallowed up immediately. Europe doen’t have an NHS system, which probably costs 30% more as a % GDP to run. If you want to know why no other country has copied the NHS, you are looking at the answer.


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